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President's Message

Talk about the Importance of Australia-China Relations

In the past two weeks, I have written two articles published on Saturday front page column of The Pacific Daily respectively on the importance of Australia-China relations. I pointed out that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been friendly to China in the hope of strengthening recently perceived cooler Australia-China relations. .Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne and China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi also had a good talk at an United Nations meeting recently.
As a citizen of Australia, I am very pleased that Prime Minister Morrison has the courage and vision to take the work of the Australia-China Strategic Partnership even further, and higher.

More importantly, if Australia can encourage the APEC member states as peacemakers between China and the United States, we can avoid war in the region. How wonderful it would be to enable the countries and peoples of the Asia-Pacific region to live in a happy and peaceful life, with good governance, long-term stability and joint development!

As a peacemaker, I hope that there will be no more war in the world, and that the existing war will soon find a peace solution so that all refugees can be returned to their homes. We know honest, war is not good for anyone. But there is always a small group of arms dealers who profit from it, but their hands are full of the blood of so many of their fellow human beings! Should they repent for their sins? Those politicians, including those who wage war and conspire with the murderers, are not worthy of being the representatives of the people! These arms dealers and politicians, and their families and children, should be sent to the front lines to fight, and then they will know the terrible crimes they have perpetrated and committed.

Having said that, the Chinese Foreign Ministry thinktank Mr Liu Qing, Director of the Asia-Pacific Institute of the China Institute of International Studies, recently warned Australia in no uncertain terms that: " Now the ball is in Australian hands. If Australia were to move closer to the US, it would hurt Sino-Australian relations, affect trade and investment, tourism and personnel exchanges..." The Chinese state-run China Daily newspaper published an editorial with similar views: "Australia is walking a tightrope between China and the US... It is really not in their best interest to be let by the nose from US and adopt a strategy of confrontation with China."

These criticisms seem to me to be something of a "cold war mentality". Fortunately, they do not come from China's top leaders and foreign ministers, or else they really are self-defeating. They forget, USA is always a strong ally of Australia.

Don't forget, China has also made countless mistakes in the past. In foreign affairs, we should learn to understand each other's kindness and cultivate goodwill. The Australian Prime Minister has stressed the need to approach China in a measured and constructive manner. The Australian and Japanese Foreign Ministers also called on China and the United States to use the relevant international mechanisms to settle trade and political disputes and avoid a new cold war, which would not benefit anyone.

The Chinese leadership should be more tolerant of other so-called unfriendly countries, especially such important partnerships as Australia and Japan, and should take the initiative to use constructive dialogue and exchanges in order to achieve better results. Talking about diplomacy in an unfriendly tone is not the best way, and communicating in a childishly peevish manner is not constructive. If the leaders of all sides learn what is constructive dialogue and diplomacy, there is always hope for reconciliation and peace.
This applies to Australia and China, as well as China and America!

Dr Ka Sing Chua
National Board Member of MAPW
Australia International Councillor to IPPNW
Associate of ICAN

An open letter to Australian Prime Minister The Hon Scott Morrison

Dear Prime Minister of Australia

On 11/10/2018, in the 3AW radio interview, you stressed how important Australia's relationship with China is. It needs to be handled with caution and in a measured and constructive manner with China, adding that Australia can play an active role in easing Sino-US relations. You also pointed out that Australia will continue to work closely with China and the United States despite the intensification of the Sino-US trade war, as Australia has independent diplomatic relations with both countries and does not choose sides in the trade war. You also stressed: Australia welcomes the Belt and Road framework as a contribution to the infrastructure of the region.

I am pleased that on 10/10/2018, Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne and Defence Minister Christopher Pyne held a bilateral ministerial meeting with Japan's counterparts in Sydney. More importantly, in the press conference, they jointly stressed how important the win-win and mutually beneficial relationship between Australia and China is. It must be consolidated through constructive dialogue, cooperation and contacts. The two sides jointly called on China and the United States to use the relevant mechanisms to settle trade and political disputes and avoid a new cold war. Foreign Minister Payne says institutions such as the World Trade Organisation are the best place to negotiate. The Japanese Foreign Minister also said that China and the US should abide by the international order. That's right! Australia and Japan's foreign policy is no longer one-sided with the US and blames China for everything following the footstep of the US. , which, far from being constructive, has made Sino-US relations worse.

As important members of the Asia-Pacific region, Australia and Japan can play a crucial role as leaders for reconciliation and peacemaking. I am sure that all countries of the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation Organization (APEC) will also appreciate and support it.

I am pleased that Australia's foreign policy has taken a new direction under your leadership and will no longer be blindly subservient to the United States for which Australia was labelled "Sheriff of US in Asia Pacific".

I also agree that Australia should maintain a strong relationship with the United States, both politically and economically. But America is not perfect. The United States have made many mistakes in their history, in particular by constantly provoking and started many wars with its great military might. Australia, being her strong ally, has also participated in the many wars created by USA. These wars were started under the context of safe guarding the people from oppression and in the name of democracy and good governance and Governments. However the facts are nowhere near achieving these objectives.Take the Indo-China and Middle East wars for examples, in retrospect, United States has made terrible mistakes, in which innocent lives have been lost, their families have been destroyed, their lives and countries were ruined and created thousands of refugees fleeing their beloved countries. Tragedy after tragedy were repeated.

Australia should be able to distinguish the right from the wrong and should not continue to follow America blindly. United States has many good things we can learn from, and by all means, learn from their good things, and adopt if appropriate for Australia. However if United States makes mistakes, we must not follow blindly. As an ally, we should also point out the shortcomings of the United States and help her to correct them. Mr Trump has made a lot of bad decisions since coming to power, and I think smart Australian Prime Ministers and Ministers should know that or in retrospect, I do not need to point it out. I hope you will continue your efforts to improve the good relations among Australia, China, United States, Japan, Indonesia and all other APEC countries. Then Australia, and Australians, will end up to be the big winners. Thank you for your attention!


Dr Ka Sing Chua
National Board Member of MAPW
Australian International Councillor to IPPNW

Dr Julian Rait


AMA Victoria

Dear Julian

Congratulations again for taking on this challenging task as the new President of AMA Victoria as of last night.

MAPW is launching a very worthy campaign to ask Australian Government to sign this Treaty supported by over two third majority of the members United Nations. This is for the safety and survivor of our children and future generations.

May I request that AMA Victoria does its share to assist in distributing this information to our members for their attention and support.

Federal AMA and World Medical Associations etc have all supported the ICAN to win the Noble Peace Prize last year for the humanity and survivor of mankind.

Thank you for your attention and support.

Best regards

Ka Sing

Dr Ka Sing Chua

National Board Member, International Australian Representative , AMA Victoria Council Representative , MAPW

487 Mitcham Rd Mitcham 3132

Victoria Australia

Mobile +61 409838 388



If there is a strong will for peace, you will find a way to prevent any war.


美国开国元勋从华盛顿、杰克森到林肯总统们的基本信念缔造了今天的美国。华盛顿、杰克森创造了一套有历史价值的政治体制,林肯总统给了人民一个强有力的公民信念。“All men are created equal”、“Abolition of slavery”、“Liberty, fraternity and happiness”、“Government of the people, by the people and for the people”等文化和政治信念,都是美国建国的基础。回想中国共产党当时创建时很多理念和信念不是和美国开国元勋们的理念和信念有很多共同之处吗?

Dr Ka Sing Chua


Read below article for an impartial view of the South China Sea dispute by a Canaisdian lawyer

American Aggression against China
Christopher Black
7 February 2016
On January 30th the United States committed a deliberate act of aggression against China when it sent the guided missile destroyer USS Curtis Wilbur within the 12 nautical mile territorial limit of one of the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea. The islands are claimed historically by China, though Vietnam also has filed claims to the islands under the Law of the Sea Convention. The Americans state that Taiwan also claims the islands but since Taiwan is just a province of China I will ignore that claim here.
The Chinese have the superior historical and present claim and the islands have long been administered by China. Chinese forces, either Kuomintang or communist, have occupied them since 1946. The Chinese have both civilian and military facilities located on the largest of them, Woody Island, including a hospital, a bank schools, an airport, a seaport and a town hall and have built a large sea port on Duncan Island. The islands are also popular with Chinese tourists.

The territorial disputes were settled long ago when the French tried to incorporate the islands into their Vietnamese territories but after the Sino-French War of 1884-85 France recognised the islands, as well as the Spratly Islands, as Chinese territories. In 1933 the French stabbed China in the back and seized the islands but were then displaced by the Japanese in 1938.
The islands reverted to Chinese control at the end of the Second World War. There was a brief war between Vietnam and China over the islands in 1974 but the Chinese succeeded in maintaining their control of the islands. The Vietnamese still contest this but the fact is that China’s historical claim and influence on the islands dates as far back as the 7th century A.D. and has been continuous since that time.
The law that applies in this situation is the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) which was negotiated between 1973 and 1982 and came into full force in 1994. Almost every country in the world has become a party to the Convention except for the United States which has refused to sign due to concerns it has about certain sections dealing with deep sea mineral mining. However, the United States has always recognised the Convention as a codification of customary international law and therefore has accepted the 12 nautical mile territorial limit, allowed all nations, including itself, as the law.
It is well to keep in mind that in 1988, President Reagan issued a proclamation extending American territorial waters to 12 nautical miles for national security purposes. Further, the United States was a party to the negotiations regarding modifications to the treaty that were made in 1994 and once again affirmed, at that time, that it recognised the Convention as general international law.
In May 2007, President Bush recommended that the US Senate ratify the Convention. In January 2009 at her senate confirmation hearing, Hillary Clinton argued, before the Senate, that the Convention be ratified. She argued for it again before the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations in 2012 and both the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin Dempsey and the Secretary of Defence, Leon Panetta, joined her in urging a quick ratification of the Convention, as did several senior generals and admirals. However, the Republicans succeeded in blocking ratification until today, on the grounds that any law that limits the ability of the United States to do what it wants in the world is against American “interests.”
Nonetheless, the point is that the United States recognises that all nations are entitled to claim a 12 nautical mile territorial limit as China claims over the Paracel Islands. Even if the competing claim by Vietnam was valid the limit still applies. Yet the Americans now arrogantly claim that they can go where they please and do as they like and that these limits do not apply with respect to these islands, or, in fact, to any Chinese borders.
The American government, as reported by CNN, stated that it sent its war ship into the 12-mile limit to challenge “excessive maritime claims that restrict the rights and freedoms of the US and others.” Who the others are was not stated. The statement was absurd on its face since no nation can send its war ships into another nations 12-mile limit without permission of that nation. To do so is considered a hostile act, an act of war.
An American military spokesman for the US government, Commander Bill Urban, told CNN, “This operation demonstrates, as President Obama and Secretary Carter have stated, the United States will fly, sail and operate anywhere international law allows. That is true in the South China Sea, as in other places around the globe.”The absurdity of his statement and the American position lies in the fact that international law does not permit them to send their warships inside any other nations 12 mile limit without permission of that nation and they know it. Once again, the Americans display a contempt for international law, and an arrogance towards the rest of the world, that seem to be without limit.
The American government and media bragged about the fact that “neither China, nor Vietnam was notified of their (US) intention to send their war ship inside the 12 mile limit.” The only right foreign ships, and in particular foreign military vessels, have to pass inside the 12 mile limit is in a case of “innocent passage” that is when a ship is merely transiting the area and it must be with the permission of that nation. But no war ship can pass inside territorial waters in a show of power or for any hostile reason whatsoever. But this is exactly what the American ship did, crossed into Chinese territory with hostile intent.
So, while the Americans blow hard about complying with international law it is they who, once again, vigorously violate it. The Chinese government has rightly and strongly protested this hostile act. Foreign Ministry spokesman, Lu Kang, stated the next day that the “United States is …pursuing maritime hegemony in the name of “freedom,” which was opposed by all developing countries and added that the American action was “both dangerous and irresponsible.”
The United States is pushing China to respond to its aggression but the Chinese have exercised a great deal of restraint over the years in the face of a series of American provocations from spy planes over-flying its air space to a series of naval exercises in the Pacific and South China Sea that are clearly aimed at China and are all part of America’s “pivot to the Pacific,” a shifting of the concentration of its military forces to confront China, in fact a preparation for war on China. The question is how far the Americans are willing to push.
But they are pushing everywhere, like bullies on a drunk, roaming down a street beating and shoving aside anyone they meet. Recently the Iranians detained two small American patrol craft attached to the American fleet in the Persian Gulf that entered Iranian waters. The presence of those boats in those waters at that time has given rise to a lot of speculation about their purpose but no answers, except the obvious one of preparing for hostilities of one type or another. The Americans continue to press Russia in the Black Sea using both naval and air forces and are openly committing aggression against Syria by sending their military units into Syria, allegedly to fight ISIS, without the permission of the Syrian government.And, at the same time as their ship violated Chinese territorial waters, the Americans blasted Russia by claiming Russian planes had violated Turkish airspace, a claim the Russians vehemently denied and labelled the claim what it was, a provocation.
The double standards, the hypocrisy, the constant barrage of absurd statements by American officials about international law as they ravage it, are enough to make anyone doubt their sanity. But unless we can talk about a national psychopathy with respect to the United States and the elite that governs it, and there is a lot of evidence that we can, we are forced to realise that the world is faced by the threat of a gangster nation, a nation that lives for one purpose only, conquest and domination of the planet.
Once again the United Nations proves itself either a useful tool of the United States and its dependencies or completely irrelevant to what is going on. Once again democracy is shown to be an illusion as the desire of all the peoples of the world for peace and cooperation among nations is ignored and worse, the desire for peace is called unpatriotic or treasonous; and the puppets in the mass media are as guilty as their puppet masters as they manipulate the minds of the citizens they claim to inform and stir up the hot blood of war.
And so we wait, sweat dripping off our brows, our faces grim, our muscles tensed wondering where the next blow will fall, when the next provocation will take place, when the fuse will finally blow and annihilate us all.

Christopher Black is an international criminal lawyer based in Toronto, he is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and he is known for a number of high-profile cases involving human rights and war crimes, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

From the Editor

The dispute of Senkaku or Diaoyui islands' ownership between China and Japan is concerning many people in Asia and around the world. On one hand Japan claims that she has the sovereignty over them because they have been under her legal administration since the end of World war 2. While China claims that they belongs to China from the historical perspective. Japan under the Peace Treaty at the end of World War 2, supposed to return the ownership of these islands back to China. But for some unforeseen circumstances, with the eruption of China civil war, China failed to claim them back formally from Japan.

Who actually owns this island is the burning issue.

We hope that it will be resolved one way or the other through peaceful negotiation. Failing that, we suggest that the case be decided in the International Court and tribunal. It is better that way than trying to fight it out militarily. It is not worth having the war to determine the ownership of these islands. As the destruction will be far worse than the benefit for either side. Moreover if a war is declared , its implication will be unmeasurable in term of its influence with the development of China and Japan. Its disastrous effect will not only affect China and Japan but will extend to all Asia countries and the world like Europe and US etc. No one is an island anymore. The war will bring enormous economic disaster, humanity hardship and suffering for many many people, not confined to the Chinese and Japanese.

Cover design for this issue was done by our webmaster James Yin. Thank you James.

Let us hope that the leadership of China and Japan are wiser than that.

we are looking for a bilangual Editor and Assistant Editor to assist us in compiling our regular Emagazine etc. It is voluntary contribution without monetary remuneration. If you are interested, please contact Dr Ka Sing Chua at contact@www.huarenworldnet.org or kchua@www.huarenworldnet.org

I would like to take this opportunity to again thank my special assistant Dr Yit Seng Yow for patiently help to compile our Emagazine and many other voluntary contributors. Without them, we would not have our regular Emagazine for you to enjoy.

The Abe administration’s arrogance of power moment


On the cusp of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II when Emperor Hirohito made his historic speech of surrender, the Abe government is attempting to drive through the Diet 11 security bills that will forever alter the landscape of Japan’s postwar history. The nation that does not wage war will be no more if it gets its way.
Guided in its efforts is a military-industrial complex that is salivating to get Japan to share the burden of fighting with its closest ally, the United States. Japan has recently expressed interest in joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization missile-building consortium, a move in seamless alliance with this New Normal for Japan, a normal that we believe threatens global security.
As scholars from Japan and the U.S., we oppose the new security bills and call on anyone who is unfamiliar with what’s happening to get informed. What we have here is legislation without representation; at its worst, tyranny.
In clear violation of Article 9 of the Constitution, which famously renounces war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as a means of settling international disputes, these bills would provide for Japan’s Self-Defense Forces to cooperate actively with U.S. and other foreign military operations overseas. If adopted, Japan will be able to use military force even when it is not attacked, under the name of collective self-defense. Let us not mince words: this spells the end of Article 9 without ever formally amending it according to due process of law.
We cannot believe any assurances from a prime minister who thinks nothing of the constitutional ban and popular opposition that these security bills will strictly limit Japan’s military role. This legislation opens the door to virtually unfettered government discretion over the use of force that violates Japan’s fundamental principle over six decades of an exclusively self-defense posture.
The Japanese people, having been the only population to suffer atomic bombs, are overwhelmingly in support of maintaining peaceful relations with the world. They wish to protect the sanctity and heritage of Article 9. A nation that renounces war is part of Japan’s peace national brand, and has allowed Japan to develop as a world class economic and culture power with a strong mandate for humanitarian assistance, disaster relief and development aid.
Should these security bills get passed, Japan will no longer be able to advocate for a peace and nonviolence paradigm in national security. Our view is that Japan’s peace Constitution should not be altered but should continue to serve as a model for other countries. It should certainly not be “reinterpreted” arbitrarily by the government of the day.
Article 23 of the Constitution guarantees academic freedom, and it is within this guarantee that we, as public scholars in Japan and signatories to the Association of Scholars Opposed to the Security-related Bills, are speaking out. One of us is an Abe fellow at Keio University and former Fulbright scholar at Sophia University; the other is a political scientist at Sophia University who received the Friend of the Free Press award this spring from the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan.
We stand with the growing political protests from scholars, students, lawyers, workers and mothers that are coalescing against a government displaying total disregard for democratic speech and assembly. Japan is the closest Asian ally to the U.S. and we take this binational alliance of democracies literally and to heart. We oppose this government fait accompli that refuses to listen to citizen debate, discussion, or dialogue. We call on the Abe government to observe the democratic and constitutional due process before it does irreparable damage to the national character of postwar Japan.
The Abe government has shown no concern for the Japanese people. It is attempting to circumvent the Constitution by ramming the security bills through the Diet without the constitutionally mandated process for a constitutional revision (Article 96) requiring a two-third majority of both houses of parliament and a majority support from the people in a special referendum.
We write, backed as we are from thousands of scholars and millions of Japanese who share our opposition, to object to the security bills in principle and process. Our objections are marinated with affection, concern and care for Japan and the Japanese people.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s administration cannot claim to have a popular mandate for imposing these changes, even if we leave aside the unconstitutionality of the bills. It has a large majority in both houses only because of record-high voting abstention rates, a divided opposition, a muzzled media, the bias of the first-past-the-post system, and the enormous disparity of the value of the vote that has been repeatedly ruled to be in a state of unconstitutionality by the courts.
In reality, only one in four voters actively voted for Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party. The prime minister has, nevertheless, said that within 20 to 30 years he will be vindicated; thus, public opinion, which he seems to view with disdain, is dismissed. We believe that the Japanese people deserve more credit and respect than what they are being shown by their government.
These security bills stand against Japan’s well-deserved human security reputation in the world. Human security puts people’s needs and rights first, and views security within the prism of a multidisciplinary understanding of the world that involves development studies, education, science and technology for good, and peaceful international relations.
The United Nation’s Human Development Report of 1994 argues that global human security is about promoting “freedom from want” and “freedom from fear” for all people. With Japan’s growing poverty indices, aging population and record-breaking national debt, these security bills, if passed, will likely lead to greater insecurity just at the time when Japan itself is seeking to become a bigger player again on the world stage. Before Abe flexes his military muscles, indulges himself in historical revisionism and preaches to China about the rule of law, he should observe the principle of rule of law at home.
By turning a blind eye on Abe’s arrogance of power moment, the U.S. risks not only aggravating the regional tension and rivalry in Asia-Pacific, but also antagonizing the Japanese public, who came to embrace the postwar values of constitutionalism, democracy and peace.
Koichi Nakano is a professor of political science at Sophia University. Nancy Snow is an Abe fellow and a visiting professor at Keio University.

China warns Japan against ‘crippling regional peace’ after passage of security bills

AFP-JIJI, JIJI - JUL 17, 2015

BEIJING/SEOUL – China on Thursday urged Tokyo to avoid “crippling regional peace and security” after the Lower House passed bills that could see Japanese troops fight abroad for the first time since World War II.
“It is fully justified to ask if Japan is going to give up its exclusively defence-oriented policy,” China’s foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said in a statement.
“We solemnly urge the Japanese side to … refrain from jeopardising China’s sovereignty and security interests or crippling regional peace and stability,” Hua said in the statement posted on the ministry’s website.
Hua described the passing of the bills as “an unprecedented move since the Second World War.
Japanese forces launched a full-scale invasion of China in 1937 and the wartime history between the Asian powers still heavily colors their relations today.
Beijing — which is also embroiled in a territorial row with Tokyo over disputed islands in the East China Sea — regularly accuses the government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of showing insufficient contrition for the conflict.
Hua referred to the 70th anniversary of Japan’s defeat in its conflict with China, which Beijing calls “the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression.”
“We solemnly urge the Japanese side to draw hard lessons from history,” she added.
The vote on Japan’s military marks a victory for Abe and other nationalists, who have ignored popular anger in a bid to break what they see as the shackles of the U.S.-imposed Constitution.
China’s official Xinhua news agency condemned the move, saying it meant “a nightmare scenario has come a step closer for Japanese people and neighbouring nations.
If passed, the bill will “tarnish the reputation of a nation that has earned international respect for its pacifist Constitution over a period of nearly seven decades,” it said.
Meanwhile, South Korea also reacted to the passage of the bills — although in a muted manner.
A South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman on Thursday called on Japan to stick to its Constitution.
Japan should conduct discussions on its defense policy while adhering to the spirit of the pacifist Constitution, and in a way to contribute to regional peace and stability and in a transparent fashion, the spokesman said at a press conference.
The spokesman reiterated Seoul’s stance that actions that could affect security conditions on the Korean Peninsula and the national interests of South Korea should not be taken without consent from the country.
But the spokesman stopped short of directly making a comment criticizing the Lower House approval of the security bills or showing concerns over the development.
South Korea hopes to continue close consultations with Japan while keeping a close watch on upcoming deliberations on the bills at the Upper House.


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来源:澳洲网 作者:蔡家声 时间:2018-02-09 18:48:40 点击:187


各界反对的最严重的一条是它太大太阔。将涉及维权和人权的问题,特别是对个人民主权利和自由的侵犯。澳洲媒体人士对此更是敏感。工党领袖BILL SHORTEN强调不能因此影响“媒体的自由”。这是澳洲国家的“民主制度的保障”。如果这法案不能保护记者们的工作权利,他不会支持它。





他以为做间谍这么容易呀!他应该出来澄清这一点。因为如果不澄清将会造成特大的误会,制造其他澳洲人对澳洲华人的不信任,甚至增加对澳洲华人的排挤和压迫,造成不必要的种族之间的误解和冲突。因此我建议全澳的华人领袖有机会要向谭宝政府好好游说进言,要他们的政府以后发言时要澄清,并向各界澳洲公民说清楚。澳洲华人当然有犯罪的,但绝大多数和其他澳洲公民一样是奉公守法的好公民。我们移居澳洲就是冲着澳洲的民主、自由、的法治社会而来的。我们也尊重其他各民族并支持澳洲非常成功的多元文化国策,和公平公正的法律等等。因此,我们也将支持反对党领袖BILL SHOREN和各界社会、宗教、人权、媒体领袖所提出的修改《外国干预法案》的一些不良的条律!


来源:澳洲网 作者:蔡家声 时间:2018-02-02 22:01:16 点击:183

不久前美国国防部长James Matti公布了美国最新的国防报告,中间提到中国和俄罗斯迅速扩张的军事实力变得具攻击性,将成为美国在国家安全上最优先应对的目标。没想到澳洲国防部长Marise Payne上周末,未加深思,就在澳洲人报表态支持美国这一观点,表示澳洲和美国有相同的战略担忧。澳洲副总理Barnaby Joyce也在上星期日表示认同Marise Payne的观点:这让我感到有点惊异。美国好想要再搞一场“冷战思维”的外交战略。难道澳洲就要马上跟从吗?

幸好在我还没写这篇评论之前,我很欣慰看到澳洲总理Malcolm Turnbull和外长Julie Bishop及时澄清立场。Julie Bishop星期一出面澄清地告诉Sky News电视台“澳洲看不到本地区受到中国和俄罗斯的威胁,我们肯定不把中国视为一个威胁……我们对俄罗斯和中国有着截然不同的看法。我们不视俄罗斯和中国对澳洲构成一个军事威胁”。总理Malcolm Turnbull也表态支持外长的观点,我要赞一赞他们。





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蔡家声世界经济论坛第48届年会将于23日至26日在瑞士达沃斯(DAVOS)(World Economic Forum)举行。今年的主题是“在分化的世界中打造共同命运”。


World Economic Forum世界经济论坛发布的声明:本届年会希望在各国地缘战略竞争恶化的背景下重申国际合作的意义,引导全球共同探讨具有共同利益的重大问题并推动全球联手解决人类共同面对的挑战。在“分化的世界中”如何打造“共同命运”?


President's Message

Dear All

It have been a while that I have written to you. There are many reasons behind it.

One of the main reasons is that we have lost our original website naming right i.e. www.huaren.org because our original owner , a foundation member of huaren.org and World Huaren Federation, decided not to pay its subscription in USA. I offers to pay for him before but was ignored.

Luckily with some foresight, I have registered another similar website : www.huarenworldnet.org based in Australia so we can continue the work and objectives of World Huaren Federation.

With the help of our webmaster James Yin, we manage to transfer all the information from previous huaren.orgwebsite to this new website i.e. www. huarenworldnet.org so you can continue to link up with us and enjoy what we can offer.

Last December 2017, I was elected to the Australian National Board of Medical Association for Prevention of Warwww.mapw.org.au and its International Australian Representative. Last year ICAN , International Campaign for Abolition of Nuclear Weapons, after 10 years of lobbying , managed to pass through a motion in UN to Abolish the Nuclear Weapons with 129 nations supporting it. For its effort, initiated by MAPW in Australia 10 years ago, ICAN was awarded 2017 Noble Peace Prize.

MAPW has done a great job in promoting a world without wars and we hope one day we have enough good leaders around the world and with support of all world citizens, we can stop wars among the so-called "civilised humankind".

USA is the main culprit of wars. I found out from an Italian website Notiziario24.com recently of the fact that since the Independence of USA in 1776 , she has been involved in 222 wars around the world including many invasive wars. It is pity for such a nation which also uses to acclaims that USA is the world most civilised nation, ends up in creating so much disastrous human sufferings and deaths through wars and military conflicts. War always starts with a silly excuse: using war to kill war for peace and always somebody else is wrong.

Having stated the fact, I still hope USA which has lots of the skill and talent and has achieved so much great thing for humanity, will eventually produce some great leadership to lead the world to eternal peace via United Nations under the Rule of Laws to solve all human conflicts peacefully , so that all of us , not some of us , can live in peace and harmony like a big family.

May Peace reigns.

Dr Ka Sing Chua

National Board Member, MAPW

487 Mitcham Rd Mitcham 3132

Victoria Australia

Mobile +61 409838 388


Ka Sing Chua 08:11


Video from Ka Sing Chua

Will C-100 stand up & step up?

Voices of Huarens - ethnic Chinese overseas and in Greater China

TIMIDITY : Our shame & perhaps our Downfall

Defending AsAms At A Crucial Time

Pres. Bush, Sr. & AsAm history

ANTHONY PUN. A response to Kim Wingerei -. It’s Time for Ethical Politics”

致澳洲总理Scott Morrison的一封公开信 An open letter to Australian Prime Minister The Hon Scott Morrison



各国领袖要多交换治国经验 什么制度最适合人类?

Columnist Geroge Will backs EF's View

澳洲网_澳洲应具有较灵活的中澳外交政策 Australia should have a more flexible China-Australia foreign policy

澳洲网_澳中关系可以更上一层楼 Australia-China relations can be better and move further

澳洲网_“澳中关系非常重要”:Morrison总理有言在先 Australia-China relations are very important : Prime Minister Morrison has spoken!


YOU Helped Harvard, the U.S.A. and all AsAms.

The real Malcolm Turnbull? | Nin, Fairfax & the ACCC | The global super-rich | Why super shouldn’t rise

www.ChinaUSFriendship.com November 2018 Publication

MAPW 2018 October e-News - Victoria

4Corners blows the lid on the gun lobby

Our royal bonus

What's love got to do with it? | Chinese spies | Watching a brilliant thinker stretching his mind

Another Harvard Dirty Trick

Globe-trotting possum-stirrers | And all the week’s other new articles

The curious persistence of Myers–Briggs | Changeless Corbyn | Scandal as Tragedy | Labor and the media gang

AsAm super heroes & heroines

That was amazing.


Harvard lawsuit highlights/prediction


澳洲网_Anning议员种族主义国会发言哗众取宠 澳洲华人代表蔡家声怎么说?

Chap 2 Mullticulturalism

Multiculturalism Part i

澳洲网_澳洲国会议员最大责任是为民服务 ――兼评自由党党魁政变问题




Ten things you need to know about the economy | How Finland reduced homelessness

www.ChinaUSFriendship.com September 2018 Publication

Adding COURAGE to our repertoire

UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network (2018 No.20)

The battle for Indo-Pacific

Shocking words from Pres. Trump

China’s age of anxiety | $100 million to reduce crime

Anxious China | e-democracy | Reducing crime... and all this week’s other new articles

Mission Accomplished THIS time

UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network (2018 No.18)

A Political Lesson To Be Learned

UNITED we STAND (2) - our deficiencies

Inequality: three scanarios | Defending the Family Court | Bill Shorten up close | Who was Captain Cook? | Strange worlds

Why all the fuss over Chinese interference? What are we afraid of?


UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network (2018 No.14)

Your Round-up of MAPW News

Why all the fuss over Chinese interference? What are we afraid of?

UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network (2018 No.11)

Love to hear your views

The High Court troika | Victoria's boomtime budget | Genre-busting TV crime...

When Chifley met Nehru | Secret bomb | Fog of war | Growing up | Hell or high waters

5 UGLY facts of discrimination against AsAms.

Government by numbers | Peter Costello for PM? | Turnbull’s choice | Putin’s bluff...

Returning migrants: the Chinese economy’s next great hope?

Hong Kong's economy looks bleak if trade war intensifies


Russia’s war on history | Politics returns to Myanmar | Operation South Pacific?

Unite to Produce Counter Pressure

How has EF served YOU recently?



祝贺中国新一届领导层的诞生:新期待 新希望



China might be seeking to infiltrate our universities in a bid to steal technology is laughable and stems from either ignorance or cultural arrogance.

Are you doing enough to empower yourself?

Free speech & the High Court | Misunderstanding Uluru | Who is a composer? | Post-election Timor-Leste & Japan

Crikey Weekender: how The Australian targets its enemies, and the death of political candour

On writing; Trump headlined; One country, two systems... All the week's new articles

Incredible news, really

LOWEST success rate in' NSF proposals

Kazuo Ishiguro’s sense of the realm | What makes Sam Dastyari run? | Breakfast in America | Reading about revolution

A 3-prong attack on admissions INEQUITY





UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network(2017 No.21)

80-20 warns Democrats; Yale & Harvard replied

UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network(2017 No.20)

UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network (2017 No.17)

80-20 Summer Membership Drive, Part 3: Asian Americans in the US: Thoughts

UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network (2017 No.16)






www.ChinaUSFriendship.com July 2017 Publication

Political myths that hurt AsAms deeply

"Hong Kong Connect" June issue is out!

This was how discrimination against AsAms was created!






Our Journey Is Not Over




Helping Ourselves

Overinterpreting Newspoll | The Pope and the camps | Menzies in Clubland | Victoria’s malaise

All the week’s new articles

UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network (2017 No.10)

Add Your Voice for Bold Climate Action


UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network(2017 No.09)


These are the wealthiest countries in the world | World Economic Forum

Your Latest Enews









介绍傅莹: 前驻澳大使( 2003 - 2006 ): FWD: 她,16岁辍学,35岁成为邓小平的贴身翻译,64岁因一段在德国的视频流出,而惊艳全世界!

Just 17 days till Earth Hour

Keating and China | UTS ACRI

Paul Keating: overdue foreign policy review demands new focus on China


A New Era Emergence: Transition of Identical Twins from India to China

Panama Papers Update: Mossack & Fonseca Law Firm Founders Arrested

Newsletter – Climate conference & new video



[Invitation] ICCC 2017@HK

Speech given by Singapore ambassador to USA in USA

www.ChinaUSFriendship.com February 2017 Publication

WACCC E-News - 07 Feb 2017


Reclaiming Dr. King's Radical Vision

Who's listening in on your convos? | Racism Vs. free speech | Women's march

OS TOUCHPOINT - February 2017


... ready to fight? We are

Gong Xi Fa Cai!


"Hong Kong Connect" January issue is out!

The Art of Tax Evasion

A tale of two political systems

Speeches on Contemporary Chinese Foreign Policy and One-Belt-One-Road in Georgia Tech, University of Toronto and Stonybrook

New Year's Resolution!

A dream of economic justice deferred

Say no to Trump on China push: Keating


[Civic Exchange Newsletter] A Year in Review

OS TOUCHPOINT - January 2017

[aasc-main] ANNOUNCEMENT: 2017 UCLA Activist-In-Residence Fellows Lisa Hasegawa and Funmilola Fagbamila



[aasc-main] UCLA: 2017-18 IAC Visiting Scholar Fellowship in Asian American Studies and Ethnic Studies




Three ways you can help

[aasc-main] NEW RELEASE | AAPI Nexus Journal: AAPIs 2040 Issues


A Post Mortem: How AsAms Fared in 2016 Election?

A model for fighting inequality at the local level

www.ChinaUSFriendship.com December 2016 Publication



OS TOUCHPOINT - December 2016

[Invitation] Civic Exchange Seminar: Where is the action on climate change going?


Chief Justice Kiefel | Politicians behaving badly | Obama’s nuclear legacy | The book of Bernie


1966: The turning point election | Understanding chronic fatigue | Dealing with democracy


Help us build a movement of resistance and hope

The Paris Agreement Is Counting On Us


"Confronting China" - John Pilger



Eight Ways to Strengthen Our Democracy Beyond Voting

The three unexpected cross-strait situations

www.ChinaUSFriendship.com November 2016 Publication

Hillary Reacted to 80-20's Endorsement with RESERVATION

Largest AsAm PAC Endorses Hillary Clinton with Reservation

Make your vote count

"Hong Kong Connect" October issue is out!


A special announcement: Celebrate a victory for El Salvador, then defeat the TPP


What is a “foreign” donation? | Talking about music | Low-tech power in Sarawak | Dreams of Hydra

【BQ澳洲 | BQ WEEKLY 】 第274期 看点推荐 : 聚焦澳洲华人学者•系列之二

[Civic Exchange Newsletter] Walk21 Hong Kong & New Distinguished Fellow!

Who Will Win The AsAm Bloc Vote?

It's Official: Guterres Is The Next UN Secretary-General

Systemic Discrimination Is What We should Focus On



[aasc-main] TOMORROW! Gordon H. Chang Lecture & Book Signing "Entwined Destinies: America and China and the History of the Present"




One-Belt-One Road in English「一帶一路」英文版

OS TOUCHPOINT - October 2016

Wasteful military spending is hindering our fight against climate change

All the week’s new articles

www.ChinaUSFriendship.com October 2016 Publication

[aasc-main] October Events: Gordon Chang Talk, Poetics of Fragility Screening, Herzig Reception

Nat'l Federation of Indian Ams. Assos. Honors 80-20

Wolfe Law Group Partners with Lorman Education Services

Don’t miss your chance to embrace a low-carbon lifestyle and make Hong Kong walkable again!

Seize the Golden Opportunity. Don't Vote yet.


China Launches Tiangong-2 Space Lab to Prep for 2020s Space Station

'US dollar flawed... Eventually we will all be using Chinese yuan' - Jim Rogers

Education spending FAQs (and how the AFL can help) | Dealing with the Senate | Obama’s stoicism | Nouns, verbs and adjectives | China in Australia

UK Labour’s problem with women | Plus all the week’s new articles

Global Update: Inside The 71st UN General Assembly

My Reflection of a Visit by Peter Mathieson, President of Hong Kong University

"Hong Kong Connect" September issue is out!

[aasc-main] NEWS | Welcome to the 2016-2017 Academic Year! Plus: David Yoo is new VP of IAC, Upcoming Events and more!

[Civic Exchange Newsletter] What's on at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Public Forum?

The geography of school inequality | Whose utopia? | Sully reviewed…


Are You Ready For #2030NOW?

UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network(2016 No.25)



Are people hunting 'canned lions' in South Africa?

80-20 Delays Its Endorsement & Great News


Seymour Hersh: "Those are impossible questions."

Why Chinese-Indonesians don’t have to hide any longer | South China Morning Post

[aasc-main] NEW RELEASE | Amerasia Journal 42:2 �� Intergenerational Collaborations: Graduate Student Scholarship in Asian American Studies

Paul Keating: Australia lacks a foreign policy to negotiate the rise of China

Chinese donors have legit role in Oz politics

The Chinese community used as a "cash cow" by both sides of politics then ignored

Why we're endorsing "A Vision for Black Lives"

War on sprawl | Whatever happened to the post-election bounce? | Going empirical with Malcolm Roberts | Unfinished business in Sri Lanka

OS TOUCHPOINT - September 2016

Published articles in quora

"Hong Kong Connect" August issue is out!

80-2O's Delegates are people like you

“Construction of a Common Educational Infrastructure via the One-Belt-One-Road Initiative”

Transcript - Prof Gareth Evan & Prof Hugh White


UPDATE: Panama Papers Reveals US Taxpayers with Offshore Entities

Too CUTE! The Most Adorable BABY ANIMALS in The World ... and Where YOU Can FIND Them!



You be the judge

Friend, get your early bird tickets today: Only 4 days left.



Sharpening Young Voices and New Ideas

UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network (2016 No.22)

[Invitation] Walk21 Hong Kong Conference - Register now to ensure your place and save money!

THINK: How DIFFICULT this fight will be?

The Clarion Has Sounded

Over South China Sea, think-tank conflict analysis

Guanxi with Acting CEO of Tourism WA - Mr Gwyn Dolphin

Managing Hiroshima | Vaccination paradox | Health at home

台灣何去何從?(you wrote about this topic before, so it would be of interest to you)


Attorney Client Privilege: Crime Fraud Exception

Executive Newsletter

Infectious Disease: Some Thoughts 傳染病:一些反思

The Most Breathtaking SUNSETS on EARTH Are Revealed: Where to See Sol III's Greatest LIGHT SHOWS That'll Put Others in The Shade!

Protesting hate at the RNC

[Civic Exchange Newsletter] Upcoming Walk21HK Walkshop: Kowloon East - the Making of Hong Kong's CBD2 (22 July)

Q&A on The Tough Fight Ahead

Why the South China Sea tribunal decision is invalid

Taiwanese lawmakers, fishing flotilla bound for Taiping Island

SONIA Kruger is scared.

Secrets; Regime change; History (mostly) vindicated... All the week's new articles

UPDATE - From The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network(2016 No.20)

EU Issues South China Sea Statement After Failing to Agree Common Stance

Chinese community launches #SayNoToPauline campaign - twenty years after Hanson said Australia was 'being swamped by Asians'


The IRS Continues its Search for Offshore Tax Cheats

Beijing says it could declare ADIZ over South China Sea

[Invitation] Civic Exchange Seminar Series 8 - Bridges, Back Alleys, and Pavements: Little Things Add Up to Big Vision

[aasc-main] Amerasia Journal Call for Papers: Exhibiting Race and Culture

Rage into ACTION, friends.

2 excellent articles : 妙文共赏

Words from Strongly Dissenting Justices

One-Belt-One-Road: Challenges and Opportunities of Asian Higher Education Institutions一帶一路:亞洲高等學府的機遇與禺戰


[Civic Exchange Newsletter] Are you happy with your city?

The Dream of Red Chamber novel

Stand #WithRefugees

"Hong Kong Connect" June issue is out!

Dragon Boat Festival



中國學者夫妻訪台 嘆:若能選擇 想生活在台灣

Update from the Race Discrimination Commissioner [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Muhammad Ali: Social Change Champion

我所認識的楊福家 The Fujia Yang (楊福家) that I know

[Civic Exchange Newsletter] Upcoming event - One Tale Three Cities: Asian Urban-Wellbeing Indicators for Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore (28Jun)



www.ChinaUSFriendship.com June 2016 Publication




It's not the end. There's still hope for the Reef:

The Verizon worker victory is just the start

[aasc-main] NEWS | Don Nakanishi Celebration of Life on June 8, Faculty Awards, Congratulations to the Class of 2016

Acceptance of the 2016 Kwoh-Ting Li(李國鼎) Memorial Medal Award at the ATLAS conference

Obama in Hiroshima calls for 'world without nuclear weapons'


The oppression of a civilization

IPP专访 | 郑永年:蔡英文打开了渐进台独的一扇门



The President's Address on 20/5/16

New charges brought on men who killed our colleagues

[aasc-main] This Week: Graduate Student Workshop with Jane Yamashiro, The Suyama Project: Screening of Konrad Aderer's Resistance Tule Lake and more!

Comments made at “Mechanics, Education and Research Universities: Perspective for the 21st Century”


US 'forcing' countries to take sides over sea arbitration

US senators demand escalation of military confrontation with China




與阿靈頓市德州大學(UTA)校長Vistasp M. Karbhari面談後的一些反思

[aasc-main] NEW RELEASE | Amerasia Journal 42:1 "Carceral States"

Paul Keating welcomes the rise of China

Can Canberra continue strategy of splitting economy, security?

千呼萬喚始出來! Emerging while kicking and screaming!



China’s new role as a Middle East peacemaker

Weekend Edition: The week's best reads

A New Year’s Letter: Opportunities for 2016

A New Year's Letter: From Vision to Action

China miracle’ should inspire US fight on poverty




Watch this video, you will be proud being a Chinese....!

Retro Cold War Guff

www.ChinaUSFriendship.com January 2016 Publication

Chasing Dragons: the True History of the Piasa (Chinese Edition)-“Rainbow Dragon” carved into the bluff by members of Admiral Zheng He’s (郑和) fleet

Kishore Mahbubani. What happens when China becomes number one?






The Army of Terracotta Cave!






My article in the Herald Sun today: We need to make ice use socially unacceptable

www.ChinaUSFriendship.com December 2015 Publication

高等教育招生理念, 策略與作法





China warning Taiwan voters on independence



Li raises five-pronged proposal for peace, stability in South China Sea





Terrorism: Face the facts or face World War III

Defeat The Third Jihad: From the Heart of a Muslim

November update on my activities [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Something which touches every citizen in my country


We're Losing the War with China




Old soldiers never die, they only fade away

Firm reaction for US sea provocation

Opportunities and Challenges for Universities

www.ChinaUSFriendship.com October 2015 Publication

Syria could be Australia’s moment of truth: will we be independent?


China taking its own path toward 'democracy'

China V-Day Parade 2015





中國 內憂外患2






What’s Happening in China?

Call To Stop the Immediate Danger of World War III!

「踏破鐵鞋無覓處, 得來全不費功夫」:在澳門大學與數學大師及「澳門學子」蕭蔭堂相遇

Abe, offer a WWII apology alluding to the shame the West should share

Calling the Chinese to have faith and trust in themselves

Abe is leading Japan further away from peace

蔡建国:抗日胜利70周年 两岸携手共同纪念

Message by Foreign Minister Wang Yi At the Launch Ceremony of The Report on China's Implementation of The Millennium Development Goals




Wading through South China Sea sticking points



「一帶一路」: 澳門大學在此全球龐大改變中何去何從?

If Bronwyn Bishop claimed trip as official business, she must resign

中国虚擬经济权威学着 成思危 2015/07 病死北京,享年八十 驾鹤归西前 ,吟诗自白


South China Sea claims


South China Sea serenity





Does Japan deserve the bombing of Hiroshima?

shanghai today Jun 2015 - Videos showing great contrast of Shanghai city life to life in China rural Re: The village and the girl - BBC news

Confronting the Past: America Finally Turns Its Attention to Rampant Racism

Pivot Inabsanity: Why US Goading China?


China Syndrome


Chinese language - 10 major advantages 漢語的十大優勢,本文是對華語最全面科學的闡述!

Can China be contained?

China’s the reason why U.S. needs the TPP


Revised China 56 Ethnic Groups - Understanding China


Chinese migrants unfairly blamed for Australia’s property shutouts

The oppression of a civilization

Collaborating with China is in America’s national interest


My oped in Australian: The case for constitutional recognition

Australia should stay away from South China Sea

New Book on 'Migrant Remittances in South Asia'

Berlin's tough repentance lesson for Tokyo

The Skirmish in the Spratlys Beating Uncle Sam at His Own Game

Commentary: New wave of China-bashing irresponsible,harmful to Sino-U.S. ties






Book on 'Asian Migration Policy'

Pauline Hanson Again!

Australia should stay out of the South China Sea


Australia should not follow the US into an ill-considered adventure in the South China Sea

Obama is sowing discontent in S.China Sea

Difficult for US to be objective in South China Sea: Duowei

China update

U.S. meddling in South China Sea unjustified, unprofitable

Stop Calling China a Currency Manipulator


U.S. Rebukes China on Efforts to Build Artificial Islands

What Australians really think about a rising China

Defence secretary Dennis Richardson's Blamey Oration

New Book on International Migration and Development in South Asia

History backs China's firm stand on islands

Correctly understanding Japan’s postwar history

Beijing’s Formidable Strategy in the South China Sea




More than 450 scholars urge Japan to address history issues


2014-11-27 09:40:09 来源:澳洲《联合时报



US and Australia dangerously deluded about future

Japan’s ‘whitewashing’ of World War II history rankles some U.S. veterans

Divided loyalties: US bomber comments send unfriendly vibes to China

Proof the U.S. is rotten to the core


Abolishing the world’s worst weapons

US should reflect on its own human right record



‘Father of Singapore’ Lee Kuan Yew




China and Australia Will Grow Closer







Understand the real China from the speech of China President, Mr. Xi Jinping.

Drug mules, death penalty and justice



How China is upsetting the old global economic order

Should Asian Americans be Ac2ve in US poli2cs?

Awakening China's 21st century dragon

From National Institutes of Health to the University of Macau: The Transition of a Top Scientist Chuxia Deng (鄧初夏)


Abe's omissions in Jakarta were 'unwise' step backward, historian says

Should Asian Americans be Ac2ve in US poli2cs?




U.S.-China 21: The Future of U.S.-China Relations Under Xi Jinping


警惕Reclaim Australia的游行示威


Is American MIGHT creating a better world? What is the evidence?


Pleasing the emperor

Do YOU Have a GENIUS Level I.Q?! Find Out With a Few of The Most Fiendish BRAIN-TEASERS Ever!


水秉和 :持有美国密芝根大学的政治学博士学位; 终生为联合国中文秘书处高翻 ,退休后卜居拉斯维斯.

Abe gets negative reviews ahead of U.S. visit

Kevin Rudd: "Are China & The US Doomed To Conflict?"

Towards a Community of Common Destiny and a New Future for Asia







Martin Jacques: The West should learn from China

U.S. forfeiting its leadership in global finance to China

修正版[三月新貼☆心水子頁]分享: 墨爾本僑功勳錄

這有意思 ... 你認識這個’口’字嗎? 那麼你認識多些’口’字嗎?

Beijing lashes out at Washington’s ‘pirate-style sense of insecurity’

Obama's Libya Debacle

BBC News - The palace of shame that makes China angry

Witnessing China's transformation: American Dr. Nathan Congdon - CCTV News - CCTV.com English


陆克文:勿恶意揣测中国 澳美应加入亚投行


Kevin Rudd on How the US and China Are Correcting Their Trust Deficit

Britain's election fix | Generational change in Timor-Leste | Death in Buenos Aires


A Memorable Evening with a Giant

Japan’s public diplomacy is expensive and errant

With focus on wartime past, Japan's global PR message could misfire

And you wonder why I call Australia home?


Why is the US constantly sowing discord in South ChinaSea?







Shaping China's influence





Lima: the not-so-bad news


2014 Nobel Week Highlights





领导人你干什么 ?

Should China/Hong Kong follow UK’s democracy?

Should the UK monitor Hong Kong’s governance?

Racial Divide: The Tragedy of America's First Black President



Discussion on current Hong Kong issue

那 一 年 的 七 月

It's time to share China's side of the story

Is America Ready for China as an 'Equal Brother?'

The Oppression of a Civilization...


McKell Institute Address – Inclusive Growth

Australia has ringside seat as Obama,
Xi stake claims on Asia Pacific

Australia and the China-US Relationships


My article on the Hong Kong protest

A role for Chinese Australians in promoting Australia-China relations.

觀點:拒絕一國兩制 台灣不是香港

China banking on infrastructure

Whitlam in China




Reflection of Times Higher Education 2014 World Universities Ranking

An appeal by President of Medical Association for Prevention of War

Why the campaign against Islamic State is doomed

The HKG Storm


No US Democracy for China

Hong Kong's "Occupy Central" Fooling No One


Washington Is Destroying The World - Paul Craig Roberts



Can Civilization Survive "Really Existing Capitalism"? An Interview With Noam Chomsky


China is Hong Kong’s future – not its enemy





Now is the time to act on climate change


CASS Column: Article For 20 September 2014


Visit by Foreign Minister of PCR

Chinese in WWI


Raising a family of true Malaysians By – Prof Dr. Mohamad Tajuddin Mohamad Rasdi


India vs. China 西方民主令印度永远落后中国 2014-09-01。 宋鲁郑




Time For Honesty And Change In Obama's Failed China Policy



毋忘國恥 – 盧溝橋之七七事變




A good article... China's unprecedented quest for a peaceful rise


Mr. Lee Kuan Yew- It's Stupid to be afraid


Bamboo ceiling' blocking Asian Australians, says commissioner

Access Asialink July 2014 - Don't take China for granted says Ambassador, insights on agribusiness and events in your city

China UK new world order











Dear Kasing,
This edition of the Huaren magazine is by far the best of any production I have seen globally.
Obviously, the standard of the magazine, as judged by the caliber of the authors and the content, is sophisticated and intellectual, has jumped leaps and bounds.
Please accept my personal congratulations to a publication, now in the leading edge of the Chinese Diaspora. Keep the standard up and keep it coming.
Congratulations, once again and well done.

Dr Anthony Pun,
National President
Cbinese Community Council of Australia.l

Grievance Debate - Chinese Acknowledgement

Chris Hayes MP – Adjournment – Multiculturalism 25 June 2013

Abe's Article 9 blitz alarms Asia

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Chinese Ethical Beliefs

One World, One Dream

China’s 56 Ethnic Groups - Understanding China

A civilization state

New Paradigm of 21st Century Higher Education in East Asia : Governance, Accountability , Autonomy and Globalization

Speech about Governance, Accountability and Autonomy in Higher Education at Macau University International Forum

The U. S .Founders and China


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