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Are You Ready to Win?

Help 80-20 select the best president for AsAms

AsAms: Kingmakers in CA Dem. Primary

Why? What? How?

Can we eat the cake and have it too?

"Vote for Hillary" messages fills CA's airwaves

A Great Battle Looms on June 7th in California

Harvard Admissions/ A Looming Critical Struggle

AsAms in CA may dictate the next Dem presidential nominee

Urgent. S.B. needs your help

News Relating to Peter Liang & Sherry Chen

Harvard Grads' Responded Greatly to Push "Race Neutral" Admissions

SALUTE to 480 Exemplary Chinese Ams at U. of MD

Splendid Response to 80-20's CALL TO ACTION

Another Significant Self-Empowerment Step

3 EASY ways to win our equal opportunity

Great News. DE Delegation Asks for DOJ Investigation

A Powerful Voice Is Forming

NY Times & WashPost Condemn DOJ

Gathering Momentum - US Commission on Civil Rights joined

Salute to Leadership of 2 AsAm Congresspersons

DOJ can ruin YOUR live, if it so chooses. Must fight back.

An 80-20 position open -- not a job but a calling


Old soldiers never die, they only fade away


Making History Together

To All Warm-blooded Asian Americans

Good & Bad News. Remedy for the Bad News.

Well on our way to $900,000/yr for 5 yrs raised

A good 1st of the last 20 days for SELF

A step from achieving an IMPOSSIBLE dream

A great article about AsAms by the Economist

Sherry Chen, Prof Xi, Our Rights & SELF

80-20's Petition to President Obama

Wonderful Videos About Asian Ams

Wonderful Videos About Asian Ams

Help save 80-20 PAC this long weekend

Updates: presidential election & college admissions

BIG knights coming to our rescue

Increasing $10,000/yr every 2 days

Fantastic ability to predict political outcomes

More Knights Arriving, but . . . .

Groundswell Movement to Save PAC

Need heighened Sense of Danger & Urgency

Letter to Atty. Gen. Lynch to Secure Our Rights

Race a Factor in Sherry Chen Case?

Sherry Chen; the beginning of Encroaching on Our Rights?

Timeline II - Recent Big Events in College Admissions

Timeline I - Days of Rechoning

An Open Letter to AsAm Workers in Silicon Valley

80-20: lowest overhead effectiveness volunteerism

A Question for You

Great News: 2nd $250,000 donation

Chinese American Hero: SB Woo

Meet A $5,000 Match Fund Donor of Yesterday

Should AsAms be active in Am politics?

Winning in the court of public opinion

Part 2: Why a 30 Year Old Finance Professional Supports 80-20

Why a 30 Year Old Finance Professional Supports 80-20

80-20 Endorsed C-100's Historic Initiative

Jewish deny identity to gain college admissions???

$77,000 raised in 10 days

Raised $55,000 in 8 days

Good and Bad News

Position On Officer Peter Liang's Arraignment

Get Ready for the 2016 Presidential Election

Good news on the 1st day of the Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year, CA's SCR 10, Let Buyers Beware

Magnificent Examples

Conflicting views caused by a picture

Hiring a Sp. Asst. to 80-20's President

Call To Action - Naming Rights

Raised $2 million in 15 months, but NOT enough

Comparing with Jewish Ams. Astounding!

$100k Raised in 7 days. There's HOPE!

80-20 Is Dying

$24k Raised in 1 Day but ....

AsAms, courage is your name

LA Times article about S. B. Woo

Great News. NYT & WSJ stand up for AsAm students

T's the Season of Giving. Need your help!

Good News On College Admissions Front

Result of 80-20 SELF Board of Donors Election

We won big. ACCOUNTABILITY established

Right Lessons form stopping SCA 5

Election's impact on SCA 5 & US Senate

80-20's endorsement for this election

Suggestions To AsAm Tech Workers in Silicon Valley

Useful political common sense

The Record Against Paul Fong of San Jose

Know the differences between apples & oranges

To Serve on BOD! Step Up!

Goal reached! Thanx. Election Set.

Best critique of race based admission policy

Exciting! Half way to our GOAL.

Best way to politically protect ourselves

Raised $250,000 In 2 Days

Collectively, we failed our children on Beckel

Importance of Asia and therefore Asian Americans

Glass Ceiling Report on AsAms