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On Tuesday a coalition representing over 25 million Americans launched the Take On Wall Street campaign. We joined them to call for reforms that will produce a more equitable and inclusive economy. Join us today by making a donation to our work in support of the campaign.
Wall Street billionaires have rigged the system to work in their favor, while the rest of us suffer. Working families are angry that big banks and CEOs are raking in outrageous profits by using reckless business practices that put the rest of us at risk. And now they're taking a stand.
With your help, IPS has worked for many years to expose the dangers of the Wall Street bonus culture and runaway CEO pay, while pushing practical solutions. We’re thrilled to be joining with this powerful new campaign to channel the widespread anger over Wall Street into action. We want to break up the “too big to fail” banks, end predatory lending, and eliminate subsidies for huge CEO bonuses.
The 2016 election cycle has showed us that there is momentum for this movement, but real, transformative change won't take place overnight. It will take all of us to speak out against the executives, legislators, big banks, and companies that continue to put our economy in jeopardy.
We'll need you to help support our partnerships with these movements that will return power to working families and create an economy that puts people and planet first.
Will you donate to help IPS Take On Wall Street?

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