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President's message

Elusive Peace and Shocking Wars

Human civilisation supposedly begins about 5000 years ago across Greece, Egypt, Middle Asia, India and China etc. This was followed by the birth of modern Christianity including Judaism, encompassing all Europe and western countries, and modern Islamic teaching encompassing Middle East and other part of the world. Throughout the long history of civilization, human beings invented all kinds of philosophical teachings such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucism. Daoism, Communism, Socialism, Capitalism and all kinds of religions etc etc to satisfy the physical, psychological and mental need of our humankind. Various cult teachings also flourished in societies. If we do not stop those extreme cult following, as history showed it can become a very destructive and dividing force hindering the progress of our modern civilization.

What have we achieved so far in last 5000 years of civilization as a race of homosapien /humankind?

We have achieved a lot in term of laying down the foundation of a modern society and civilisation. It is however a gradual process and progress. We have to learn from our mistakes and experiences along the way.

We have seen immensely success stories coming from the creativity and advancement of modern sciences by mankind. We have seen enormous improvement in medical knowledge that can save the lives and prolong our morbidity and mortality. We have seen huge improvement in term of our communication in transportation so much so that the distances of travel can be reduced to a few hours from one distant part of the world to another. We have seen incredible improvement in term of our technology of computer sciences that we can send messages to one another from far far away with a touch of a computer button. We have seen amazing improvement of human civilisation in certain part of the world that people of various backgrounds, languages, cultures, religions, traditions can now live happily and harmoniously together in a society and country with proper rule of civilised laws without resorting to the rule of violence and force and civil wars. Such is the ultimate success of our human civilisation.

However we still have not been able to eliminate wars. We have wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Middle East , Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, and quite a few African countries still at wars with one another. On top of it we have significant violent civil unrest in many countries. The idea of a long lasting peace is still quite elusive to mankind in many regions around the mother earth. As recent as Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos wars in 1970s, African Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, Nigeria wars etc in 1980s, recent wars in Serbia , Kosova and current wars in various part of the world resulted in millions of lives lost with lot of casualties and destruction of properties and souls of the affected people. It has also created millions of refugees still floating around the world to find a peaceful and secured home to live in.

Why and why?

We have not been able to prevent the wars among our fellow citizens of the world. Why is United Nations not able to intervene and prevent it successfully?

My answer is simple. Blame all our politicians and rulers who started the wars. It is their failure. It is their ego. It is their power and privileges that they wish to preserve that stop them from not ordering the wars. They have forgotten that they are there to see that the rule of common civilized laws has to apply to themselves as well as to all common citizens. They are there to safeguard the common-good of all citizens including other world citizens. Waging a war will not solve conflicts among human beings.

We should abolish the current system of soldiers fighting the wars. They should be the keeping peace force and uphold the rule of civilised laws. Unworthy politicians should be stripped of their evil power of commanding soldiers to fight a war. Soldiers should be able to say no in fighting a war killing and maiming other people and perceived "enemies" in order to protect their politicians' power and privileges which many times in history, happened to be conducted under the disguise of protecting their "nation's interest and security". No soldiers given a choice will fight a war as it is a cruel act of violence. It destroys their good souls and others that he have killed and maimed. The teaching of Christianity, Buddhism etc that "thou shall not kill" has been conveniently forgotten.

I find celebrating the ‘war heroes‘ programs in any form inappropriate as all soldiers who were alive will tell you that given a choice they will not go to a war again. The historical fact is that they were not fighting and protecting the common people's freedom, interest and security. They were fighting and protecting the 'Empires' interest and the power and privileges of the "elite and evil" politicians and rulers. These politicians and rulers were greedy and willing to sacrifice their young soldiers to the wars. It takes two to tangle. Some were more evil than other. There was always a good excuse for a so-called “just war”. Looking back in the history, each side would tell their soldiers that they were there to fight a “just war”. The other side was always the evil side.

War defies the basis tenures of our human civilization. War destroys the spirit of finding a peaceful solution through constant negotiation and compromises for the security of common people and upholding the common good. We must never give up a negotiated solution no matter how long it takes, even if it is a temporary one, before a lasting peace is achieved.

We know we can prevent war and we have the knowledge to do so. We have established example among nations like America, Australia, Canada, France, United Kingdom etc that civil wars have been eliminated for good. United Nations should be able to help each and every nation to achieve this. To achieve this we must give incentives, deterrence and punishment to only few evil politicians/rulers to get rid of their weapons and weapons of mass destruction. We must help their 'poor soldiers' to say no to these few evil politicians/rulers who are not fit to govern. There is no such thing that “you are holier than thou and allow to kill and maim other as human fraternity is concerned. That is against our civilization and rule of law. Powerful support for an independent international court for justice has to be supported by good governance and strong governments around the world. We hope then the good will prevail over the evil politicians who commit their people to a war of any kind.

If people are not brainwashed, coerced, bullied, like all soldiers and oppressed citizens, into fighting a war, who else will ever dream of fighting a war but seek a cooperative negotiation for a win-win sharing peace solution? Even your worst enemy can become your friend given enough incentives as we all are human after all. In our lifetime, we all want the same nice thing in life. We all want to enjoy our life with our families and friends in peace and security. Who wants to create enemy and fight a war? Only evil, greedy or ignorant politicians / rulers who want to protect their power and privileges will do so. There is no human behaviour we cannot change through proper civic education and social engineering according to the rules of modern civilisation.

JUST imaging that the money we save from the building war machines and weapons of mass destruction including nuclear weaponry etc if there is no war to worry about. That money in term of trillions and trillions of dollar of defence budget around the world, can be put to eliminate the root causes of wars detailed at the website of The HAGUE APPEAL for Peace www.haguepeace.org and United Nations www.un.org

I am pleased to see those political leaders/rulers at recent Nuclear Security Summit meeting convened by President Obama and hope that they all learn something good to prevent war and save their people from the destruction and shocking consequences of future wars. All the good governments should work with United Nations and NGOs around the world to try to set up civilized rule of law for all the world citizens. That is not impossible. Let us hope a world justice system can be established eventually with the rule of civilized rule of law and everyone in this world will have a secured and peaceful place to go home with.

Hence our cover design is there to promote peace.

Dr Ka Sing Chua
World Huaren Federation
30 May 2010



據說人類文明始於大約 5000年前的希臘,埃及,中亞,印度和中國等。然後是現代基督教的誕生,包括猶太教,包容了所有歐洲和西方國家的文明,和現代伊斯蘭教義遍及中東及世界其他地方。在整個漫長的歷史文明,人類發明了各種哲學學說,如佛教,印度教,儒道﹐道教,共產主義,社會主義,資本主義和各種宗教﹐以滿足人類生理﹑心理及神智上的各種需要。但是各種邪教教義也在社會上盛行。如果我們不停止那些極端的邪教跟隨,鑒往知來,它可能成為一個極具破壞性和分裂勢力阻礙我們現代文明的進步。

人類文明 5000年﹐到目前為止﹐我們成就了些什麼﹖


我們已經看到了巨大的成功來自人類的創造力和現代科學的進步,我們也看到了醫療知識的長足進步可以挽救生命,減少發病和延長壽命。在運輸方面我們看到非凡的改進以至於旅行的距離,從世界的一個地方到另一個遙遠的 角落可減少到只須數個小時。在電腦科學技術方面我們已經看到令人難以置信的進步﹐從彼此離得遠遠的距離靠一個電腦觸摸按鈕就可以彼此發送訊息。在世界的某些地方﹐各種不同背景,語言,文化,宗教,傳統的人們可以 快樂和諧地生活在一起,這種社會和國家靠的是適當的文明的法律規則﹐不訴諸暴力和內戰的統治,這就是我們當代人類文明的最高成就。

不過,我們仍然未能消除戰爭,伊拉克的戰爭,阿富汗,中東,以色列,巴勒斯坦,黎巴嫩和不少非洲國家仍處於戰爭状况,此外在許多國家仍然 內亂頻繁。一個持久和平的理想在地球母親的許多地區仍然是相當難以掌握。 近如20世紀 70年代越南,柬埔寨和寮國的戰爭,80年代非洲的烏干達,勞達,剛果,尼日戰爭,最近在塞爾維亞的戰爭和目前世界各地的戰爭 ﹐ 造成了千百萬人失去了生命﹐ 很多人員傷亡和財產破壞和靈魂受傷的人們。

為什麼,為 什麼?

我們沒有能 夠為我們的同胞防止戰爭,為什麼聯合國無法成功地干預和防止它?

我的答案很簡單:要責怪那些所有發動戰爭的政治家和統治者,這是他們的失敗,這是他們的高傲自滿,他們為了保持自己的權力和特權而不阻止戰爭發生,他們忘記了他們自己也該如同所有公民一樣受到法律制 裁,他們應該保障所有公民包括其他世界公民的權益,發動 一場戰爭並不能解決人與人之間的衝突和矛盾, 反而製造更多的衝突和矛盾.

我們應該取消現行的士兵戰鬥的戰爭制度 他們應該是維持和平和法治文明的部隊而且, 應該剝奪卑鄙的政治家指揮戰士們打仗的邪惡權力,士兵們應該可以對屠殺和殘害他人的戰爭說不. 找藉口去打仗,在歷史上經常是政客們為了保護自己的權力和特權﹐ 偽裝在保護他們的“國家利益和安全“的假面具下,認知所謂的“敵人”.如果士兵有選擇的機會,沒有士兵會選擇去打一場戰爭,因為它是一個殘酷的暴 力行為。它破壞了他們的靈魂和他所殺害﹑ 致殘 的人的靈魂,基督教及佛教等的教義裡“你不得殺人“似乎有意無意間被遺忘了。

身為人類﹐ 到目前為止 我們成就了是什麼?

我覺得任何形式的慶祝戰爭英雄方案都是不當的,因為所有還活著的士兵都會告訴你,如果能選擇的話他們不會選擇去戰場。歷史事實是,他們不是為保護老百姓的自由﹑ 利益和安全而戰,他們是為保護'帝國的利益﹐ 和維護“精英和邪惡”的政客和統治者的權力和特權而戰。這些政治家和統治者是貪婪的,並且願意犧牲自己國家的年輕士兵。一個銅板拍不響﹐ 有些人比别人更邪惡,所謂的[正義戰爭]利用的

好藉口來宣 戰,回溯歷史,每方都會告訴他們的士兵,他們是在打一場[正義戰爭]﹐ 對手總是邪惡的一方,非打不可﹐ 最後總是倆敗俱傷! 最受苦的是無辜難民﹑婦女和小孩。


我們知道人 類能夠避免戰爭,我們有知識這樣做的,例如在文明發達的國家,如美國,澳大利亞,加拿大,法國,英國等等,內戰已永久消失了。聯合國應能幫助每一個民族實現這一目標,為了實現這一點,我們必須對少數政客/統治者給予獎勵,威懾和懲治邪惡的方法,撤銷他們的武器和大規模殺傷性武器,我們必須幫助不想打仗的士兵對少數不適合執政的邪惡政客/統治者說不。天底下沒有這樣的事,[你總是比別人聖潔﹐ 允許殺害和致殘別人]。世界各地良好又強大的政府必須強力支持建立一個獨 立的國際法庭,這樣我們才有希望用正義和法治來戰勝邪惡的領袖,避免那些可惡的政客把他們的人民送上戰場。

如果人們不被洗腦,強迫,欺侮,像所有的士兵和被壓迫的公民那樣被慫恿去打戰,誰 會夢想著去打戰而不是尋求談判合作的雙贏共享和平的解決方案?只要有足夠的激勵獎賞的措施即使是你最可怕的敵人都可能成為朋友。 我們畢竟都是有血有肉的人,在我們的有生之年都期待生活中同樣的美好事物﹕ 我們都希望與家人和朋友在和平中享受生活與安全。誰希望製造敵人來打仗呢?只有邪惡,貪婪或無知政客/統治者想要维護他們的權力和特權才會這樣做。我相信根據現代文明規則, 通過適當的公民教育, 和社會工程來改變人性文化﹐ 沒有任何人的行為我們不能改變。

只要想想如 果沒有令人擔心的戰爭﹐ 從製造機器和武器節省的錢﹐ 全球數以兆萬計的國防預算可以放在消除戰爭的根源上,讓普羅眾生都能過上安定和平的好日子!


海牙和平呼 籲www.haguepeace.org 和 聯合國 www.un.org

我很高興看 到最近奧巴馬總統召集的核子安全高峰會議裡, 好多政治領導人 /統治者都參加了!,我希望他們都學到一些好知識,回去治理好他們的國家,以防止戰爭發生,並且挽救他們的人民免受戰爭破壞和蹂躪的苦果。希 望世界人民和政府互相協助﹐通過各方的非政府組織﹐並且和聯合國共商如何防止戰爭的暴發。

因此,這期 我們的封面設計的目的就是要促進和平。

蔡家聲醫生/ 會長

世界華人聯 合會 www.www.huarenworldnet.org



首先,我谨致以诚挚的祝贺中国人民和领导人于2009年10月1日庆祝他们的建国 60周年。国家主席胡锦涛和国务院总理温家宝和他们领导的团队下,共同的努力值得肯定因为他们竭力改善13亿生活在中国大陆的人民和他们在世界上的形象。国务院总理温家宝在中国新年的谈话中强调政府“以人为本”的为人民服务的政策,并希望政府不仅将致力改善民生,而且希望中国人民能生活得好又有尊严。这是所有文明社会都希望为他们的人民实现的目标。本人祝福他们在新的虎年里成功地取得新的进展,并衷心希望温总理的雄心会如此实现,造福人民。

人要庆祝成功总是容易,但很难承认过去和现在所有的错误,对中国来说很多挑战仍然摆在面前。可以这么说中国还未完全脱离困境。在农村地区严重的贫穷仍然是一个大问题。对中华人民共和国政府来说失业率仍然是一个很大的挑战。还有缩小贫富差距是另一个大问题。在解决普遍腐败的官员和企业,目前正面临一些严峻的阻力。一个更加独立的司法体制和机构等改革正待建立,以保护公民的人权,在适当的法律规则规范下,给他们一个表达痛苦委屈的管道,并听取他们的心声是很必要的。胡锦涛主席和温家宝总理多次在发言中已经强调过了,要创造一个长期和谐的社会,民主化的政治制度是不可或缺的。要实现他们的想法和改革需要胆识和勇气,才能突破把持权力的老顽固的防堵。最后而且最重要的问题是如何防止滥用资本主义肆意发展未能保护各界工人被利用剥削,例如以前中华人民共和国在 1949年建立之前时的乱象。

在国际化和全球化这一过程中,当前中国的领导地位在政治上和财政上都面临着挑战。西方领导人,尤其是美国,欧盟和澳大利亚等国需知,中国人口众多复杂和多样化的问题需要耐心处理。温饱问题,如喂养他们,向他们提供住房和就业,解决多样性与人种之间不同的文化背景,信仰,传统和宗教的冲突等,特别是西藏和新疆的问题,是一些中国所要面临的挑战。,自1978年以来,仅仅 30年,在这么短的时间内,改革与世界互动,取得了不少成就我们必须给予肯定。我在这里不是为了他们过去的错误和愚蠢道歉,而是期待着中国能建立一个文明和谐的华人社会和国家。付诸透视角度来看,人们必须认识到,中国要处理 6至7倍美国的人口,也是整个欧洲联盟合并的人口,与澳大利亚有类似的土地面积,但中国人口大约多60倍,基于以上原因对印度领导人我也有一样的同情。










在这 21世纪,中国领导人和包括大陆,台湾,香港,澳门等,已经没有任何借口不从他们的前辈所犯的错误中学习新的治国方法。因为我们拥有现代知识知道怎么样来组织良好的政府和治理国家的方案;因为我们拥有现代知识知道如何在未来的日子保障她的人民;因为我们拥有现代知识,知道如何建立对人民有益的普世的价值观;因为我们拥有现代知识,知道如何能为人民带来一个和谐、高效、合理、繁荣、稳定的长治久安的社会。








建立一个有效的国家公共卫生系统的预防措施是很重要的,其范围包括个人卫生,预防传染病和慢性疾病,预防汽车意外伤害和溺水死亡,预防自杀的暴力行为和精神疾病; 到停止吸烟,毒品和明智的酒精消费和饮食习惯等。

要不断推动一个连续性的全国运动,鼓励慈善和平等的精神,鼓励人民互相帮助,平等相待。对待每个孩子如同自己的孩子,对待每个老人如同自家的老人,老吾老以及人之老,幼吾幼以及人之幼,不对别人做自己不喜欢的事,反之亦然, 正所谓己所不欲勿施于人,己所欲施于人是也。二战后联合国的世界人权宣言在其宪章和议程体现了这种精神,并为所有国家的领导阶层去落实。这些宪章议程后来也形成了世界各地所有慈善组织的基本宪章如红十字会和世界展望会等。




最后要说明的是,小弟来澳40年,我的人生座右铭是”ACT LOCAL, THINK GLOBE” 服务本地,放眼世界。自从我从澳洲墨尔本Monash 大学医学院毕业后,从事济世救人的业务至今,除了悬壶济世之外,小弟认为一个国家的管理制度政体和治国方案等会比行医更重要,因此,我一有机会就参加在澳洲和世界各地的社区和政治游说的活动和论坛,此篇文章就是这40年来我在实践中所领悟到的一些知识,愿与读者诸君分享和共勉。




President’s message Dr Ka Sing Chua

The Earth is but one nation and its inhabitant one citizen

I know it is difficult for some individual to think of the idea that “The Earth is but one nation and its inhabitant one citizen”. Long before civilization that we know it, Chinese philosopher Confucius has advocated that idea. The slogan of the French revolution of “liberty, equality and fraternity” echoed the same meaning. The founding fathers of democracy called for “good governance of the people, by the people and for the people”. Then we have the founding fathers of USA, leaders like Gandhi’s, Martin Luther King‘s , Dr Sun Yetsen etc who have preached along the same line for years. The establishment of United Nations formally gives birth to this idea and the world governance to look after all peoples who live in this Earth.

We know our politicians at the United Nations and all over the world understand the meaning of it. That is why we have organized so many world Conferences to discuss many issues that affect all of us who live in this mother Earth. The latest significant Conference is the Copenhagen Climate Summit. No matter where you reside in this Earth, climate changes, air pollution, drought, flood , water supply, earth quakes and other natural disasters; and our man-made wars, famines, diseases and epidermics etc, will affect you one way or another. Some are luckier than other that the effect on them are minimal and may be of no consequences for now. However no one can ensure their future generations will not suffer by these natural and man-made disasters. Hence we need to get together and tackle these and many other issues that will affect mankind living in this mother Earth.

Our environment is being polluted and damaged by the unscrupulous exploitation of industries and greedy corporations. We have to shame them not to do it. We have to take action to prevent it. That is first and foremost the job of our governing bodies and governments around the world. It relies on the good conscience of all our governing politicians who have the power to change: power to change for the common-good of their citizens; power to change and prevent pollution of their environment; power to change and prevent destruction of our forests and vegetations; power to change the bad governance to good governance; even power to change the bad behavior to good behavior to safeguard our environment. BUT first we must educate each and every one of us to learn not just to take care of themselves but others and their environment. We have to educate and produce good leaders who have the heart and mind, the knowledge and courage to advance the common-good of their people and beyond their nations’ boundaries.

Of all the concern expressed at Copenhagen Climate Summit, one of the most important issues that causes a lot of climate and environmental damage which was not raised significantly to the attention of the delegates, is the testing of nuclear weapons, the making of military arsenic, the use of weapons of mass destruction in wars and creation of wars. They are the major pollution of this Earth. The bombings from all the past wars caused much agonizing, irreparable damages to many parts of the Earth/nations and to the souls of many peoples. So I call upon those responsible for wars for whatever reasons they may want to give us as an excuse for starting a war, however small it is, to think of the safety of their own families and friends if they have to live in a war zone. I call upon all soldiers to pull out of all war zones for their own safety and their families. The rule of civilized laws shall apply to all nations. I call upon all able governing politicians to set up international institutions and law enforcing agencies to replace the use of “soldiers”. Use international jurisdiction to arrest those and tackle those few politicians who are not fit to govern or bring them to a dialogue to change them for the safety and well-being of their citizens. They are human too. However the process has to be a transparent and accountable one and verified by international courts of United Nations. THE TASK in front is a difficult one as even President George Bush, Prime Ministers Tony Blair, John Howard and other political leaders could still be fooled by the war in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. They are human too. Human makes mistake but most important thing is that we can correct our mistake and not to make it again.

Last but not least, the hope of many innocent and unfortunate souls relies on these measures and so is the future of mankind and humanity. I hope in 2010 mankind will learn from history and improve its governance and avoid many natural and man-made disasters

Dr Ka Sing Chua

30 January 2010




我知道对某些人来说这样的概念是难以理解的: “地球是一个国家,它的居民是同
国个公民”。 早在现代文明之前我们就知道这个概念,中国哲学家孔子也提倡了那
个想法。 「自由、平等和博爱」法国大革命的口号随声附和了同一个思想, 民主
先驱呼吁「民有、民治、民享」, 然后我们有甘地,马丁路德, 孙中山等先哲先
贤多年来一道以贯之教导同样的精神。 联合国的创立正式地孕育这个想法,世界管

我们知道联合国及全世界的政治家都了解它的含义。 所以我们组织许多世界会议讨
论影响我们大家在这大地居住的许多问题。 最近的重大会议是哥本哈根气候高峰会。
问题、战争和疾病传染等都可能影响到你。 一些人比较幸运对他们的生活影响很小,
并且也许暂时毫无影响。 然而没人可以保证他们的下一代不会遭受到这些改变的后
果。 因此我们需要同心协力处理这些及其他会 影响人类居住在大地之母的问题。

我们的环境被产业界的肆无忌惮的开发和贪婪的公司污染并且损坏。 我们必须让他
们感到羞耻而停止, 我们必须采取行动防止它, 那是执行机构和各国政府当务之
急的工作。 它有赖于所有手握大权的政治家的良心去改变:为人民福利而改变;为
预防污染环境而改变;为防止森林及植物草木的破坏流失而改变; 为好政府而改变
负责的人,想一想他们自己必须住在战区的家人及朋友 。我呼吁所有军人为自己安


Dr Ka Sing Chua


President’s Message

Interaction between China and the world

Last issue I have mentioned some of the problems China were facing along with their successes. I would like to continue to explore the issues facing China; her people and the outside world with the process of globalization as China is playing a more important role as a responsible global citizen in future.

First of all, I would like to extend our sincere congratulations to the peoples and the leadership of the Peoples’ Republic of China in celebrating their 60th birthday on 1st of October 2009. The effort of collective leadership under President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao and their team must be given credit for trying their best in improving the life of 1.3 billion Chinese on mainland last few years.

It is always easy to celebrate the successes but hard to admit that there were mistakes made in the past and a lot of challenges still lies ahead. China is not out of the wood yet so to speak. Severe poverty in the rural area is still a big problem. Unemployment still is a big challenge for PRC Government. Bridging the gap between the rich and poor all over China is another. Tackling widespread corruption among officials and businesses are facing some tough resistance. A more independent judiciary system and institutions waiting to be reformed to protect citizen’s human rights and give them a voice to vex their grievances and be heard properly in the rule of laws. Democratizing their political system has been stressed by President Hu and Premier Wen many times in their speeches as essential for creating a long term harmonious society. Some gut and courage are required to implement their ideas and reformation in order to achieve some breakthrough with stubborn old guards holding onto their power. Last but not least is the question of how to prevent wanton capitalism getting out of hands without a safety net protection for workers of all walks of life being exploited like the period before the establishment of Peoples’ Republic of China in 1949.

Challenges amount in the process of internationalization and globalization both politically and financially are facing the current China’s leadership. Leaders in the West in particular USA, European Union and for that matter Australia and others must bear in mind that China has a huge population with complex and diverse issues to deal with. Feeding them, providing them with housing and employment, tackling diversity conflicts among population with different cultural backgrounds, beliefs, traditions and religions etc in particular Tibet and Xinjiang provinces, are some of the problems confronting China. We must give them credit that they have achieved a lot within such a short time of reformation and interaction with outside world since 1978, a mere 30 years duration. I am not here to apologize for their past mistakes and folly that some China leaders committed. I am looking forward for a brighter future for Chinese people and the rest of the world. And to put into perspective, one must realize that China has to deal with 6 to 7 times the population of USA, the whole population of European Union combined and about 60 times the population of Australia with similar land-size. I have the same sympathy for India and her leaders for this reason.

It is of course easier to rule with a smaller population. However there is no excuse for China’s leaders not to adopt the well established practices in the West which could benefit her population and citizenry. We must give them credit for trying since opening up to the West in 1978 and results have seen some remarkable improvement as featured in her recent 60th anniversary celebration. Similarly China has some good old traditional values and practices which when implemented in conjunction with the advanced measures from the West will propel China further into a better, more stable and harmonious future.

The world must therefore adopt a more open attitude towards China. Leadership of China and the world need to have more regular personal consultations regionally and internationally and learn from one another. After all we are all human and we can always change for the better. They can always learn from past mistakes and no one is perfect including Western leaders. All leaders can change for the worse as well if they are misguided. That is why accurate information exchanges are crucial for leaders to create a world free of wars. It is also crucial to reduce misunderstanding and conflicts and for the prevention of natural and manmade disasters and famines etc. These issues confronting all humankind are the same no matter what ideology or religion one held.

In the past, Western media tends to ignore China and Asia in general because of cold war mentality and biased agenda. That was understandable at the times because of lack of interaction and mistrust created by wars and conflict of ideology and religions and of course lack of mutual understanding and respect. War is never an answer or solution for peace as it destroys the soul of the peoples and leaders involved regardless of their backgrounds. It is a delusion for leaders to think otherwise. It takes courage, almighty courage and patience to establish constructive dialogue among so-called enemies. It takes kindness and love for humankind i.e. us (not them and us) to avoid madness in wars and violent conflicts of one form or another.

Western and Eastern media and all independent media around the world can play a very constructive role in bringing the understanding of the peoples in China, Asia, Africa, South America and the West. Biased reporting on China and Asia only creates more misinformation and mistrust among the peoples. The same applies to their domestic reporting as well. Fearless, independent and accurate journalism and reporting the truth around the world, will help to improve their governance whereas it is in China, USA, North Korea, Burma, Russia, Zimbabwe, Libya, Iran, India etc Like President Obama stated recently at his addresses in UN summit, G20 summit and on acceptance of his Nobel Peace prize that we must all work together to achieve good governance, good governments and lasting peace. We must work together with a collective world leadership to strive for justice and dignity for all of us, human race and not just some of us. We must work together to fight terrorism, bad governments, natural disasters, problems associated with climate changes, poverty, financial crisis, human rights abuses etc as brothers and sisters of a world family. We do not need nuclear weapon and eventually we should abolish soldiers but build a world consists of independent judiciary and institutions with international policing and law enforcing capability. President Obama has the right vision like many likeminded leaders around the world. We should all put our heads together on how to create a better nation and a better world for all of us and our future generations. First starts from one’s country and extends its benefit to other disadvantaged countries around you, Try to influence their leaders with direct contact and dialogue and encourage them to help themselves with proper tools and education so that they know how to govern better for their peoples.

The world is but a nation and its people one citizen.

What more can China’s leadership do?

My vision for China is a country of my ancestral land which I can feel proud of for their peoples. It can be a model harmonious country for her neighbor to follow. China can be governed better by learning from her past mistakes. It has the advantage of combining the best of traditional Chinese governance and the best of Western civilized, democratic values and practices. Dr Sun Yatsen and his Government founded and established a modern Constitutional Republic of China on 10 October 1911 on that vision. Unfortunately his successor Chiang Kai-shek destroyed his dream. He failed to implement China’s Constitution and like many leaders around the world, he was consumed by absolute power, greed and corruption. USA was not really helpful in the past by propping up corrupted regimes like Chiang using their military might and selfish agenda.

Not many people know that Dr Sun Yatsen was Mao Zedong’s mentor when Mao defeated Chiang Kai-shek. He founded Peoples’ Republic of China on 1st of October 1949, on a modern Constitution surpassed the dream of Dr Sun Yatsen. That was why Madam Sun Yatsen finally decided to join Mao’s first Coalition Democratic Government established just before new China was proclaimed and launched on 1st October 1949. The ironic of Mao was that he failed to resist the temptation of “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” and made the same mistakes as Chiang Kai-Sheik , dragging Chinese peoples through some periods of horrific tragedy and suffering until his death in 1976. Thirty years of reforms for China has seen some hope and aspiration for her peoples with a lot of challenges lies ahead.

Would the current and future leaders of China follow the footsteps of Chiang Kai-shek and Mao Zedong? Or Dr Sun Yatsen? The choice is obvious but how to do it? “How” is the illusive solution for China’s future governments. Chiang and Mao tried and failed not because Dr Sun Yatsen’s ideas are wrong. They failed because they failed to set up independent institutions that will safeguard peoples’ right and responsibility. They failed because of dictatorial policies. They failed because proper civilized rule of law are abused with lack of transparency and democratic justice for their peoples.

In this 21st century, leaders of China and that include mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao have no excuses what so ever if they fail to learn from the mistakes made by their predecessors. We have the knowledge of what a good Government and governance should be. We have the knowledge of how to safeguard it for the peoples for years to come. We have established practices and values that will bring a harmonious, productive, reasonably prosperous and stable society.

It can be built on the following foundations:

1. Leadership of a nation must be selected on merit and democratically by the people one way or another. Representative democracy is just as good as direct election as long as the peoples have a say in their governments.
2. The nation must be ruled by a set of civilized laws with independent judiciary and institutions to ensure that equality and justice for its peoples prevail.
3. Good governance will not achieve without a good education system to teach its peoples how to behave decently and abide by a set of civilized rules with mutual respect and assistance. A compulsory national education policy for all its citizens is essential.
4. A national welfare policy to look after its disadvantaged citizens with safety net for low income workers, unemployed and handicapped peoples.
5. A basic national health system to look after all their peoples is as important as a healthy national budget and productivity. That money is well spent for its citizens.
6. National legislation to prevent corruption and greed among government officials, peoples in positions of influence and power, and corrupt business practices which amount to stealing from innocent citizens.
7. An effective national public health system for preventive measures in many area of national importance ranging from individual hygiene to prevention of epidemics and chronic illnesses; from prevention of motor vehicle accident injury and mortality to drowning; from prevention of suicide to violent behavior and mental illnesses; from stopping smoking to drug addiction and wise alcoholic consumption and eating habits etc.
8. A continuous national campaign to promote charitable and egalitarian spirit and charity of helping one another among its peoples. Treat each child like your child; treat each elderly like your elderly. Treat each other equally and do not do thing that you do not like unto other and vice versa. After the Second World War, UN UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS has enshrined such spirit into its Charters and agenda for all nations’ leadership to implement. These writings also form the basic charters of all charitable organizations around the world from Red Cross to World Vision etc.
9. National wealth is created by all citizens one way or the others. Wanton capitalism exploits others to enrich individual. It is an unfair and unjust system. It creates undue inequality among the rich and poor among its citizens. Government must have a control of individual wealth through a fair system of taxes and distribution to ensure all citizens benefit fairly and justly from their effort and contribution from an ordinary cleaner to Chairman of a big company and leader of a nation.
10. A nation must have, an independent media with fearless safeguard for truth and able to tell people the facts from rumor and distribute its information with transparency and accountability. A useful check and balance on discredited governments.

Many of these measures have been the teaching of Confucius and Chinese thinkers in the past including Dr Sun Yatsen for setting up a good Government. There may be other measures that I have not thought of and readers and members are welcome to join in the discussion in the next issue of our E-magazine. Please send in your contribution to editor c/o contact@www.huarenworldnet.org Thank you.

President’s Message

China and the world - its hope and aspiration
The G20 Summit in London came and gone. The World’s twenty leaders had a good meeting.
They talked about the hope and aspiration of the people of the world. They talked about how
to tackle the global financial crisis that have affected and going to affect millions of people
around the world. They talked about the failure of our financial and regulatory institutions
around the world. They talked about how to prevent such severe mistakes which were
allowed to occur under the watchful eyes of our regulatory systems around the world.
Ordinary people who suddenly lost all their life-savings in their investments overnight, are
amazed how abuses of their financial matter originated from greedy people in position of
power, can still occur in advanced democratic nations. They are supposed to have all the
checks and balances of abuses in place. It shows that no one is infallible. No matter how good
the system we have devised, there must always be room for review and renewal to meet our
changing human society's needs.
However two fundamental principles which I believe, we must adhere to for the stability and
security of our human society, are that we must be fair and just in our distribution of benefit
and wealth that are created by the people and society in general. The rule of law must apply
to get rid of those people who are corrupt and misused their power of trust.
Rampant greed created by wanton capitalism allowed certain “privileged” people to amass
such amount of obscene wealth and material gain, are not sustainable. The G20 talked about
environmental effect of climate changes and its sustainability. They must also talk about these
imbalances and such great disparity created among the richest and poorest of this world.
Dynasties came and gone because of this problem. There are also causes of environmental
and social problems. If it is allowed to continue, more social conflicts, upheavals and violent
civil unrest and even wars among nations will occur again. History teaches us valuable
lessons but people in power and greed can easily ignore these problems until it is too late.
They are blind by their abuses of power and wealth. "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts
absolutely". These are powerful words spoken by our historians and predecessors so that our
future generations will not follow its corrupted footstep.
In so-called "advanced capitalist society" like the USA and the likes, we have placed too much
emphasis on money and material wealth. We also have placed too much emphasis on
so-called "successful businesses and businessmen and women" for making a lot of money for
themselves, i.e. the top echelon of the “privileged” few. Sure they are picked to lead
businesses and they are the fortunate few who by virtue of opportunity assigned to them in
their privileged positions, able to create jobs and wealth for society with adequate
remunerations for a job well done. The rest of the wealth should be redistributed to the people
for greater common good in education, health, welfare and infrastructure facilities etc. Bear in
mind that any successful business relies on millions of "poor" white and blue collar workers'
effort and sweat. The bosses, employers and employees play their parts to make it a success.
Each cannot be successful without the other’s contribution. Why should their remuneration be
such an obscene returns for the privileged few only? Why are they allowed to enjoy the fruit of
millions who toiled for their companies. And some employees are left destitute at the end in
third world countries. These "poor" workers in any country left destitute long enough, will be a
time-bomb for any worthwhile leader to ponder. We are fortunate to have employers like Bill
Gate who are willing to share some of their wealth. However there is no guarantee that
anyone will follow his good example. Compare to what the State can do, Bill Gate’s
contribution is not that significant either at the end of the day. Millions still go hungry to be fed
at this stage around the world. Relying on charity is not the answer. It is the State’s
responsibility to look after the welfare of her citizens. Charity is only a bonus on top of that.
The culture of giving is good for any civilised human society and must be promoted
along with the spirit of mutual help, assistance and respect among fellow citizens.
China has prospered over last thirty years due to opening up of their resources and workforce.
She has a lot to think about its stability and security for its people. She carries the hope and
aspiration of not just 1.3 billion people but overseas Chinese and their families tied to China
for one reason or another. Now she also carries some financial responsibility to the rest of the
world in the process of globalisation. "Made in China" goods and services are now part of the
world's market whether you like it or not. That also brings responsibility with it. Majority of the
workers in China at present are being "exploited" again by their Chinese bosses and
employers as well as their foreign bosses and employers. It is ironic that Communist Party of
China together with other justice seeking parties and organizations founded the People's
Republic of China on 1st October 1949 to end exploitation of workers and farmers etc and
liberate their people from sheer inequality at the time. Sixty years later, it seems that the
principles have been forgotten by the ruling Communist Party of China. I hope not in the
Opening up China since 1978 to the world for exchanges and doing businesses with
foreigners is the sensible thing to do. It is aimed to create wealth and knowledge for the
people of China. However China must not create another lot of greedy and wanton capitalists
who care only to make money for themselves and their cronies and companies. They do not
take care of their workers properly, white and blue collar alike, who are the backbone for
the creation of their wealth. The Government of China must be aware of their responsibility to
their people according to the constitution that they are there to serve their people, fight for
inequality, protect their well being and welfare from exploitation by their own people and
foreigners. It is the responsibility of any country's government to set good standard and create
stable institutions to safeguard and protect the rights of their citizens from sheer and cruel
exploitation. A good day's work for a good day's pay must be the rule and the universal law
for every human society in this world. This should be the product of our modern human
civilization which more advanced western and eastern democratic nations have been trying to
do last 60 years. This global financial crisis showed that they are not perfect either. There are
a lot China and the West can learn from each other. China has made a lot of mistakes last 60
years and wanting to be corrected and so has the West. One thing we must not do is to let the
greedy and powerful capitalists prevail. As we learn from history unchecked greed and power
create corruption and corruption in turns creates conflicts and wars in larger scale. The world
has to cooperate to get rid of various corrupted practices, regimes and their culprits. The West
led by USA and European Union, the East led by China , India and Japan, and the rest of G20
power houses have a lot to learn from one another and cooperate to create a better world for
With my best wishes
Dr Ka Sing Chua
World Huaren Federation

Dr Sun Yatsen Global Huaren/Chinese Foundation:

A proposal for global Chinese communities

IN PREVIOUS President messages, I have been promoting an ideal system of government and civilised society. I have drawn inspiration from thousands of years of Huaren/Chinese civilisation and the Western modernity that has informed my thinking in the 35 years I have lived in Australia. A synthesis of values of East and West is none more urgent than in these days of fear of terrorism since September 11, 2001.

A group of us has been brainstorming this idea of setting up an independent and professionally run foundation inspired by Dr Sun Yatsen. The Dr Sun Yatsen Global Huaren/Chinese Foundation would combine the ideals of good governance and government such as those founded on the Nobel Institute, Rockefeller Foundation, Bill Gates Foundation and others. To those objectives we might add the promotion of excellence in all areas of humanity and entrepreneurship, transparency, accountability of government of the people, by the people for the people, and last but not least, actively seeking to assist the disadvantaged citizens of our world. The Dr Sun Yatsen Global Huaren/Chinese Foundation has the ultimate aim to “cultivate peace and harmony for all people” as stated in the mission and charter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. All these are consistent with the teachings of Confucius (551-479BC) drawn to my attention by a member of the discussion group, Alice Chung ChaoTang. Alice is a social activist in the United States who is a director/trustee of the American Sun Yat-Sen Spartacus Charitable Remainder Unit Trust (ASYSS CRT).

In The Book of Rites, Confucius wrote: “When the Great Way prevails, the world belongs to all. Men of great virtue and talent are elected who will cultivate mutual trust and promote universal understanding. Thus, men do not regard as their parents only their own parents, nor treat as their children only their own children. Sufficient provision is secured for the aged till their final hours, employment assured for the able-bodied, and funds provided for the loving care of the young. The widowers, widows, orphans, the childless, and those who are disabled by diseases or mishaps are all adequately cared for. Each man has his duty, and each woman her man. While they detest those who throw away things wastefully, they do not hoard things for their own self-gratification. Disliking idleness, they labor, but not alone with a view to their own advantage. In this way, selfish acts of cheating and profiteering are discouraged and find no way to arise. Robbers, burglars and the undesirables of society have disappeared. Therefore, the front doors remain open and need not be locked. This is the state of what I shall call Universal Harmony and Peace (Da Tong).”
– as translated by Richard Low, research scientist, the US Army Atmospheric Science Res. Lab.

That is the society and the world that we all dream of for us and members of our family and friends to live in. We want no less for other fellow citizens as well.

Over the epochs of human civilisation, many great leaders have come expounding these guiding principles. Taking more recent history, we have the French Revolution with its ideals encapsulated in “ liberty, fraternity and equality”. George Washington (Farewell Address), Thomas Jefferson (Inauguration Address), Abraham Lincoln (The Gettysburg Address, Emancipation Proclamation), Martin Luther King (I have a dream address) (reference 1) and many other US leaders have preached these same ideals after the American adoption of the Declaration of Independence. Modern European leaders have been no exception. Lord Acton has stood out for his declaration of the democratic institution to prevent corruption of power and greed: “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” That can happen in all areas of human activities: politics, business, academics, professional careers, non-government organisations.

Dr Sun Yatsen, father of China democracy, picked the best of the teachings of East and West. He had the teaching of “Tian Xie Da Tong”in mind. His hope was to create a model Chinese nation incorporating the best civilized rules and constitutional governments from the East and West. His message was loud and clear, but his followers failed him with all the hallmarks of corruption of power and greed, the universal human folly and weakness. Dynasties came and went in China as in Europe, India and elsewhere. The same mistakes made by humans repeated themselves over the history of human civilisation, East and West.

The Dr Sun Yatsen Global Huaren/Chinese Foundation aims to promote those guiding principles of good governance and government to avoid human folly and corruption of power and greed. Bill Gates, on a visit to Australia, declared that his contribution no matter how big was small compared with what a good government could do. What the people can do can complement what a good government does.

A good society, I believe, has to rely on its citizens being able to speak up freely to stop the corruption of power and greed. If the people are not supreme, the corruption of power and greed will lead to dictatorial governance and governments. The Dr Sun Yatsen Global Huaren/Chinese Foundation will be a watchdog for the people, as other NGOs. The Foundation will help kindle the spirit of kinship and community living, and keep an eye on governments at the same time.

Chinese communities around the world are not short of well-resourced people. We need to open their eyes to what a concerted effort can achieve. A contribution of one US dollar from every Chinese in this world will pool US$1.3 billion. There is only so much one can spend in one's life time and we cannot take it away with us when we depart from this world. I believe it is everyone's dream to leave something worthwhile for your future generation,.no matter how big or small. Your generosity will be noted. With all the goodwill in mind, we urge you to consider supporting this idea.

We have the knowledge and the means to get the Foundation up and running. Please consider this proposal and give generously when it is set up. We shall appoint professional skilled management to run it. We believe in evolutionary change, eschewing revolution with violent action. We support the rule of civilised law and oppose the use of violence and wars to resolve human conflict. May peace reign so that people can develop into model citizens of flowering people. That is, after all, the literal meaning of Huaren.

We look forward to your comments, suggestions, support and contribution.

Happy living and good health.

Dr Ka Sing Chua


World Huaren Federation


30 September 2005

Reference 1 : "Speeches that changed the world" -- the stories and transcripts of the moments that made history, published in 2005 by Murdoch Books Pty Ltd.




在之前的主席致辞中,我一直在倡导一种理想的政府体制和文明社会。我从几千年的中华文明中获得灵感;同时,我在澳洲居住了35年,西方的现代化也一直启发 着我的思考。自从2001年9•11事件之后,在大家都畏惧恐怖主义的日子里,东西方价值观的融合显得尤为紧迫。

受孙中山博士的启发,我们这个群体一直在酝酿成立一个独立的专业化运作的基金会。孙中山全球华人基金会将整合那些体现在诺贝尔学院、洛克菲勒基金会,比 尔•盖茨基金会的追求中的好的管理和政府理想。此外,提升所有地区人类和企业的品质、提高政府的透明度和一个民有、民治、民享政府的公信力也是我们的目 标。最后,但并非最不重要的是,要积极寻求去帮助我们这个世界的弱势族群。孙中山华人基金会的最终目标就是“为全人类谋求和平与和谐”,一如《联合国宪 章》和《世界人权宣言》所宣告的。所有这些也是和孔子(前551—前479)的教诲相一致的。我要感谢这个讨论组的一个成员——唐崇昭博士,是她把我的目 光引向孔子的教诲。唐崇昭博士是美国社会活动家,美国孙中山斯巴达克斯慈善信托基金会(ASYSS CRT)的主席和董事。

在《礼记》中,孔子写道:“大道之行也,天下为公,选贤与能,讲信修睦。故人不独亲其亲,不独子其子。使老有所终,壮有所用,幼有所长,鳏寡孤独废疾者, 皆有所养。男有分,女有归。货恶其弃于地也,不必藏于己;力恶其不出于身也,不必为己。是故谋闭而不兴,盗窃乱贼而不作,故外户而不闭。是谓大同。”


在人类文明的众多纪元里,许多伟人都对这些指导性的原则做出过阐发。以最近的历史为例,我们有法国大革命及其“自由、平等、博爱”的信念。乔治•华盛顿 (告别演说)、汤姆斯•杰斐逊(就职演说)、亚伯拉罕•林肯(葛底斯堡演说,解放宣言)、马丁•路德•金(我有一个梦想的演说)。许多美国领导人在美国采 用《独立宣言》后也一直在倡导同样的理想。现代欧洲领导人也没有例外。阿克顿站出来发表民主制度的宣言,防止权力的腐败和贪婪。他说:“权力导致腐败,绝 对的权力导致绝对的腐败。”腐败会发生在政治、经济、学术、职业生涯和非政府组织等人类活动的各个领域。

中国民主之父孙中山博士选择了最好的东西方教义。“天下大同”的理想被他终身拥抱。他希望建立一个融合了东西方最优秀的文明规则和立宪政府的模范的中华民 族。他的声音是洪亮而清晰的,但是他的追随者们却因为腐败和贪婪这一人类普遍的蠢行和缺点背叛了他的理想。中国的朝代更迭和欧洲、印度以及其他国家是一样 的。在东西方人类文明发展史上,人类不断重复犯下同样的错误。

孙中山全球华人基金会旨在倡导这些好的管理和政府的指导原则以防止人性的荒唐、权力的腐败和贪婪。比尔•盖茨在访问澳洲时曾宣称:他的贡献无论多大,和一 个好的政府的贡献比较起来,仍然是微不足道的。人民所做的可以对一个好的政府所做的加以补充。

我相信,一个运作良好的社会的标志是公民可以自由地发表言论以杜绝权力的腐败和贪婪。如果不把人民放在至高无上的地位,权力的腐败和贪婪就会导致独裁的管 理和政府。孙中山全球华人基金会将像其他非政府组织一样,充当人民的监察员。本基金会将帮助推动华人紧密团结的精神和华人的社区生活。同时密切关注政府的 一举一动。

全世界的华人社区不乏有识之士。我们需要他们与我们一起携手努力来实现我们的目标。每个中国人贡献1美元,也就是13亿美元。在人的一生中,所花所费其实 就那么一点,当我们离开这个世界的时候,什么也带不走。我相信我们每个人都希望给下一代留下一些有价值的东西,不管其价值是大还是小。你的慷慨将被永远铭 记。为了实现这些良好的愿望,我们敦促您考虑支持这个想法。

我们目前拥有一定的知识和方法使基金会成长和运作起来。请各位考虑这一建议并给予大力支持。我们将聘请熟练的专业管理人才来管理这一基金。我们相信渐进的 变化,不苟同暴力革命。我们支持用文明法则统领人类社会,反对运用暴力和战争来解决人类冲突。祈愿和平能永远存在,这样一来人民便能发展成为优秀的模范公 民。那就是“华人”一词的字面涵义。