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President's Message

In late 2019 when COVID Pandemic started to spread around the world, China, Chinese inside and outside China including millions of oversea born Chinese in the West were and are still facing a barrage of blame from unscrupulous media and some Western political leaders. These propaganda machines churning out huge amount of anti-China messages supposedly anti Communist targeting Chinese Communist Party day in and day out under the banner of protecting Democracy, Freedom and Western Values. Underneath this barrage of distorted facts and lies they started a Cold War against China and Chinese people. In fact, it was a replay of fear against Yellow Peril racism and war mongering as in the 1950s.

However, the facts are, over last 30 years, China and Chinese people including the CCP, have changed from a previously authoritarian and aggressive CCP to a peace loving, conciliatory, exemplary and contributing world citizens participating constructively through various international world bodies including the United Nations. They have their shortcomings same as those in the West.
This revamped racism against China worldwide causes serious collateral damages to overseas Chinese living in Western countries around the world including death.

Chinese Australians are no exception. We suffer severely through marked deterioration of our Australia China relations. This causes wide spread economic and financial losses to many ordinary Australians and they wrongly blame China and Chinese Australians for it. Attached a speech from one of our members Jenny Leong dated 4 February 2022 to illustrate our point.
Hence, we believe we can assist the Australian public including our political, financial and other community leaders to see the truth of matter and avoid further deterioration of the situation created by some of our leaders. We have our community and Australian public at heart. We voice for true democracy, freedom, mutual understanding, respect, tolerance, constructive diplomacy and peace initiatives with love for all regardless in our society and the world at large and NO WAR especially with China. No one is perfect and war only creates more conflict than solving it.

My special thanks go to Tony Pun, my Co-coordinator and President of Chinese Community Council of Australia (CCCA )who supported me to form this Chinese Australian National network, the "National Chinese Australian Leadership Group" (NCAGL) to voice our concern together with CCCA and many others who wish not to be named.

Dr Ka Sing Chua
National Co-Coordinator, National Chinese Australian Leadership Group
National Council Member, MAPW; International Councillor, IPPNW

Prevention of War with Message for Peace

It is sad for humanity that our so-called civilized world and leaders still not able to find a way of preventing war and achieving PEACE regardless of what excuses the leaders have to start a war. We all look to the formation of UN and its Charter of Peace after the second World War in 1945. We all look for rule of law instead of rule of force!

Sadly, since WW2 we have seen even more destruction caused by regional wars of many kinds, mainly civil wars in various part of the world instigated by major powers namely US, USSR, UK, France, China etc. We all know very well that we have all the historical figures to prove that wars are the most uncivilized and inhumane act for mankind and most destructive, wasteful and evil act from our so-called uncivilized leaders! The human cost is monstrous and beyond any imagination and recorded. The economic cost is enormous and beyond imagination and recorded. The tragedy and heartache created for our civilized society is beyond any description and recorded. The trillions and trillions wasted in defence and military combats are shocking and recorded. UN and its almighty Charter of Peace supposed to guide us, all of us and not some of us, to create a most beautiful multicultural, civilized world of the century, for all of us and beyond anyone's dream ! I have a dream and that dream is shared by all the ordinary global citizens of the UN that one day there shall be no more war. The children, mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers will live happily after. We therefore have to outlaw all combating military forces via UN and replace them with PEACE keeping forces. The safest, most economical and humane way of preventing war is through genuine persistent peace dialogue with all our families in mind!

Civilization teaches us : "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." It applies to all political leaders, past, present and in the future. We are all human and human makes mistakes. They are no exception and cannot help themselves from power unless being restrained by laws. And worse, they will never admit they are wrong. We have historical records to show them that this happened time and time again with past leaders. We have also learned that only enforceable rule of proper, civilized laws, overseen by almighty Charter of UN, will one day, if UN becomes strong enough through its International Judiciary power to control each and every one of them so they don't become monstrous war criminals again. Only preventive measures through genuine, constructive and respectful peace dialogues brokered by UN will work. It is easy for them to point the fingers at one another but when they failed to reach a peaceful solution and allow the war to happen, they all become war criminals because they directly involve in killing, murdering, destroying lives and property, creating refugees around the world etc . They do not realise that the ordinary peoples of both sides and beyond suffered tremendously one way or another from their war criminal acts. They may get away with their propaganda but history will record each and every of their war criminal acts. We therefore have to outlaw all combating military forces via UN and replace them with PEACE keeping forces. The safest, most economical and humane way of preventing war is through genuine persistent peace dialogue supervised by the the UN International law enforcing bodies. All nations big or small should abide by its decision so that all conflicts can be solved peacefully eventually without war, enforced by strong peace keeping forces.

With all due respect to Biden, Putin, Xi and all other political leaders, my humble opinion is, the root of the problem of war, is still lied in the greed for power associated with bad governance and governments. Food for thought.

My blessing goes to all the ordinary global citizens who share my dream for a beautiful world without war when all the children, fathers and mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers of all colours, religions, ideologies, cultures and languages can live happily after with liberty, democracy, fraternity and joy.

Dr Ka Sing Chua
President Huarenworldnet.org
National Council Member, MAPW; International Councillor (Australia), IPPNW

Dear readers and supporters
Hope this message find you well, healthy and safe in this trouble world at present.
I have not been able to do a special President's Message but has been doing a regular media releases from Australia which will appear on this website regularly.
If anyone has any good opinion pieces you wish to be published on this website. Please send it to me direct for consideration.
Best regards
Ka Sing

Peace cannot be achieved by force but understanding.

25 November 2021 | CCCA (Image: Sunguk Kim)

Following the telephone call between President Xi and President Biden, the world has retreated from the brink of a nuclear holocaust, should be rejoiced by all peace-loving people of the world. Despite the rhetoric that has been going on in Cold War 2, there are signs that the US-China relations would thaw when two superpowers agreed to collaborate with climate change and avoiding conflict and the Cold War.

Although no joint communique or some resolutions of difference were ironed out, the diplomatic dialogue at the highest level between the two countries is a pre-requisite for future “pow wows” to resolve conflicts and difference in a pragmatic and civilized manner through high level diplomacy.

The latest collaboration on the desk is Biden asking China to join in getting crude oil prices down.


Another important event after the Xi-Biden ‘summit’ was the remarks from another wise counsel and elder statesman, Henry Kissinger who said: “The necessity for both sides is to see whether from that position they can move to a pattern in which disputes are mitigated and in which they realise a victor is not possible without a risk of destroying humanity.”


Meanwhile at home, our political leaders have been unusually quiet on the Xi-Biden telephone call as if it did not exist, despite the intensive reporting of the event worldwide and in the Australian media.

Supporters of AUKUS who talked up the imminent war with China, claimed that we had an obligation under the ANZUS treaty to join US if she goes to war with China. Our former PM Paul Keating made a great effort in the National Press Club (video available) in informing ordinary Australians of his view on the subject and debunked the rationale of those who wanted a war between US and China based on the Taiwan issue.

We have discussed in previous opinion piece that Australia will be pushed to a corner if we do not have an independent foreign policy and we will be standing alone in the Asia pacific holding the poison chalice. Recent articles by Geoff Raby and former foreign Minister Bob Carr and other commentators have joined in the debate on this issue.

Keating has chided both political parties during his interview at the National Press Club and it seems that the major political parties, are not speaking against war and the freezing of Australia-China relations. Domestic NGOs such as IPAN, has now joined in the opposition to war and improvement in the Australia-China relations. A new development in Australia, is the rise of a political voice against war and the freezing of the Australia-China relations. On this issue, we quote Robert Barwick of the Australian Citizen Party:

The Australian Citizens Party wants friendly cooperation between Australia and China

The Australian Citizens Party (ACP) is a political party established in 1988 to campaign for economic policies to raise living standards in Australia. It welcomes migrants into Australia from all nations, and value their contribution they can make to the nation. The Citizens Party wants Australia to have an independent foreign policy, not dependent on the USA or UK, which emphasises economic cooperation with our neighbours. It oppose the dangerous hostility that too many politicians are now expressing towards China, and their talk of war, which would be a disaster for the whole world. China is our biggest trading partner, and we should seek avenues for friendly cooperation. We believe that peace comes through cooperation on economic development. From the beginning the Citizens Party welcomed China’s Belt and Road Initiative as an amazing opportunity for economic cooperation–we believe Australia should join with the majority of the world and participate in the BRI. By investing in advanced rail and port infrastructure to connect Australia more closely into Asia, we could massively expand the export of high-value agricultural and manufacturing goods to our Asian neighbours, which would be of enormous benefit to the whole region.

This video shows clearly about who gains from our loss in China exports:

We hope there will be a swing in Australian public opinion about Australia-China relations led by the thawing of the US-China relations. It is not too late to change direction of our foreign policy if not independently then the next best thing to do is to realign our direction with President Biden.

The world nearly came to the brink of a nuclear holocaust when Governments in Taiwan and Australia were beating the war drums as if they were goading both US and China into a war over Taiwan. The Xi-Biden telephone conversation moves the world away from the brink of a nuclear disaster despite critics say it was just a public show for both Leaders. However, we hope that the hot line has been re-established between China and US and this line of communication would serve as a “sprinkler system” to spray out any geopolitical hot and smoky spots. Our hope is both Xi and Biden, continue in their joint effort to promote peaceful coexistence and a better world for all inhabitants of planet earth.


A postscript to commentary 48 and 49

The world is currently going through an unprecedented period of uncertainty with the COVID pandemic. We are, as if living in a war zone. So far, we have lost over 5 million people and counting to this COVID pandemic. But don’t forget, we also have lost far more through different illnesses, man-made and natural disasters and merciless wars.

Surprisingly the best country that overcomes the COVID pandemic so far with best result is China, considered the mortality and the huge 1.4 billion population that China has to look after. She must have done something better that is worth other country to learn from in this pandemic. A nation is better governed by scientific knowledge and social science combined with the civilised rule of laws. China is not the best example of that by all means but she is aiming for that according to her stated policies. Human governance has come a long way since the establishment of United Nations in 1945. We have noted many well governed countries around the world that can be the exemplary models for other to follow. The list of best liveable nations by the assessment of United Nations every year can be a good guide.

We all are human. We all make mistakes. Hence, we must stop the blame game and stop trying to demonise one another. We must prepare to learn from one another and help one another out so that we can all benefit from our human achievement and civilization. Our world is but one nation and her peoples one citizen. We are all one family of human beings. We are a huge multicultural global family. We have to learn to live in harmony and tolerance as we all make mistakes. We can correct our mistakes and move on to live a better live among the huge multicultural family under the United Nations. We have to learn to help one another in times of natural and man-made disasters. The haves have to learn to help those who are suffering and in need of help. The Ables must learn to help those Disables of whatever the reasons. We have to help them to help themselves with education and rules of laws etc. We have to learn to solve our differences through constructive dialogue and diplomacy. We have to learn to settle our conflicts via civic process of civilised laws and orders and properly set up International Judiciary systems. Differences and conflicts are never settled through violence and wars. In fact, violence and war always aggravate and create more differences and conflicts. Real peace can only be achieved by understanding and mutual respect. It can never be achieved by wars. Any war potentially can be the seed of another war as it can create so much hatred and vengeance due to the weakness of human relations. And we all suffer from the war one way or another. Common humanity suffers from it.

Appeal for peace is universal. It can heal hatred and vengeance. It can lead to better understanding between human beings. Most important aspect of peace is it can achieve better equality, freedom, democracy, justice, fairness, good governance and rules of laws. It is the best tool to bring in reforms to alleviate pandemic, climate changes, poverty and man-made or natural disasters. It also has the almighty power of healing human’s differences in religions, ideologies, racism, education, cultures and languages etc among our global multicultural communities.

We all share a common civilization in this most liveable planet and have the responsibility of looking after it and not destroying it by force and war.

Global citizens should know that we have enough combined resources in the world to house, feed, educate, provide health and shelter and a happy home like you and me who are privileged to have them now. We have so much wastages in those countries who haves a lot to give but not giving. We have the statistic through the United Nations to show that if we all work together fairly and justly under the almighty Charter of United Nations, we can learn to share our rich talents and resources to create a fairer and happier world for every one of us and every child that is born and not just some of us and some of our children who are born into this beautiful planet earth.

With Blessings to all.

“Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.” – Albert Einstein

Principal authors, Dr Anthony Pun and Dr Ka Sing Chua. This commentary is supplied by the Chinese Community Council of Australia Incorporated, the views expressed in this article are those of the authors.


Dear Fellow Global Citizens
The world is currently going through an unprecedented period of uncertainty with the COVID pandemic. We are, as if living in a war zone. So far, we have lost over 5 million people and counting to this COVID pandemic. But don't forget, we also have lost far more through different illnesses, man-made and natural disasters and merciless wars.
Surprisingly the best country that overcomes the COVID pandemic so far with best result is China, considered the mortality and the huge 1.4 billion population that China has to look after. She must have done something better that is worth other country to learn from in this pandemic. A nation is better governed by scientific knowledge and social science combined with the civilised rule of laws. China is not the best example of that by all means but she is aiming for that according to her stated policies. Human governance has come a long way since the establishment of United Nations in 1945. We have noted many well governed countries around the world that can be the exemplary models for other to follow. The list of best liveable nations by the assessment of United Nations every year can be a good guide.
We all are human. We all make mistakes. Hence, we must stop the blame game and stop trying to demonise one another. We must prepare to learn from one another and help one another out so that we can all benefit from our human achievement and civilization. Our world is but one nation and her peoples one citizen. We are all one family of human beings. We are a huge multicultural global family. We have to learn to live in harmony and tolerance as we all make mistakes. We can correct our mistakes and move on to live a better live among the huge multicultural family under the United Nations. We have to learn to help one another in times of natural and man-made disasters. The haves have to learn to help those who are sufferings and in need of help. The Ables must learn to help those Disables of whatever the reasons. We have to help them to help themselves with education and rules of laws etc. We have to learn to solve our differences through constructive dialogue and diplomacy. We have to learn to settle our conflicts via civic process of civilised laws and orders via properly set up Internationa Judiciary systems. Differences and conflicts are never settled through violence and wars. Real peace can only be achieved by understanding and mutual respect. It can never be achieved by wars. War potentially creates another war and that is the weakness of human relations and common humanity suffers from it.
We have enough combined resources in the world to house, feed, educate, provide health and shelter and a happy home like you and me who are privileged to have them now. We have so much wastages in those countries who haves a lot to give but not giving. We have the statistic through the United Nations to show that if we all work together fairly and justly under the almighty Charter of United Nations, we can learn to share our rich talents and resources to create a fair, just and happy world for every one of us and every child that is born and not just some of us and some of our children who are born into this beautiful planet earth.
With Blessings to all.
Dr Ka Sing Chua
President, www.huarenworldnet.org
National Council Member www.mapw.org.au
International Councillor www.ippnw.org

Chinese community council of Australia inc
National Chinese Australian leadership group
Weekly Commentary/Media Release
All enquiries to Dr Anthony Pun, OAM by email tonypun@hotmail.com
Voice of Chinese Australians No 22a 11Jun2021
Asian dialogue through Asian leaders
The constructive ASEAN voice of Peace and Cooperation with
China, is Australia listening?
11 June 2021 | CCCA
(Supplied Image: ASEAN Sec-Gen, Lim Jock Hoi)
A recent article which appeared in the Asia Peace Program affiliated with the University
of Singapore carries the title “Can Biden bring peace to Southeast Asia?” by Dino Patti
Djalal who is the founder and chairman of the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia, a

Chinese community council of Australia inc
National Chinese Australian leadership group
Weekly Commentary/Media Release
All enquiries to Dr Anthony Pun, OAM by email tonypun@hotmail.com
former Indonesian ambassador to the United States, and a former Indonesian deputy
foreign minister.
Ambassador Djalal’s message is important to Australia because (1) Indonesia is
Australia’s closest neighbour; (2) It is one of the largest Muslim country in the world; (3)
an ally of the US during the cold war with USSR) and (4) potentially the most influential
and populace country in ASEAN.
Although US President Joe Biden has announced to the world that “America is back, the
mood in ASEAN is simply that the US is playing catch-up again. She has much to recover
from the last four years of dwindling diplomatic and political influence in the region from
the “America First” foreign policy.
The absence of US in ASEAN countries has been notable according to Ambassador Djalal
and can be summarized as:
(1) the US excluded herself from the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership
(RCEP) and Progressive Agreement on Trans Pacific Partnership in 2017;
(2) Trump did not attend the ASEAN-US summit in the Philippines and missed four East
Asia summits during his term;
(3) US embassies in four ASEAN nations, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand and Philippines had
no ambassadors;
(4) No permanent representative in the ASEAN Secretariat;
(5) In the Philippines and Indonesia, getting too close to Trump was seen as a political
liability; and
(6) U.S. support for the region during the COVID-19 crisis has been modest at best.
The Biden administration is now undertaking steps to reverse course, repair the damage,
and restore U.S. credibility. His first step in foreign policy, Biden has said, is to win back
allies and partners while pushing back adversaries. Policies are being recalibrated across
the board. ASEAN countries would certainly welcome a robust U.S. engagement in the
region—but in the right way.
The right way includes:

Chinese community council of Australia inc
National Chinese Australian leadership group
Weekly Commentary/Media Release
All enquiries to Dr Anthony Pun, OAM by email tonypun@hotmail.com
(1) ASEAN nations do not wish to be polarized by US against China as it would undermine
the cohesion of the ASEAN community; but would rather see US toning down the
(2) It is in the national interests of the ASEAN nations to maintain good relations on both
sides (US & China); and
(3) ASEAN members would like to preserve their region’s unity of purpose and harmony
and most importantly their peaceful development with China.
ASEAN nations see China in a different light to the US. Whilst US policy is to contain
China, ASEAN members remain rightly anxious about China’s moves in the South China
Sea but they have also recognized that China will be a big part of their future—bilaterally
and regionally.
US declares trade war and cold war with China whilst ASEAN countries play the inclusive
ASEAN nations do not share the alarm sounded by the Biden administration on the
danger of “democracy and human rights” from China. ASEAN does not mind about
China’s political system nor have interests in China’s domestic politics. Some of them
even copy China’s ways of governing.
Ambassador Djalal wrote: “Not a single ASEAN country has echoed the US State Department’s
claim that China is committing “genocide” against Muslims in Xinjiang.
Not one Southeast Asian country—not even Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim
country—considers China an ideological foe. In fact, ASEAN’s leaders would sympathize with
Chinese President Xi Jinping’s statement that every country has a right to choose its own path
of development, because this is being practiced in ASEAN itself”.
ASEAN nations are getting more vocal about the current policy of US containment of
China. Their message is simple: they are a united regional body who policy is not to be
partisan to the US’s China containment policy but to express their welcome to US
participation in the economic activities which include China. Indonesia is telling the
world that, on solidarity with other ASEAN nations, they would prefer to drink “two cups
of tea” one from each side. Such inclusiveness can only bring peace and prosperity to
ASEAN countries.

Chinese community council of Australia inc
National Chinese Australian leadership group
Weekly Commentary/Media Release
All enquiries to Dr Anthony Pun, OAM by email tonypun@hotmail.com
Prof Kishore Mahbubani speaking at a Malaysian Chamber of Commerce video
conference online
will further illustrate the problems and solutions for the US-China conflict.
Readers should watch this video and will gain greater understanding of the thinking of
the ASEAN countries on the US-China conflict which have the potential of starting World
War Three if we don’t take a few steps backs or not attempting to defuse the conflict.
Prof Mahbubani and Ambassador Djalal are considered friends of the US and their
messages are helpful advice to the US if they wish to take it.
The rise of ASEAN economic power will surpass Japan and South Korea in the next 20
years and both these East Asian countries are aware of the potential outcome and in the
long term, they will choose to side with the ASEAN nations. Australia will be left alone in
the island.
Australia, being a close neighbour of ASEAN countries, could benefit economically and
politically, if we join hands with our northern neighbours to accommodate a rising China
in a peaceful and mutually respectable way. Australia has a lot to lose otherwise. Is
Australia listening?
This commentary is supplied by the Chinese Community Council of Australia Incorporated: Founding President, Dr Anthony
Pun OAM, President, Mr Kingsley Liu. The views expressed in this article are those of the authors.
Authors: Dr Anthony Pun, OAM (CCCA Foundation President), Dr Ka Sing Chua (CCCA Senior National Adviser) Kingsley Liu (CCCA President, and Members of the Chinese Australian Leadership Group : Sam Wong, AM, May Ho, OAM, Michael Yau, OAM, Daphne Lowe-Kelley, Dickson Mak, James Leung, Lee Xj LI, Maria Chan, Shirley Huang, Tony Tang, Junxi Su, Kee Guan Saw, Khoon Tan,
Dr Leimin Chen Y Dr Yit Seng Yeow
Voice of Chinese Australians No 22b 11Jun2021
Reflection on “Where is the Asian hate coming

Chinese community council of Australia inc
National Chinese Australian leadership group
Weekly Commentary/Media Release
All enquiries to Dr Anthony Pun, OAM by email tonypun@hotmail.com
Chinese Community Council of Australia reflects on an Australian
independent journalist’s thoughts on anti-Asian racism
11 June 2021 | Tony Pun, Founding President CCCA
The article “Where is the Asian hate coming from” which appeared in APAC News, written
by Marcus Reubenstein (8 June 2021) resonated strongly with the emotional stress and
trauma of the Chinese Australian community as a consequence of the collateral damage
to the community caused by a deteriorating and broken Australia-China relations.
The rise of xenophobia, the adverse stereotyping, allegation of disloyalty to Australia,
and Red under the bed, are reminiscent of the McCarthyism era of the 1950s in the US.
Reubenstein’s article not only felt the throbbing pulse of the Chinese but accurately
diagnosed the problem.
The current investigations under the Foreign Interference Transparency Scheme
legislation creates an unintentional consequence of stigma and scapegoating. This
unhealthy narrative is evident in the rhetoric coming out from certain sectors of

Chinese community council of Australia inc
National Chinese Australian leadership group
Weekly Commentary/Media Release
All enquiries to Dr Anthony Pun, OAM by email tonypun@hotmail.com
government and runs rampant across the right-wing media. As raised in previous CCCA
reports, this adversely influences mainstream community sentiments towards our
marginalized community.
In reading through the article, my initial reaction was to become angry and frustrated.
But as a I read further, my emotion turned into sadness and tears as I lament how my
adopted country Australia, has forsaken the 1.2 million Chinese Australians who have
made this great nation our home. Is there a future for our children? Why has the world
changed so much in such a short time, from “China Panic” in 2016 to “China abuse”
today? Have we chosen the wrong country to live in?
As discussed in online forums, we are aware of where the Asian hate is coming from.
Despite these setbacks in our social cohesion and erosion of our community harmony,
there are also millions of ordinary Australians who empathize with us and in particular,
we would like to show our appreciation and sincere thanks to Marcus Reubenstein,
Michael West and John Menadue who stood by us in these difficult times.
These three gentlemen who risked being labelled as “panda huggers”, shall always be
remembered for their kindness to the Chinese Australians.
We also appeal to fellow Australians to work together to repair the broken Australia-
China relation which is in our long-term national interest for a prosperous Australia, and
a socially cohesive and harmonious society in Australia, and peace and prosperity for all
in the Asia Pacific.
Reproduced from APAC News: https://apac.news/reflection-on-where-is-the-asian-hate-coming-from/
Authors: Dr Anthony Pun, OAM (CCCA Foundation President), Dr Ka Sing Chua (CCCA Senior National Adviser) Kingsley Liu (CCCA President, and Members of the Chinese Australian Leadership Group : Sam Wong, AM, May Ho, OAM, Michael Yau, OAM, Daphne Lowe-Kelley, Dickson Mak, James Leung, Lee Xj LI, Maria Chan, Shirley Huang, Tony Tang, Junxi Su, Kee Guan Saw, Khoon Tan,
Dr Leimin Chen Y Dr Yit Seng Yeow

Introduction from President

Dear Readers and friends
You would have noticed that we have been and will be publishing a series of "Voices of Chinese Australians" Media Releases by National Chinese Australian Leaders Group (NCALG) weekly. I wish to reiterate the main aims and objectives of this website i.e. to promote good governance and governments and promote world peace, mutual respect and peaceful coexistence and development, mutual assistance and shared prosperity for all peoples around the world.

We welcome feedback from you. Any constructive suggestion is most welcome. Enjoy reading!

Thanks for your support

Dr Ka Sing Chua email: kasingchua@hotmail.com
National Coordinator of NCALG.
(National Council MAPW www.mapw.org.au International Councillor IPPNW www.ippnw.org )
Dr Anthony Pun email: tonypun@hotmail.com
Co Editor of www.huarenworldnet.org
Honorary President of CCCA ( Chinese Community Council of Australia)
Kingsley Liu email: kingsleyliu3@hotmail.com
Co Editor of www.huarenworldnet.org

Almost one in five Chinese Australians say they have been physically threatened or attacked in the past year, according to a Lowy Institute survey released today.

President of the Chinese Australian Forum, Jason Li says the findings of the report are very concerning and calls for national leadership to tackle the rise of racism towards Chinese Australians.

“As Australia grapples with a more assertive China, we must ensure we do not empower racism or distrust against Chinese Australians who have been part of Australia society for centuries,” Mr Li.

“The Australian Chinese community is highly diverse in its places of origin, political views, languages and attitudes towards the PRC. It cannot be seen as a monolithic whole.

“Chinese Australians were always going to be sandwiched in geopolitical tensions with the PRC. How we manage the rising distrust towards 1.4 million of our fellow Australians will be a significant test of our multiculturalism and our values as an open, liberal society.

“We call for national leadership to tackle distrust and discrimination against Chinese and Asian Australians. We need to tell the stories of how Chinese Australians and other migrants have shaped our country to ensure these are part of our national stories. We need to urgently boost the representation of Asian Australians and other minorities in Australian leadership. Fundamentally, We need to assert that being Australian is something inclusive in which people of all backgrounds can find a sense of belonging.

“All institutions should have a diversity strategy that aspires for the organisation, and its leadership, reflects the makeup of the Australian community.

“Providing some reassurance is the finding that 7 out of 10 Chinese Australians feel a sense of belonging to Australia and are generally accepted as part of Australian society. This vindicates the strength of Australia’s multiculturalism that we need to celebrate and defend.

“Further 40 percent said they experienced support from the broader Aust community because of their Chinese heritage. And the overwhelming majority of Chinese Australians also considered Australia a good place”

About Chinese Australian Forum
The Chinese Australian Forum (CAF) is a non-partisan body established in 1985 to fight racism and to improve the engagement of Australians of Chinese heritage in Australian society. We aim to build a harmonious and socially cohesive Australian society. To celebrate Chinese New Year, CAF profiled 10 Chinese Australians who have helped to shape our country.

Media Contact
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风云突变2020的思考一大道之行也天下为公 作者蔡家声

我们这一代的知識份子真得很幸运.我们可以看透几千年人类文明发展的历史, 智慧和人类社会的演变. 希望从中吸取经验教训!从很原始扑素的生活到极端繁华的生活;有极端贫穷; 有极端的侈奢; 有极端擁抱和平; 有极端爭权奪利残暴的战爭; 有擁抱大公无私者; 有自暴自棄的恐佈份子; 有互助互爱社群的; 有极端自私自利偽善的; 有令人响往的幸福国度; 也有极端可怕独栽腐败的政权和民不聊生的国度等等.
我左思右想!为何有人可以这么聰明;这么笨; 这么明智; 这么糊塗; 这么善良; 这么残暴; 这么慷慨; 这么自私; 这么贫穷; 这么富有; 这么民主仁政; 这么独栽残暴等各种人品都有. 为什么?
我上上下下,左思右想,不断思考, 终於悟出了几个道理来. 在此和各位读者分享; 敬请指教讨论, 謝謝
(一)人非聖賢; 谁能无过; 知錯能改; 善莫大焉! 教育!
(二)To err is human; to forgive is divine! 谁能无过,人與人之间要互相包容谅解!教育!
(三)制约权力; 制约贪腐; 才会有好政府好人民好生活! 教育!
(四)建立一个健全公平公正民主的法制社会和国度! 教育!
(五)大道之行也天下为公! 教育!

社会要穩定, 国家要好好发展管理, 人民才能过上长治久安幸福的日子!
世界各国必须友好相待,互助互惠, 和平共处! 重点是国际大家庭里也要穏定,也要好好发展管理, 也必须建立一个健全公平公正民主的法制国际社会和国度;制约权力, 制约贪腐, 这样世界各国也才会有好政府好人民好生活!所谓大道之行也天下为公,那就是各国的首脑们也要以身作则,遵守法制,制约权利,制约贪腐, 这样才能夠预防, 避免和消灭战爭! 最終帶来永久和平,长治久安的国际社会和国度!各国人民最终也才能过上安定美好幸福的日子!
能否?能! 好教育! Big ask? Yes, but we have the solutions! We can do it.

Best wishes for a Healthy, Successful and Happy New Year with family and friends.

A pivotal decision by PM Morrison can rekindle Australia China relations

Prof Chris Nyland article in John Menadue caught our attention when he wrote that “the share of Chinese students who have applied to study in Australia next year is 53% of all international students, a jump from 27% last year.

Australian universities may come to regret the end of the Trump presidency

By CHRIS NYLAND | On 25 November 2020


It was reported in the media that Chinese students were encouraged to go elsewhere other than Australia. However, these figures were backed up by the Mitchell Institute which reported that whilst the number of international students applied to study in Australia plummeted in 2021, the number of Chinese applicants rose proportionally higher.

Prof Nyland has given major reasons for the rise and they are summarized here (for details see the original article).

1. Chinese post-covid19 economy rebounded quicker than any country in the world and Australia has managed the pandemic well.

2. The Trump’s executive order in imposing stricter visa conditions in the US has compelled Chinese students to look elsewhere.

3. Chinese government continues to allow parents to decide where to send their children for overseas education and overseas graduate still gets premium salaries.

4. China continues to build a knowledge-based society and education is the best investment.

Prof Nyland has given good advice to our Australian education establishment and government which should take advantage of these reasons to restore the Australian education to its formal glory as a great export income earner. However, he did analyse the pro and con of towing the American line.

Following our numerous opinion pieces appealing for sensible and constructive diplomacy, we are pleased to see that there appeared to be some change in the geopolitical winds in the Australia-China relations. We hope this could be the start for the thawing of the frozen relationship for the following reasons:

1. The statements by our PM Morrison in London, reported in the SMH, are most welcomed by the 1.2 million Chinese Australians. Changes coming from the top of the Australian leadership will be very much appreciated and remembered by the Chinese Australian community.

"Happy coexistence": Scott Morrison offers China an olive branch in London speechhttps://www.smh.com.au/world/europe/happy-coexistence-scott-morrison-offers-china-an-olive-branch-in-london-speech-20201123-p56hae.html (24Nov2020)

Australia will not be "deputy sheriff" in US-China tensions, Morrison declares (SMH 23 Nov 2020)


2. The signing of the RCEP by Australia, China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand and 10 ASEAN nations is a good sign as we opinionated last Saturday. Its growth will eliminate poverty, generate shared responsibility and prosperity and most importantly ensuring peaceful development for all.

3. China bashing articles has been diminishing and the anti-China rhetoric has been toned down significantly.

However, action speaks louder than voice. We hope the return of the Chinese students and trade etc will stir PM Morrison into action. It could be the turning point of the Australia-China relations and its return to normalcy would guarantee a rapid post-covid19 economy recovery for Australia. Australia can be a great peace mediator and constructive diplomacy excels gunboat diplomacy anytime anywhere. Australia and China must now rekindle their past friendship and let the useful dialogue begins.

Dr Anthony Pun, OAM, Foundation President CCCA & National Coordinator NCALG

Mr Kingsley Liu, President, CCCA

Dr Ka Sing Chua, National Senior Adviser, Chinese Community Council of Australia.
National Chinese Australian Leaders Group:
Maria Chan, Shirley Huang, Dickson Mak, Daphne Lowe Kelley, James Leung, Lee Xj Li, Tony Tang, Tony Pang, Mark Wang, Kee Guan Saw, Junxi Su, Khoon Tan, Michael Yau OAM. Li Zhang, May Hu, OAM. Sam Wong AM

No place for any xenophobic propaganda in Australian society.

After watching a video clip of Alan Jones broadcast on. Skynews “Australia should ‘take back the land’ from China as damage’, my initial reaction of anger turned into sadness that the country of my adoption has gone so far and deep in hurting its citizens of Chinese descent for no logical reasons at all.

Alan Jones has surpassed all extreme racial commentators in Australia, including Pauline Hanson, Clive Hamilton, Geoff Blainey and some other Australian media, for spreading hatred and racial stereotyping against China and Chinese Australians. His flawed understanding about COVID19 and his conclusions drawn are so irresponsible and irrational, that it has attracted a cohort of interviewers, viewers and encouraged their blatant expression of racism of the worse kind that can be unleashed on-line and on the street with collateral damage to the 1.2 million Chinese and Asian Australians. Such damages include racial public hate speech and violence that ASIO has warned us recently.

Alan Jones has outdone even President Trump on this occasion. At least, Mr Trump, the most powerful man in the western world, and who made the remarks about “the Chinese virus” but had been subdued in his later remarks on cable TV when he accepted the gifts of medical equipment from “his Chinese friends” Mr Jack Ma (of Alibaba) and Mr & Mrs Tsai. We don’t expect Mr Jones to backdown.

A big question is asked of Alan Jones if that is the case, the US should also pay for the H1N1 virus bill and other pandemic arising from US. As for foreign ownership: US, UK, Belgium and Japan are the four biggest with China ranking 9th with 1.8% of total foreign investment. China is not robbing Australian companies or people but actually helping Australia to stay off recession for last 30 years providing jobs and food on their tables. Australia has prospered with her trade with China and would Alan Jones ask his followers to return all benefits of the last 30 years? Can Australia economic recovery be sustainable without trade with China (minus 30% exports including education/tourism)

The Chinese Community Council of Australia on behalf of the 1.2 million Australians, appeal to all fellow Australians and our political leaders to take positive steps in discouraging hate speech and racists behaviour in our community.

As Australians, we want a fair go and preserve our community harmony. We support Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition leader Anthony Albanese and the National Cabinet calling for all Australians to unite to defeat our common enemy Coronavirus pandemic. It is not the time for blame but to help one another with love and kindness and restore our healthy and prosperous multicultural society for all Australians.

Dr Anthony Pun, OAM National President CCCA Dr Ka Sing Chua National Senior Advisor CCCA

The world is but one nation and her citizens, one country.

Since December 2019 when China was plagued by a new Coronavirus epidemic, the whole world was watching with anxiety and uncertainty as what will happen to other part of the world outside China. The whole world then went topsy-turvy. It soon realises that this Coronavirus epidemic is not confined to China. WHO steps in to monitor the whole world's situation for all of us and finally declared that a world emergency pandemic of this disease has emerged. It is a sad story as peoples around the world, initially trying to blame China and Chinese people for the spread of this Coronavirus epidemic. It is now realised that the epicentre of the disease can be anywhere. It is now not in China but in Europe. There is a possibility that it may shift to USA. The whole world is now trying to grapple with its spread and containment in order to prevent further mortality that it brings on to some of our unfortunate fragile fellow citizens.

Of course we should look at the whole pandemic as a whole world issue and should not pass the blame. As the Chief of WHO clearly stated that the Coronavirus is not China or Chinese virus. It knows no border and it can occur and spring up in any part of the world just like so many of influenza viruses before this.

Every nation of the world , big or small , must learn the lesson that we all have to try to help one another in time of the pandemic like this. And for that matter, we should all learn to help one another in time of any international disaster, be it natural or man-made. We , mankind , fellow citizens of the world, have suffered various international disasters through different pandemics, earthquakes, bushfires, floods, severe summers and winters and last but not least the silly wars. The peoples have to learn these serious lessons from the history. That is how humanity can advance and bad historical events can be contained.

The World is but one Nation and her citizens, one country.

Through the wisdom of human innovation, new sciences and technologies etc, we have the knowledge and ability to help one another to avoid, prevent and cope efficiently any international disasters falling upon us. With our advanced knowledge on internet, communication around the world are provided with very convenient tools and technologies, which have made the world smaller and brought peoples closer together. We can also plan together to solve the problems like the current Coronavirus pandemic.

The great old Chinese saying : " The Great Way forward is to create way for a fair and just Society for all peoples" , can still be used for the world today. The rulers of civilization all over the world know that to maintain long-term peace and stability, we must use a set of civilized legal system fair and just to deal with the disputes and dissents of all circles of society. Peoples are capable of living in harmony in such a society, regardless of their background, beliefs, cultures, languages, etc., and help one another with shared prosperity and peaceful development. However we need an independent judiciary under the United Nations to set up a proper, fair and just, civilized legal system. Under such system of rule of laws, we can respect, tolerate and help one another. We can live as a family with love, liberty, fraternity and happiness. That is the foundation of good government and governance, not just applies to USA, Australia, China but every other nation big or small in this world.

Many countries in the world, with the assistance of the United Nations, have now embarked on this path. This is the greatest achievement in the history of mankind this century. With these principles in mind, all rulers need not use force to cheat and kill one another or colluding with any horrible regime, fightiing for profit and even waging civil war and foreign wars.

We hope the world as a nation and her peoples, one country concept will propel mankind toward building a "Great Harmony World with universal civilized Rule of Law and Peaceful Development". No matter how hard this road is, I believe we human have enough wisdom to create such a NEW World. Under the guidance of the United Nations's Great Charter and Constitution, we can restrict the powers and actions of those rulers who do not obey the rules or the rule of law.

We believe , China will play a constructive role in creating such a New world with the West and East combined

Dr Ka Sing Chua
National Council Member, MAPW, International Councillor IPPNW
Dr Tony Pun OAM, National President, CCCA

2020 为世界和平祈求

回头看看,201 9年就过去了,但是我们的世界是否有进步?我们的科技,医学,教育,物质等方方面面都在不断提升,然而根据联合国的数据,只有少部分的世界人口,主要分布在发迖的少数国家的人口才能够享受这些先进的福利成果。
目前世界上受战争,内战外战的影响下,有七千多万人口的难民在逃难漂流,无家可归,除蒙受家破人亡之苦外,过着生不如死的生活环境里,我们生活在舒舒服服的环境里有没有想到他们?这些是人祸造成的 ,有没有人考虑过,去协助调查解决这些人祸的问题?
除此之外,联合国UNOCHA还告诉我们目前最少有九千四百多万人生活在极贫穷的困境中面临着各种天灾的袭击如洪灾台风大火等,还有千千万万的老百姓也还生活在每天一至二美元的水平上,过着半饥饿的生活,又缺乏营养和医疗服务 等,很容易饿死病死,这些很多也是政治管理不当造成的。
根据Stockholm International Peace Research Institute 的调查,目前世界各国国防的开支高达一万八千二十二亿美元,你知道这 个数字如果用在世界上每个难民,每个半饥饿,极端贫穷人的身上,他们都可以过着健健康康快乐的生活。
我希望世界上所有国家领导人都要去好好学习如何管理好国家并且还能协助落后国家的老百姓也能享受人道的生活。西方进步国都整天强调要让每个人生来可以过着平等自由博爱和快乐,Equality, Liberty, Paternity and Happiness 的生活,特别是美国人。但是如何才能达到这样的治国理念呢?
有人会说这只能是梦想,幻想,但通过教育,我想人类的文明和平世界最终还是会到来的,到那时我们就可以每年剩下一万八千多亿美的国防开支,足够让世界上每个难民,穷困饥饿病痛等人民,过上安居乐业的日子。这是人类2020年及以后的最大的挑战! 我们这辈子可能看不到,但是我们子孙后代可以完成我们的心愿,都期待有这么一天。祝各位都能在新的一年里实现自己的心愿。

2020 The World Appeal for Peace
Dr Ka Sing Chua
Looking back, from 1945 to 2019, has our world made much progress? Yes, our science and technology, medicine, education, material richness, internet and many other aspects of life, are constantly improving. However according to the data of the United Nations, only some of the world's population, in developed countries, can enjoy these advanced achievements.
Since World Wars ended, the world could have enjoyed a century of peace but due to human weaknesses, greed and power struggles, political immaturity leading to further invasive military conflicts and civil wars, man made disasters continue to haunt us. The death toll is shockingly large. It totalled more than the death toll from the two World Wars combined. The fact is really chilling.

Moreover current existing military conflicts have created more than 70 million homeless refugees, fleeing and drifting around the world, apart from suffering the destruction of their families and homes, they are living in hell like environments. Do we really think of them when we live comfortably in peaceful and luxurious environment? Has anyone ever considered helping to investigate and solve these man-made disasters?
In addition, the UNOCHA data shows that more than 94 million people are living in extreme poverty, facing various natural disasters, such as floods, typhoons and fires etc and tens of millions of ordinary people are still living on one to two US dollars a day with lack of nutrition and medical services, so they could easily died of starvation and illnesses. Many of these are caused by political mismanagement and turmoil.
We should not try to blame anyone but we should explore the root causes so that tomorrow can be better for our poor brothers and sisters no matter where they live in this world.

Everyone wants to live a good life , in peace and contentment just like the people living in developed countries.

According to research by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, in 2019 , the defence spending of all countries in the world, adds up to a staggering US 1822Billion. Research shows that if we use US 1822 billion wisely, we could help to settle all refugees, millions of poor people living in poverty and those who suffer from man made and natural disasters and more.

They can all live a healthy and happy life like us in the developed countries.

We in developed countries emphasize that everyone should be born with equality, freedom, fraternity and happiness.
We are taught to
respect , help, tolerate and accept one another living together in a multicultural world.
We have to learn to solve our disputes and differences through dialogue and International Rules of Laws and communicate with one another for peace and shared prosperity.

We have to learn to enjoy one another's company so that we can all live a beautiful, happy , peaceful life.

Some would say the idealism is just a dream, a fantasy, but through proper education, I believe that the civilization of humanity and peace of the world will eventually prevail. This is the biggest challenge for mankind in 2020 and beyond! We might not be able to achieve it now but we can make a start and hope our future generations will continue to take up the challenges. I am confident one day The World Appeal for Peace will be realized under the great Charter of United Nations and the fair and just rule of International Laws.
Finally I wish you all the best in your undertaking in 2020 and please join me to promote The World Appeal for Peace with blessings from Heaven.


Hello Umair Haque. Thanks for sharing this astonishing article of strait talking about the problems facing US and UK.
Last years I travelled through the Norway; Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Russia; UK; USA; etc just to see how their ordinary citizens live their lives . Amazingly the American society stood out like what Umair stated especially in L.A with so many homeless people living in the streets .
I hope what he stated is not all true? Otherwise we may be looking at a third World War? I hope that the leadership of US and UK will wake up to the facts of what Umair Haque has warned and not become too arrogant, stupid and desperate and looking for a scapegoat to blame and conquer?
We should send this article to our political leaders so that they can learn the lesson and not following them down the drain.
I believe China is doing just the opposite after a week in China celebrating her 70th Anniversary last October 2019
We hope China will rise to be another say Switzerland or Finland and copy some of their good social systems eventually.
What do you think?
Ka Sing

Dr Ka Sing Chua



National Council Member, MAPW


International Councillor of IPPNW


Friends of ICAN


This is How a Society Dies

America and Britain are Textbook Examples of a New, Gruesome Phenomeon: Rich Nations Self-Destructing Into Poor Failed States

umair haque


Dec 10, 2019 · 10 min read

When I ask my European friends to describe us — Americans, Brits, who I’ll call Anglo-Americans in this essay — they shake their heads gently. And over and over, three themes emerge. They say we’re a little thoughtless. They say we’re selfish and arrogant. And they say that we’re cruel and brutal.

I can’t help but think there’s more than a grain of truth. That they’re being kind. Anglo-American society is now the world’s preeminent example of willful self-destruction. It’s jaw-dropping folly and stupidity is breathtaking to the rest of the world.

The hard truth is this. America and Britain aren’t just collapsing by the day…they aren’t even just choosing to collapse by the day. They’re entering a death spiral, from which there’s probably no return. Yes, really. Simple economics dictate that, just like they did for the Soviet Union — and I’ll come to them.

And yet what’s even weirder and more grotesque than that is that…wel…nobody much seems to have noticed. There’s a deafening silence from pundits and elites and columnists and politicians on the joint self-destruction of the Anglo-American world. Nobody seems to have noticed: the only two rich societies in the world with falling life expectancies, incomes, savings, happiness, trust — every single social indicator you can imagine — are America and Britain. It’s not one of history’s most improbable coincidences that America and Britain are collapsing in eerily similar ways, at precisely the same time. It’s a relationship. What connects the dots?

Let me pause to note that my European friends’ first criticism — that we’re thoughtless — is therefore accurate. We’re not even capable of noticing — much less understanding — our twin collapse. Our entire thinking and leadership class seems not to have even noticed, like idiots grinning and dancing, setting their own house on fire. They are simply going on pretending it isn’t happening — that the English speaking world isn’t fast becoming something very much like the new Soviet Union.

So what caused this joint collapse? How did the English speaking world end up like the new Soviet Union? To understand that point, consider the fact that you yourself probably think that’s an overstatement. But it’s an empirical reality. The Soviet Union stagnated for thirty years. America’s stagnated for fifty, and Britain for twenty. The Soviet Union couldn’t provide basics for its citizens — hence the famous breadlines. In America, people beg each other for money to pay for insulin and antibiotics, decent food is unavailable in vast swathes of the country, and retirement and paying off one’s debt are impossibilities: just like in the Soviet Union, basics are becoming both unavailable and unaffordable. What happens? People…die.

(The same is true in Britain. In both societies, upwards of 20% of children live in poverty, the middle class has imploded, and upward mobility has all but vanished. These are Soviet statistics — lethally real ones.)

Politics, too, has become a sclerotic Soviet affair. Anglo-American societies aren’t really democracies in any sensible meaning of the word anymore. They’re run by and for a class of elites, who could care less, literally, whether the average person lives or dies. In America, that class is a bizarre coterie of Ivy Leaguers pretending to be aw-shucks-good-ole-boys on the one side, like Ted Cruz, and Ivy Leaguers pretending to be do-gooders on the other, like Zuck and Silicon Valley. In Britain, it’s the notorious public school boys, the Etonians and Oxbridge set.

That brings me to arrogance. What’s astonishing about our elites is how…arrogant they are…and how ignorant they are…at precisely the same time. Finland just elected a 34 year old woman as a Prime Minister from the Social Democrats. Finland is a society that outperforms ours in every way — every way — imaginable. Finnish happiness is way, way higher — and so is life expectancy, mobility, savings, real incomes, trust, among others. And yet instead of learning a thing from a miracle like that, our elites profess to know a better way…while they’ve run our societies into the ground. What the? Hubris would be an understatement. I don’t think the English language has a word for this weird, fatal combination of arrogance amidst ignorance. Maybe cocksure stupidity comes close.

And yet our elites have succeeded in one vital task — what an Emile Durkheim might have called “social reproduction.” They’ve managed to reproduce society in their image. What does the average Anglo-American aspire to be, do, have? To be rich, powerful, careless, selfish, and dumb, now, mostly. We don’t, as societies or cultures, value learning or knowledge or magnanimity or great and noble things, anymore. We shower millions on reality TV stars and billions on “investment bankers.” The average person has become a tiny microcosm of the aspirations and norms of elites — they’re not curious, empathetic, decent, humane, noble, kind, in pursuit of wisdom, truth, beauty, meaning, purpose. We’ve become cruel, indecent, obscene, comically shallow, and astonishingly foolish people.

That’s not some kind of jeremiad. It’s an objective, easily observed truth. Who else in a rich society denies their neighbours healthcare and retirement? Nobody. Who else denies their own kids education? Nobody. Who else denies themselves childcare and elderly care? Nobody. Who else doesn’t want safety nets, opportunities, mobility, protection, savings, higher incomes? Nobody. Literally nobody on planet earth wants worse lives excepts us. We’re the only people on earth who thwart our own social progress, over and over again — and cheer about it.

How did we become these people? How did we become tiny microcosms of our arrogant, ignorant, breathtakingly stupid elites? Because we are perpetually battling for self-preservation. Life has become a kind of brutal combat to the death. For jobs, for healthcare, for money, for the tiniest shreds of resources necessary to live. We wake up and fight one another for these things, over and over again. That is what our lives amount to now — gladiatorial combat. Meanwhile, elites and billionaires sit back and enjoy not just the spectacle — but the winnings.

People who are battling for self-preservation can’t take care of anyone else. If I ask the average Brit or American to consider paying for their society’s healthcare, education, elderly care, childcare, increasingly, the answer is: LOL. In America, it always has been. Why is that? The reason couldn’t be simpler. People can’t even take care of themselves and their own. How can they take care of anyone else — let alone everyone else?

The average person is living right at the edge. Not at the edge of the middle class dream and an even better one. But at the edge of poverty and destitution. They struggle to pay basic bills and never make ends meet. They can’t afford to educate their children, and retire, or retire and have healthcare, and so on. Let me say it again: the average person can’t take care of themselves and their own — so how can they take care of anyone else, let alone everyone else?

A more technical, formal way to say that is: our societies have now become too poor to afford public goods and social systems. But public goods and social systems are what make a modern, rich society. What’s a society without decent healthcare, schools, universities, libraries, education, parks, transport, media — available to all, without life-crippling “debt”? It’s not a modern society at all. But more and more, it’s not America or Britain, either.

What makes European societies — which are far, far more successful than ours — successful is that people are not battling for self-preservation, and so they are able to cooperate to better one another instead. At least not nearly so much and so lethally as we are. They are assured of survival. They therefore have resources to share with others. They don’t have to battle for the very things we take away from each other — because they simply give them to one another. That has kept them richer than us, too. The average American now lives in effective poverty — unable to afford healthcare, housing, and basic bills. They must choose. The European doesn’t have to, precisely because they invested in one another — and those investment made them richer than us.

We are caught in a death spiral now. A vicious cycle from which there is probably no escape. The average person is too poor to fund the very things — the only things — which can offer him a better life: healthcare, education, childcare, healthcare, and so on. The average person is too poor to fund public goods and social systems. The average person is too poor now to able to give anything to anyone else, to invest anything in anyone else. He lives and dies in debt to begin with — so what does he have left over to give back, put back, invest?

A more technical, formal way to put all that is this. Europeans distributed their social surplus more fairly than we did. They didn’t give all the winnings to idiot billionaires like Zucks and con men like Trump. They kept middle and working classes better off than us. As a result, those middle and working classes were able to invest in expansive public goods and social systems. Those things — good healthcare, education, transport, media — kept life improving for everyone. That virtuous circle of investing a fairly distributed social surplus created a true economic miracle over just one human lifetime: Europe rose from the ashes of war to enjoy history’s highest living standards, ever, period.

That’s changing in Europe, to be sure. But that is because Europe is becoming Americanized, Anglicized. It has a generation of leaders foolish enough to follow our lead — now remember the greatest lesson of European history, which is one of the greatest lessons of history, full stop. That lesson goes like this.

· People who are made to live right at the edge must battle each other for self-preservation. But such people have nothing left to give one another. And that way, a society enters a death spiral of poverty — like ours have.

· People who can’t make ends meet can’t even invest in themselves — let alone anyone else. Such a society has to eat through whatever public goods and social systems it has, just to survive. It never develops or expands new ones.

· The result is that a whole society grows poorer and poorer. Unable to invest in themselves or one another, people’s only real way out is to fight each other for self-preservation, by taking away their neighbor’s rights, privileges, and opportunities — instead of being able to give any new ones to anyone. Why give everyone healthcare and education when you can’t even afford your own? How are you supposed to?

· Society melts down into a spiral of extremism and fascism, as ever increasing poverty brings hate, violence, fear, and rage with it. Trust erodes, democracy corrodes, social bonds are torn apart, and the only norms left are Darwinian-fascist ones: the strong survive, and the weak must perish.

(Let me spend a second or two on that last point. As they become poorer, people begin to distrust each other — and then hate each other. Why wouldn’t they? After all, the grim reality is that they actually are fighting each other for existence, for the basic resources of life, like medicine, money, and food.

As distrust becomes hate, people who have nothing to give anyways end up having no reason to even hope to give anything back to anyone else. Why give anything to those people you are fighting, every single day, for the most meagre resources necessary to live? Why give the very people who denied you healthcare and education anything? Isn’t the only real point of life to show that you beat them by having a bigger house, faster car, prettier wife or husband?)

That is how a society dies. That is the death spiral of a rich society. In technical terms, it goes like this. A social surplus isn’t distributed equitably. That leaves the average person too poor to invest anything back in society. He’s just battling for self-preservation, and the stakes are life or death. But that battle itself only breeds even more poverty. Because without investment, nurturance, nourishment — nothing can grow. Having become poor, the average person only grows poorer — because he will never have decent public goods or social systems, let alone the rights and privileges and jobs and careers and trajectories they become and lead to.

A society of people so poor they have nothing left over to invest in one another is dying. It goes from prosperity to poverty, from optimism to pessimism, from cohesion to distrust and hate, from peace to violence — at light speed, in the space of a generation. That’s America and Britain’s story today, just as it was the Soviet Union’s, yesterday, and Weimar Germany’s, before that.

You can see how a society dies — with horrific, brutal clarity — in the self-destruction of America and Britain. The hate-filled vitriol of Trumpism, the barely-hidden hate of Brexit. Why wouldn’t people who have grown suddenly poor hate everyone else? Why wouldn’t they blame anyone and everyone they can — from Mexicans to Muslims to Europeans — for their own decline? The truth, as always, is harder. America and Britain’s collapse is nobody’s fault — nobody’s — but their own.

They are in a death spiral now, but no opponent or adversary brought them there. It was their own fault, and yet they still go on choosing it. They don’t know any other way now. Their elites succeeded at making the average person truly, fervently believe that battling perpetually for self-preservation was the only way a society could exist.

And though it’s too late to escape for them, let us hope that the rest of the world, from Europe to Asia to Africa, learns the lesson of the sad, gruesome, stupid, astonishing tragedy of self-inflicted collapse.

December 2019

Umair Haque


Umair Haque is a London-based consultant and author. Wikipedia

Education: London Business School, University of Oxford, McGill University


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Unilateral Coercive Measures

Dear Friends of Peace and Justice in the U.S. and Around the World,

As you are well aware, for decades the U.S. government and its European allies have been illegally using unilateral economic sanctions (“Unilateral Coercive Measures”) as a weapon of war and mass destruction to topple governments that do not submit to the U.S. and European states’ domination of their country. The main objective of these unilateral sanctions is to destroy those small countries’ economies and bring their people to their knees through mass starvation so they will be left with no choice but to revolt against their own government.

This criminal, anti-human policy of targeting defenseless populations, which is in clear violation of United Nations Charter and international law, has now become the new weapon of choice for these powerful states since they are faced with strong opposition from the majority their own population to the endless wars of occupation that they are already involved in. Through these illegal sanctions, these powerful states hope they can achieve their imperialistic goal of “regime change” and domination in a silent, calculated manner without arousing the wrath of their own and international public opinion.

According to some UN reports, there are currently over 33 countries (15 percent of all countries of the world) and dozens of non-state entities that are targeted by these illegal sanctions. Among them are Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Iran, Syria, Zimbabwe, Belarus, and many others, whose population are suffering from hunger, lack of medicine, homelessness and disruption of their educational system and other vital social services. Prior to the invasion of Iraq in 1991, fifteen years of U.S. economic sanctions led to the death of half a million Iraqi children. In Venezuela today, over 40,000 people have died as a result of illegal sanctions and the number is rising daily.

In response to these blatant criminal acts, which are nothing but crime against humanity, the Group of 77 countries + China is submitting a resolution to the General Assembly of the United Nations, which, among other measures:

1. Urges the international community to adopt urgent and effective measures to eliminate the use of unilateral economic, financial or trade measures that are not authorized by relevant organs of the United Nations, that are inconsistent with the principles of international law or the Charter of the United Nations ...;

2. Calls upon the international community to condemn and reject the imposition of the use of such measures as a means of political and economic coercion against developing countries ...;

(to read the full text of the draft resolution click here)

This proposed resolution is currently being discussed at the Second Committee of the UN General Assembly and the Second Committee will be taking the final vote on it on November 14. We consider it our paramount responsibility to mobilize massive support for the passage of this resolution by the UN General Assembly. To this end, we have drafted a public letter of support for the resolution to be signed by a massive number of organizations and individuals in the U.S. and around the world to be delivered to the voting session of the UN Second Committee on November 14. We urge all defenders of peace and justice to sign this letter. We need to collect a large number of signatures in a short period to time. We request that you act urgently.

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1.香港自6月起发生的修改逃犯条例后的“大示威”,原本是和和平平的诉求却越变越离谱,变成最后由最多一两千人轮流到处去“示威”,没有准证,也照样示威,但是那些所谓以“五大诉求”为招牌的的“示威者” 越变越野蛮,越无理,到处破坏公共措施,使用暴力的违法行为,连和平反对他们政见的香港同胞们也对他们进行粗暴言行恐嚇甚至暴力迫害伤人,警方整天忙着阻止这批示威者的暴力行为!他们又反口污蔑警方!自己不奉公守法,受误导的也好,受金钱收买出来“示威”干坏事的也好!明眼人看在眼里,整天媒体也都在报道,当然也有很多胡乱造谣冤抹黑警方的报道等等!

特首和香港政府苦口婆心地劝告这些人有事可以好好坐下来商量对策,不需用暴力,做害人害己害社会的不停地举行非法示威暴行来诉求,原本修改逃犯条例也取消了!可是民主派的大佬们还在纵容这些不断示威的暴行,真叫人不可思议!但是更好笑的是西方的一些民主国家特别是以美国为首的堂堂民主大国和一些媒体却连什么是“自由民主诉求”? 什么是“和平示威”?什么是“暴力示威”都搞不清楚,在美国国会接见和听信黄之锋,何韵诗这样没有什么“民意代表”的人物,就指控香港没有民主自由和人权,香港回归后比英国管辖时更加有自由民主和公平法治,法治之下,人人平等的人权比西方哪个国家都强,现在还没变,还是那么自由民主有法制,反而是那些少数暴力示威者,不懂得珍惜,不懂得什么才是真正的自由民主法治人权,难道美国和西方的一些当政者也像他们这么笨吗?我想应该是别有居心希望香港乱而从中收取漁翁之利?

特别是澳洲方面更应该这么做才对呀!别盲目跟随美国英国走!中国改革开放四十年的治国经验也有很多值得西方学习的地 方,不是只有西方这一套民主治国模式,才能让绝大多数人民过上自由民主法治,有人道有人权的安居乐业美好和平的生活!大家可以来个公平竞争吧!根据国际标准的民意调查,中国政府是目前拥有人民对政府满意度最高的国度,



1. 中美贸易战的影响
2. 美国伊朗纠纷的影响

Pay tribute to a liberal democratic and civilized Australian electoral system!

Dr Ka Sing Chua

The Federal election in Australia held on 18 May 2019 has finally come to an end! The Coalition Party, led by Scott Morrison, has won the federal election that the public thinks he would not have won! Bill Shorten, leader of the Labour Party, was disappointed to lose the election that should not have been lost!

I congratulate Scott Morrison and his team, as well as Bill Shorten, who has had the chance to lead the Labour Party for nearly six years.

I like the liberal democractic and civilized electoral competition system of Australia! When the Labour leader Shorten knew he couldn't win that night, he accepted the defeat gracefully and politely and congratulated Morrison on his election. Morrison, too, graciously thanked Shorten for his congratulations in his election victory speech. All parties generously accepted the final choice of the Australian people!

I would also like to congratulate the two candidates running in the Federal lower seat of Chisholm namely Madam Liao Chan-ngo representing the Liberal Party for the Coalition and Madam Yang Qianhui representing the Labour Party respectively. Both ladies have brought tremendous expectation to the Australian community especially the Chinese Australian community! Whoever wins the Federal Representative in this seat will be the pride of our community! I send my blessings to both!

I again congratulate Ms. Liao who now stands to win in the end! She becomes the first Chinese Australian Federal Representative! I hope she will continue to serve the people well! Ms. Yang however should not be discouraged,. She still has lot of opportunity in future if she continues to work hard and participate in politics. She can compete the seat again in three years' time at the next Federal election.

Many Chinese may not know that our Australian system of democracy and civilisation, was adopted following hundreds of years of trial and courageous experimentation by Western democratic institutions. It was also through countless of hardships, bloodshed and sacrifice that the transformation from a feudal civil war era to a modern democratic and civilized institution where political power was transferred to opposition in peaceful manner. Many countries in the world are striving to move in this direction. Because this system is good for the people and the country!

Change of ruling party no longer has to be decided by force and armed civil wars. People now can adopt such a system with peaceful change-of-power through election system such as in Australia, Britain, America, Japan and so on!

Moreover, after the election , the losing party members still have the chance to participate in the political affairs of the country. They can help to scrutinise the winning party to make them accountable to the people they both serve. People from all walks of life who are in opposition to one and another during the election, gracefully accept the result of the election! Life goes on for every one and live in peace as usual! If one does not agree with the result of the election, it can be handled peacefully according to the established legal processes and no need for violence.

Unfortunately, there are still many countries in the world which are not democratic and civilized enough to embrace this system of governance. They still engage in riots and civil war activities. Innocent people suffer, victimized and country ruined, for whatever reason, by the corruption of their selfish leaders who try to seize political power by force and killing one another.

Therefore, people of all walks of life in Australia should assist one another and cherish this system of peaceful change of governments. I also hope that more people all over the world will have a chance to learn to embrace such a system and live in peace and security in a system of peaceful transformation, Then there will be no more civil wars. So please do not use war to settle disputes over political dissent.

The new Australian Political Turn? A Vote for the Labour or Coalition Party?

Dr Ka Sing Chua

The three-yearly Australian Federal Election will be held on May 18th 2019! Please cast your sacred vote for the party that will serve the peoples well with a long-term plan for the country!

Australia is a country of liberal democracy and legal system! This is the cumulative effort achieved by Australian people of all nationalities in the past 50 years! When Australia was under the White Australian Policy, we should not forget that many ethnic minorities did not enjoy the right to vote, including our indigenous compatriots! So the first thing is to vote for the party which is more insightful and resolute in implementing a tolerant multicultural state policy and its rule of law that all of us, including the white majority, support, to protect the equality and mutual respect of our fellow citizens of ethnic minorities and to contribute to the welfare of Australia!

Over the past 50 years, there have been many visionary leaders in both political parties, including the Labour Party Gough Whitlam, Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, The Liberal Party, like Menzies, Malcolm Fraser, Malcolm Turnbull, etc.,They have made great contributions in this respect and have taken a firm stand on it! However there are some leaders in the Coalition Party who behave differently sometimes. They are opportunistic to obtain power that they are willing to drop those good principles of governance and cooperate with politicians like Pauline Hanson and Clive Palmer in promoting racism.

A good multi-cultural state policy is the foundation of Australia's 21st century nation-building and should be non-negotiable. The migrants chose to emigrate to Australia because she has a very stable, safe, free, democratic and legal society! All ethnic groups should be treated equally, regardless of their background! And there are fair and just legal safeguards!

Secondly, it depends on whether this political party will take care of all its citizens so that they can live and work in peace and contentment, have a place to live, a healthy life, grow up and have a secure environment.. Australia is lucky. We basically have been able to do that for the past 50 years! No matter which political party is in power, if the quality of their leaders is good, basically they will not deviate from these principles of good governance.

But in the past six years, the Coalition Party's record has not been so good! That's mainly because of the quality of their leadership with six years of disunity! Prime Ministership were challenged and replaced three times within their party, fighting internally and not devoting all their energy to running the country! Something bad has happened! It allows some extreme racist parties to take advantage! If we go on like this, the harmonious coexistence of all ethnic groups in Australia and a tolerant and mutually supportive living environment may be affected. There are also some conservative and racist MPs in the Coalition Party who are openly working with the One Nation, Pauline Hanson and Clive Palmer's Party! They use disinformation to fool some of their followers.

The Coalition Party polls have lagged behind the Labour Party for the past three years, the biggest reason being the reason I mentioned above!

More over Australia under Coalition Party, has blindly followed the United States to suppress China for the past three years, allowing the media to run amok, accusing China of encouraging Chinese Australian citizens to spy, interfering in Australian politics and subverting the Australian Government. Use the cold war mentality to cast fear and suspicion among the feelings of Chinese Australians and general Australian public. This is a very bad move.

I really admire former Prime Minister Paul Keating, Kevin Rudd, Foreign Minister Bob Carr, Gareth Evans and other Labour elders for their insightful views on this issue! Ever since former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam in 1972, has had the foresight to develop new Australian-China relations, the biggest beneficiary is the Australian people. Since then, the two major political party governments have basically reached a consensus on the development of good Australian-China relations. But in the past three years, the Coalition Party has done badly in this respect!. What an embarrassing situation we have in Australia-China relations now creating a lot of uncertainty and misunderstanding. Also it causes some Chinese Australian citizens to feel uneasy! The economy, however good, does not necessarily lead to a happy life!

All in all, although there are still some good people with vision and quality in the Coalition Party, I believe in Labour Party this time as they are united and have presented some many good reforms planning and policies to create a better, fair and just society. They also promised to have a new constructive Australia-China foreign policy, tax reform, health care, education, immigration, welfare, and so on. I believe we should give the Labour Party a chance to govern this coming Federal Election.

Note : I am a non-partisan independent commentator who in different circumstances, have supported the two main parties in power to govern.

Creating a New Australia-China Relationship
New opportunities, new directions

Dr Ka Sing Chua

In the 21st century of civilization, we all hope to see every country of the world can live in a secured and stable environment. With mutual benefit, mutual help and win-win strategy, all can live and prosper together, happily and peacefully.

Every country has its own characteristics. There are institutional differences and differences in living customs, cultural and religious beliefs, We must learn to seek common ground while reserving differences. Learn universal values that are universally applicable to each other. Let the world proceed gradually to a common human destiny, the Great Harmony Way! Peaceful development is the destiny of all human community! This is the general direction of world civilization that I know!

In the last 20 years of Australia-China relations, I believe we are also trying to move in this direction.

For the past two or three years, however, since President Trump took office, he has been a bit of a backslider, pushing only for America first! He have not even disregard the friendly opinion of American's allies, and engage in unilateralism, secession practices, and want to dominate the world. He creates animosity against China and sanctions Russia and so on! Not to mention that the United States has trampled on the Middle East and some small and weak countries, creating lots of Wars, Refugees and Turbulence! He recently even started trade war with long term allies EU! Not to mention the trade war with China has not stopped hurting each other!

This lesson occurs in front of Australia's eyes. Australia should have the sense of propriety! The Australian leaders are not fools. Therefore, Australia should not follow America blindly. If not careful, America may also steal some of the Australian market and interests!

The Prime Minister of New Zealand is smart! When she recently invited to visit China, she showed great grace and vision, She did not blindly follow the United States. She, for the sake of the interests of the people of New Zealand, continues to make efforts with friendly exchanges with China on the basis of mutual benefit, mutual help and win-win strategy. She is willing to support the general direction of China's peaceful development policy! Also she supports China Belt and Road initiatives!
Australia must not lag behind New Zealand!

Australia and China should strive to create a new type of Australia-China relationship, create new opportunities and take a new direction to lead Asia to the world. Establish an EU ASIA and build a more practical alliance with Asia than just the APEC!

The people of Asia really need such an organization to lead the massive poor Asians out of poverty. And help create more secured, stable societies with fair share of world's prosperity. Also help them to build fairer and just institutions and the road to civilization in peace, the common human destiny.

Australia and China have great potential for cooperation! With our vast market and population to service, our rich resources, technology, talents, intellectual and farsighted leaders, we can lead all of Asia to a new century of peaceful development, mutual assistance with shared prosperity and a new era of common human destiny and civilisation. Will Australia and China dare to accept the responsibilities and challenges of the 21st century?

President of World Huaren Federation
National Committee MAPW and Australian International Councillor to IPPNW; Friend of ICAN
www.mapa.org; www.ippnw.org; www.ican.org


这是根据中国的国情“大道之行也 天下为公 选贤与能”从基本草根人民中选出有才德兼备的贤能人才来代表人民参政议政!


Great Harmony World, Great civilised Rule of Law, Peaceful Development!
Dr Ka Sing Chua

The world in the 21st century has seen many unexpected changes. Through the wisdom of human innovation, new technologies bring us much convenience. Especially in the areas of transportation and the Internet, communication and communication around the world are provided with very convenient tools and technologies, which have made the world smaller and brought peoples closer together.
The great old Chinese saying : " The Great Way forward is to create way for a fair and just Society for all peoples" , can still be used for the world today. The rulers of civilization all over the world all know that to maintain long-term peace and stability, we must use a set of civilized legal system fair and just to deal with the disputes and dissents of all circles of society. Such a society is capable of peaceful development and the peoples living in such a society, regardless of their background, beliefs, cultures, languages, etc., which may be different from one another. However under this set of fair and just civilization and legal system, we can respect each other, tolerate each other, help each other and live in harmony, and live a happy and peaceful life together.

Many countries in the world, with the assistance of the United Nations, have now embarked on this path. This is the greatest achievement in the history of mankind this century. With these principles in mind, all rulers need not use force to kill one another, cheating one another, colluding with the Regime and fightiing for profit, even waging civil war and foreign wars.

The method to solve the disputes and dissents of the various factions of the people can also use the common civilized legal system to control these undesirable rulers! They are not ignorant but selfish, cannot control themselves, so we must use the powerful rule of law to limit their abuse of power, causing harm to their people and their other bad behavior!

Mankind is moving forward on the road of building a "Great Harmony World, Universal civilised Rule of Law and Peaceful Development". No matter how hard this road is, I believe we human have enough wisdom to create such a One World. Under the guidance of the United Nations's Great Charter and Constitution, we can restrict the powers and actions of those rulers who do not obey the rules or the rule of law. That is why we have "peacekeeping forces, International Tribunals, sanctions rules of international law.

Although some people in many countries are still in dire straits, the Internet, with the innovative wisdom of mankind, will help continue to improve and improve each country's civilized legal system and international civilized legal system by means of peaceful development.

So I am pleased to see that the disputes between Huawei of China and the United States can also be resolved through the civilized legal system. Western countries, including Australia, which pride themselves to promote civilized rule of law, should also do so instead of using their military and financial strength to bully backward countries and encroach on the land and wealth of small and weak countries as they have in the past. If we all adhere to a set of fair and just civilized system of governance, there will be hope for the Great Harmony World in the making eventually.

Dr Ka Sing Chua
World Huaren Federation

mcc nsca ccca MR NZ terrorist attack 16Mar2019.pdf

Talk about the Importance of Australia-China Relations

In the past two weeks, I have written two articles published on Saturday front page column of The Pacific Daily respectively on the importance of Australia-China relations. I pointed out that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been friendly to China in the hope of strengthening recently perceived cooler Australia-China relations. .Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne and China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi also had a good talk at an United Nations meeting recently.
As a citizen of Australia, I am very pleased that Prime Minister Morrison has the courage and vision to take the work of the Australia-China Strategic Partnership even further, and higher.

More importantly, if Australia can encourage the APEC member states as peacemakers between China and the United States, we can avoid war in the region. How wonderful it would be to enable the countries and peoples of the Asia-Pacific region to live in a happy and peaceful life, with good governance, long-term stability and joint development!

As a peacemaker, I hope that there will be no more war in the world, and that the existing war will soon find a peace solution so that all refugees can be returned to their homes. We know honest, war is not good for anyone. But there is always a small group of arms dealers who profit from it, but their hands are full of the blood of so many of their fellow human beings! Should they repent for their sins? Those politicians, including those who wage war and conspire with the murderers, are not worthy of being the representatives of the people! These arms dealers and politicians, and their families and children, should be sent to the front lines to fight, and then they will know the terrible crimes they have perpetrated and committed.

Having said that, the Chinese Foreign Ministry thinktank Mr Liu Qing, Director of the Asia-Pacific Institute of the China Institute of International Studies, recently warned Australia in no uncertain terms that: " Now the ball is in Australian hands. If Australia were to move closer to the US, it would hurt Sino-Australian relations, affect trade and investment, tourism and personnel exchanges..." The Chinese state-run China Daily newspaper published an editorial with similar views: "Australia is walking a tightrope between China and the US... It is really not in their best interest to be let by the nose from US and adopt a strategy of confrontation with China."

These criticisms seem to me to be something of a "cold war mentality". Fortunately, they do not come from China's top leaders and foreign ministers, or else they really are self-defeating. They forget, USA is always a strong ally of Australia.

Don't forget, China has also made countless mistakes in the past. In foreign affairs, we should learn to understand each other's kindness and cultivate goodwill. The Australian Prime Minister has stressed the need to approach China in a measured and constructive manner. The Australian and Japanese Foreign Ministers also called on China and the United States to use the relevant international mechanisms to settle trade and political disputes and avoid a new cold war, which would not benefit anyone.

The Chinese leadership should be more tolerant of other so-called unfriendly countries, especially such important partnerships as Australia and Japan, and should take the initiative to use constructive dialogue and exchanges in order to achieve better results. Talking about diplomacy in an unfriendly tone is not the best way, and communicating in a childishly peevish manner is not constructive. If the leaders of all sides learn what is constructive dialogue and diplomacy, there is always hope for reconciliation and peace.
This applies to Australia and China, as well as China and America!

Dr Ka Sing Chua
National Board Member of MAPW
Australia International Councillor to IPPNW
Associate of ICAN

Important Information

New Year Greetings from Bidens, made specifically for us

MR Lunar New Year Peace Message

MR mending Australia-China relations

Peace and Prosperity across the Taiwan Straits not war. 31 Jan 2021

au123 & Quiora Racism and covid & SB Woo corro 19 1May2020


Demand Apology or Reject Trump, DART

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澳洲网_澳洲总理Scott Morrison替首位华裔联邦众议员廖婵娥伸冤!





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URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Support the UN Resolution Against Economic Sanctions!



澳洲网_Anning议员种族主义国会发言哗众取宠 澳洲华人代表蔡家声怎么说?

Chap 2 Mullticulturalism

Multiculturalism Part i

An open letter to Australian Prime Minister The Hon Scott Morrison

Dear Prime Minister of Australia

On 11/10/2018, in the 3AW radio interview, you stressed how important Australia's relationship with China is. It needs to be handled with caution and in a measured and constructive manner with China, adding that Australia can play an active role in easing Sino-US relations. You also pointed out that Australia will continue to work closely with China and the United States despite the intensification of the Sino-US trade war, as Australia has independent diplomatic relations with both countries and does not choose sides in the trade war. You also stressed: Australia welcomes the Belt and Road framework as a contribution to the infrastructure of the region.

I am pleased that on 10/10/2018, Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne and Defence Minister Christopher Pyne held a bilateral ministerial meeting with Japan's counterparts in Sydney. More importantly, in the press conference, they jointly stressed how important the win-win and mutually beneficial relationship between Australia and China is. It must be consolidated through constructive dialogue, cooperation and contacts. The two sides jointly called on China and the United States to use the relevant mechanisms to settle trade and political disputes and avoid a new cold war. Foreign Minister Payne says institutions such as the World Trade Organisation are the best place to negotiate. The Japanese Foreign Minister also said that China and the US should abide by the international order. That's right! Australia and Japan's foreign policy is no longer one-sided with the US and blames China for everything following the footstep of the US. , which, far from being constructive, has made Sino-US relations worse.

As important members of the Asia-Pacific region, Australia and Japan can play a crucial role as leaders for reconciliation and peacemaking. I am sure that all countries of the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation Organization (APEC) will also appreciate and support it.

I am pleased that Australia's foreign policy has taken a new direction under your leadership and will no longer be blindly subservient to the United States for which Australia was labelled "Sheriff of US in Asia Pacific".

I also agree that Australia should maintain a strong relationship with the United States, both politically and economically. But America is not perfect. The United States have made many mistakes in their history, in particular by constantly provoking and started many wars with its great military might. Australia, being her strong ally, has also participated in the many wars created by USA. These wars were started under the context of safe guarding the people from oppression and in the name of democracy and good governance and Governments. However the facts are nowhere near achieving these objectives.Take the Indo-China and Middle East wars for examples, in retrospect, United States has made terrible mistakes, in which innocent lives have been lost, their families have been destroyed, their lives and countries were ruined and created thousands of refugees fleeing their beloved countries. Tragedy after tragedy were repeated.

Australia should be able to distinguish the right from the wrong and should not continue to follow America blindly. United States has many good things we can learn from, and by all means, learn from their good things, and adopt if appropriate for Australia. However if United States makes mistakes, we must not follow blindly. As an ally, we should also point out the shortcomings of the United States and help her to correct them. Mr Trump has made a lot of bad decisions since coming to power, and I think smart Australian Prime Ministers and Ministers should know that or in retrospect, I do not need to point it out. I hope you will continue your efforts to improve the good relations among Australia, China, United States, Japan, Indonesia and all other APEC countries. Then Australia, and Australians, will end up to be the big winners. Thank you for your attention!


Dr Ka Sing Chua
National Board Member of MAPW
Australian International Councillor to IPPNW

Dr Julian Rait
AMA Victoria

Dear Julian

Congratulations again for taking on this challenging task as the new President of AMA Victoria as of last night.

MAPW is launching a very worthy campaign to ask Australian Government to sign this Treaty supported by over two third majority of the members United Nations. This is for the safety and survivor of our children and future generations.
May I request that AMA Victoria does its share to assist in distributing this information to our members for their attention and support.
Federal AMA and World Medical Associations etc have all supported the ICAN to win the Noble Peace Prize last year for the humanity and survivor of mankind.

Thank you for your attention and support.

Best regards
Ka Sing

Dr Ka Sing Chua
National Board Member, International Australian Representative , AMA Victoria Council Representative , MAPW
487 Mitcham Rd Mitcham 3132
Victoria Australia
Mobile +61 409838 388


If there is a strong will for peace, you will find a way to prevent any war.


美国开国元勋从华盛顿、杰克森到林肯总统们的基本信念缔造了今天的美国。华盛顿、杰克森创造了一套有历史价值的政治体制,林肯总统给了人民一个强有力的公民信念。“All men are created equal”、“Abolition of slavery”、“Liberty, fraternity and happiness”、“Government of the people, by the people and for the people”等文化和政治信念,都是美国建国的基础。回想中国共产党当时创建时很多理念和信念不是和美国开国元勋们的理念和信念有很多共同之处吗?

Dr Ka Sing Chua


Read below article for an impartial view of the South China Sea dispute by a Canaisdian lawyer

American Aggression against China
Christopher Black
7 February 2016
On January 30th the United States committed a deliberate act of aggression against China when it sent the guided missile destroyer USS Curtis Wilbur within the 12 nautical mile territorial limit of one of the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea. The islands are claimed historically by China, though Vietnam also has filed claims to the islands under the Law of the Sea Convention. The Americans state that Taiwan also claims the islands but since Taiwan is just a province of China I will ignore that claim here.
The Chinese have the superior historical and present claim and the islands have long been administered by China. Chinese forces, either Kuomintang or communist, have occupied them since 1946. The Chinese have both civilian and military facilities located on the largest of them, Woody Island, including a hospital, a bank schools, an airport, a seaport and a town hall and have built a large sea port on Duncan Island. The islands are also popular with Chinese tourists.

The territorial disputes were settled long ago when the French tried to incorporate the islands into their Vietnamese territories but after the Sino-French War of 1884-85 France recognised the islands, as well as the Spratly Islands, as Chinese territories. In 1933 the French stabbed China in the back and seized the islands but were then displaced by the Japanese in 1938.
The islands reverted to Chinese control at the end of the Second World War. There was a brief war between Vietnam and China over the islands in 1974 but the Chinese succeeded in maintaining their control of the islands. The Vietnamese still contest this but the fact is that China’s historical claim and influence on the islands dates as far back as the 7th century A.D. and has been continuous since that time.
The law that applies in this situation is the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) which was negotiated between 1973 and 1982 and came into full force in 1994. Almost every country in the world has become a party to the Convention except for the United States which has refused to sign due to concerns it has about certain sections dealing with deep sea mineral mining. However, the United States has always recognised the Convention as a codification of customary international law and therefore has accepted the 12 nautical mile territorial limit, allowed all nations, including itself, as the law.
It is well to keep in mind that in 1988, President Reagan issued a proclamation extending American territorial waters to 12 nautical miles for national security purposes. Further, the United States was a party to the negotiations regarding modifications to the treaty that were made in 1994 and once again affirmed, at that time, that it recognised the Convention as general international law.
In May 2007, President Bush recommended that the US Senate ratify the Convention. In January 2009 at her senate confirmation hearing, Hillary Clinton argued, before the Senate, that the Convention be ratified. She argued for it again before the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations in 2012 and both the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin Dempsey and the Secretary of Defence, Leon Panetta, joined her in urging a quick ratification of the Convention, as did several senior generals and admirals. However, the Republicans succeeded in blocking ratification until today, on the grounds that any law that limits the ability of the United States to do what it wants in the world is against American “interests.”
Nonetheless, the point is that the United States recognises that all nations are entitled to claim a 12 nautical mile territorial limit as China claims over the Paracel Islands. Even if the competing claim by Vietnam was valid the limit still applies. Yet the Americans now arrogantly claim that they can go where they please and do as they like and that these limits do not apply with respect to these islands, or, in fact, to any Chinese borders.
The American government, as reported by CNN, stated that it sent its war ship into the 12-mile limit to challenge “excessive maritime claims that restrict the rights and freedoms of the US and others.” Who the others are was not stated. The statement was absurd on its face since no nation can send its war ships into another nations 12-mile limit without permission of that nation. To do so is considered a hostile act, an act of war.
An American military spokesman for the US government, Commander Bill Urban, told CNN, “This operation demonstrates, as President Obama and Secretary Carter have stated, the United States will fly, sail and operate anywhere international law allows. That is true in the South China Sea, as in other places around the globe.”The absurdity of his statement and the American position lies in the fact that international law does not permit them to send their warships inside any other nations 12 mile limit without permission of that nation and they know it. Once again, the Americans display a contempt for international law, and an arrogance towards the rest of the world, that seem to be without limit.
The American government and media bragged about the fact that “neither China, nor Vietnam was notified of their (US) intention to send their war ship inside the 12 mile limit.” The only right foreign ships, and in particular foreign military vessels, have to pass inside the 12 mile limit is in a case of “innocent passage” that is when a ship is merely transiting the area and it must be with the permission of that nation. But no war ship can pass inside territorial waters in a show of power or for any hostile reason whatsoever. But this is exactly what the American ship did, crossed into Chinese territory with hostile intent.
So, while the Americans blow hard about complying with international law it is they who, once again, vigorously violate it. The Chinese government has rightly and strongly protested this hostile act. Foreign Ministry spokesman, Lu Kang, stated the next day that the “United States is …pursuing maritime hegemony in the name of “freedom,” which was opposed by all developing countries and added that the American action was “both dangerous and irresponsible.”
The United States is pushing China to respond to its aggression but the Chinese have exercised a great deal of restraint over the years in the face of a series of American provocations from spy planes over-flying its air space to a series of naval exercises in the Pacific and South China Sea that are clearly aimed at China and are all part of America’s “pivot to the Pacific,” a shifting of the concentration of its military forces to confront China, in fact a preparation for war on China. The question is how far the Americans are willing to push.
But they are pushing everywhere, like bullies on a drunk, roaming down a street beating and shoving aside anyone they meet. Recently the Iranians detained two small American patrol craft attached to the American fleet in the Persian Gulf that entered Iranian waters. The presence of those boats in those waters at that time has given rise to a lot of speculation about their purpose but no answers, except the obvious one of preparing for hostilities of one type or another. The Americans continue to press Russia in the Black Sea using both naval and air forces and are openly committing aggression against Syria by sending their military units into Syria, allegedly to fight ISIS, without the permission of the Syrian government.And, at the same time as their ship violated Chinese territorial waters, the Americans blasted Russia by claiming Russian planes had violated Turkish airspace, a claim the Russians vehemently denied and labelled the claim what it was, a provocation.
The double standards, the hypocrisy, the constant barrage of absurd statements by American officials about international law as they ravage it, are enough to make anyone doubt their sanity. But unless we can talk about a national psychopathy with respect to the United States and the elite that governs it, and there is a lot of evidence that we can, we are forced to realise that the world is faced by the threat of a gangster nation, a nation that lives for one purpose only, conquest and domination of the planet.
Once again the United Nations proves itself either a useful tool of the United States and its dependencies or completely irrelevant to what is going on. Once again democracy is shown to be an illusion as the desire of all the peoples of the world for peace and cooperation among nations is ignored and worse, the desire for peace is called unpatriotic or treasonous; and the puppets in the mass media are as guilty as their puppet masters as they manipulate the minds of the citizens they claim to inform and stir up the hot blood of war.
And so we wait, sweat dripping off our brows, our faces grim, our muscles tensed wondering where the next blow will fall, when the next provocation will take place, when the fuse will finally blow and annihilate us all.

Christopher Black is an international criminal lawyer based in Toronto, he is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and he is known for a number of high-profile cases involving human rights and war crimes, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

澳洲网_澳洲是亚太重要的和平使者 Australia is an Important Peace Messenger in the Asia-Pacific Region

澳洲网_澳洲国会议员最大责任是为民服务 ――兼评自由党党魁政变问题




President's Message

Dear All

It have been a while that I have written to you. There are many reasons behind it.

One of the main reasons is that we have lost our original website naming right i.e. www.huaren.org because our original owner , a foundation member of huaren.org and World Huaren Federation, decided not to pay its subscription in USA. I offers to pay for him before but was ignored.

Luckily with some foresight, I have registered another similar website : www.huarenworldnet.org based in Australia so we can continue the work and objectives of World Huaren Federation.

With the help of our webmaster James Yin, we manage to transfer all the information from previous huaren.orgwebsite to this new website i.e. www. huarenworldnet.org so you can continue to link up with us and enjoy what we can offer.

Last December 2017, I was elected to the Australian National Board of Medical Association for Prevention of Warwww.mapw.org.au and its International Australian Representative. Last year ICAN , International Campaign for Abolition of Nuclear Weapons, after 10 years of lobbying , managed to pass through a motion in UN to Abolish the Nuclear Weapons with 129 nations supporting it. For its effort, initiated by MAPW in Australia 10 years ago, ICAN was awarded 2017 Noble Peace Prize.

MAPW has done a great job in promoting a world without wars and we hope one day we have enough good leaders around the world and with support of all world citizens, we can stop wars among the so-called "civilised humankind".

USA is the main culprit of wars. I found out from an Italian website Notiziario24.com recently of the fact that since the Independence of USA in 1776 , she has been involved in 222 wars around the world including many invasive wars. It is pity for such a nation which also uses to acclaims that USA is the world most civilised nation, ends up in creating so much disastrous human sufferings and deaths through wars and military conflicts. War always starts with a silly excuse: using war to kill war for peace and always somebody else is wrong.

Having stated the fact, I still hope USA which has lots of the skill and talent and has achieved so much great thing for humanity, will eventually produce some great leadership to lead the world to eternal peace via United Nations under the Rule of Laws to solve all human conflicts peacefully , so that all of us , not some of us , can live in peace and harmony like a big family.

May Peace reigns.


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各界反对的最严重的一条是它太大太阔。将涉及维权和人权的问题,特别是对个人民主权利和自由的侵犯。澳洲媒体人士对此更是敏感。工党领袖BILL SHORTEN强调不能因此影响“媒体的自由”。这是澳洲国家的“民主制度的保障”。如果这法案不能保护记者们的工作权利,他不会支持它。
他以为做间谍这么容易呀!他应该出来澄清这一点。因为如果不澄清将会造成特大的误会,制造其他澳洲人对澳洲华人的不信任,甚至增加对澳洲华人的排挤和压迫,造成不必要的种族之间的误解和冲突。因此我建议全澳的华人领袖有机会要向谭宝政府好好游说进言,要他们的政府以后发言时要澄清,并向各界澳洲公民说清楚。澳洲华人当然有犯罪的,但绝大多数和其他澳洲公民一样是奉公守法的好公民。我们移居澳洲就是冲着澳洲的民主、自由、的法治社会而来的。我们也尊重其他各民族并支持澳洲非常成功的多元文化国策,和公平公正的法律等等。因此,我们也将支持反对党领袖BILL SHOREN和各界社会、宗教、人权、媒体领袖所提出的修改《外国干预法案》的一些不良的条律!


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不久前美国国防部长James Matti公布了美国最新的国防报告,中间提到中国和俄罗斯迅速扩张的军事实力变得具攻击性,将成为美国在国家安全上最优先应对的目标。没想到澳洲国防部长Marise Payne上周末,未加深思,就在澳洲人报表态支持美国这一观点,表示澳洲和美国有相同的战略担忧。澳洲副总理Barnaby Joyce也在上星期日表示认同Marise Payne的观点:这让我感到有点惊异。美国好想要再搞一场“冷战思维”的外交战略。难道澳洲就要马上跟从吗?
幸好在我还没写这篇评论之前,我很欣慰看到澳洲总理Malcolm Turnbull和外长Julie Bishop及时澄清立场。Julie Bishop星期一出面澄清地告诉Sky News电视台“澳洲看不到本地区受到中国和俄罗斯的威胁,我们肯定不把中国视为一个威胁……我们对俄罗斯和中国有着截然不同的看法。我们不视俄罗斯和中国对澳洲构成一个军事威胁”。总理Malcolm Turnbull也表态支持外长的观点,我要赞一赞他们。

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蔡家声世界经济论坛第48届年会将于23日至26日在瑞士达沃斯(DAVOS)(World Economic Forum)举行。今年的主题是“在分化的世界中打造共同命运”。
World Economic Forum世界经济论坛发布的声明:本届年会希望在各国地缘战略竞争恶化的背景下重申国际合作的意义,引导全球共同探讨具有共同利益的重大问题并推动全球联手解决人类共同面对的挑战。在“分化的世界中”如何打造“共同命运”?

Dr Ka Sing Chua
National Board Member, MAPW
487 Mitcham Rd Mitcham 3132
Victoria Australia
Mobile +61 409838 388

Hi Ka Chua

Over the last few months we have been accepting votes via our online voting form for the 2016 Business Excellence Awards hosted by AI. I am delighted to contact you to let you know that Huaren has received a nomination!

The prestigious Business Excellence Awards which were first established to highlight and celebrate the amazing performance and results achieved by the leading firms across the world. Now in its third year the 2016 Business Excellence Awards will identify and honour the most respected companies and their C-level executives throughout a variety of industries, while recognising and rewarding outstanding success.

If you would like to accept your nomination and be considered for an award, please respond with:


(Please note should you respond on behalf of someone else, please notify us of the original email address)

There are no mandatory costs to take part or if you should go on to win.

If you would like further information then please visit our FAQs or alternatively feel free to contact me via email or phone.

Best Regards

Laura Hunter
Awards Co-ordinator
Acquisition International Magazine
Tel: +44 (0) 203 725 6847


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The world is but one nation and the earth /planet is but one country. It belongs to all of us. We have a duty to look after it and pass it on to our future generation in good shape.
It is the responsibility of all of us, not just few of us.

Dr Ka Sing Chua
World Huaren Federation

Special Message for this special Occasion

Learn the historical lessons from World War I and II

Dear President of USA, Mr Obama, Prime Minister of Australia, Mr Abbott and other World leaders

Australia can be a peace maker and we can do it well. We must not blindly follow the USA. She is our friend and strong ally but she can also make serious mistake as in Korea and Indochina etc.
This is twenty first century civilised world. No time for war games anymore. Dialogue, dialogue and dialogue is the way to go until we find a peaceful solution. A third world war and nuclear war we all must avoid. History showed us that there were never winners in wars but only losers. We all who have been in wars were all losers so do not think you can be a winner and do not glorify any past wars as there is no such war. Humanity all suffered in wars one way or another.
I trust that you all govern for your people and humanity. I challenge any government to have a proper independent referendum before they go to war and see if they have a mandate at all.
No civilised people will vote for a war.

With my best wishes

Dr Ka Sing Chua
World Huaren Federation

Dear President Obama,

Would you like to comment, please?

Eddie Tang.

Nuclear war our likely future': Russia & China won't accept US hegemony, Reagan official warns

Published time: May 13, 2015 10:13
Edited time: May 15, 2015 07:08
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Reuters / David Gray
Reuters / David Gray
China, Military, Nuclear, Politics, Russia,USA
The White House is determined to block the rise of the key nuclear-armed nations, Russia and China, neither of whom will join the "world’s acceptance of Washington’s hegemony," says head of the Institute for Political Economy, Paul Craig Roberts.
The former US assistant secretary of the Treasury for economic policy, Dr Paul Craig Roberts, has written on his blog that Beijing is currently "confronted with the Pivot to Asia and the construction of new US naval and air bases to ensure Washington’s control of the South China Sea, now defined as an area of American National Interests."
Roberts writes that Washington’s commitment to contain Russia is the reason “for the crisis that Washington has created in Ukraine and for its use as anti-Russian propaganda.”
Read morehttp://cdn.rt.com/files/news/3f/01/d0/00/military-patrols-china-islands.n.jpgUS mulls sending military ships, aircraft near South China Sea disputed islands – report

The author of several books, "How America Was Lost" among the latest titles, says that US"aggression and blatant propaganda have convinced Russia and China that Washington intends war, and this realization has drawn the two countries into a strategic alliance."
Dr Roberts believes that neither Russia, nor China will meanwhile accept the so-called"vassalage status accepted by the UK, Germany, France and the rest of Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia." According to the political analyst, the "price of world peace is the world’s acceptance of Washington’s hegemony."
"On the foreign policy front, the hubris and arrogance of America’s self-image as the 'exceptional, indispensable' country with hegemonic rights over other countries means that the world is primed for war," Roberts writes.
He gives a gloomy political forecast in his column saying that "unless the dollar and with it US power collapses or Europe finds the courage to break with Washington and to pursue an independent foreign policy, saying good-bye to NATO, nuclear war is our likely future."
Russia’s far-reaching May 9 Victory Day celebration was meanwhile a "historical turning point,"according to Roberts who says that while Western politicians chose to boycott the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany, "the Chinese were there in their place," China's president sitting next to President Putin during the military parade on Red Square in Moscow.
A recent poll targeting over 3,000 people in France, Germany and the UK has recently revealed that as little as 13 percent of Europeans think the Soviet Army played the leading role in liberating Europe from Nazism during WW2. The majority of respondents – 43 percent – said the US Army played the main role in liberating Europe.
"Russian casualties compared to the combined casualties of the US, UK, and France make it completely clear that it was Russia that defeated Hitler," Roberts points out, adding that "in the Orwellian West, the latest rewriting of history leaves out of the story the Red Army’s destruction of the Wehrmacht."
Read morehttp://img.rt.com/files/news/3d/f3/90/00/war.n.jpgPerverted history: Europeans think US army liberated continent during WW2
The head of the presidential administration, Sergey Ivanov, told RT earlier this month that attempts to diminish the role played by Russia in defeating Nazi Germany through rewriting history by some Western countries are part of the ongoing campaign to isolate and alienate Russia.
Dr Roberts has also stated in his column that while the US president only mentioned US forces in his remarks on the 70th anniversary of the victory, President Putin in contrast"expressed gratitude to 'the peoples of Great Britain, France and the United States of America for their contribution to the victory.'"
The political analyst notes that America along with its allies "do not hear when Russia says 'don’t push us this hard, we are not your enemy. We want to be your partners.'"
While Moscow and Beijing have "finally realized that their choice is vassalage or war," Washington"made the mistake that could be fateful for humanity," according to Dr Roberts.

Memo to Obama: Learn lessons of Korean War to avoid showdown with China

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Published time: June 01, 2015 15:11
A P-8A Poseidon surveillance plane (Reuters / U.S. Navy / Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Daniel J. Meshel / Handout)
A P-8A Poseidon surveillance plane (Reuters / U.S. Navy / Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Daniel J. Meshel / Handout)
China, History, Military, Navy, North Korea, Nuclear, Obama, Politics, Russia,USA, War
The Obama administration would do well to apply lessons from the Korean War 55 years ago if it wants to avert a new war with China, which is growing increasingly wary of the US military’s presence in the region.
Tensions between the US and China have been severely exacerbated in recent days by repeated flights by US military aircraft near the Chinese-controlled artificial islets being built with land from the sea bottom in the South China Sea’s Spratly Islands.
The US military - under the pretext of defending 'freedom of navigation' in the sea - plans to conduct flyovers above the territorial 12-mile limits around the islets. This is reckless almost beyond words and may easily escalate into a military conflict between the two nuclear-armed powers. The Chinese government has lodged an official protest against flights near the islands, and the Chinese government newspaper, the Global Times, stated in an editorial: “If the United States’ bottom line is that China has to halt its activities, then a US-China war is inevitable in the South China Sea.”
Read morehttp://cdn.rt.com/files/news/40/65/d0/00/spratly-islands.n.jpgBeijing rejects US criticism over construction in South China Sea
The official US explanation for military activity around the islets, which is 'freedom of navigation,’ simply lacks credibility. These tiny pieces of real estate, and their 12-mile limits, can in no way impede the free movement of ships in the South China Sea. Claims have also been made, without any substantive evidence, that China may use the islets for extensive military purposes. Whether correct or not, the claim that this would justify military intrusions into Chinese-built islets seems strange coming from the Obama administration and military, which have recently established a whole slew of new military agreements, military bases, and deployed new military equipment all around China in its' Asian neighbor countries.
The real explanation for the US military intrusions around the islets is quite different. It is part of a long-term campaign to encircle and isolate China for the purpose of intimidating, weakening, and possibly even destabilizing China to the point where the independent government is replaced by a client state of the US. This campaign is officially referred to as the US 'Pivot to Asia' and is made up of military, economic, and informational elements aimed at isolating and weakening China.
The military element of the encirclement campaign is officially called the 'Air-Sea Battle-Plan', which involves the transfer of up to 60 percent of US military forces - equipped with the latest military equipment - into the Asian theater. The plan also involves creating new US military agreements and new US military bases for American forces in countries around China, including Australia, the Philippines, South Korea and Japan.
Read morehttp://cdn.rt.com/files/news/3f/f6/50/00/china-military-defense-lighthouses1.n.jpgDefense to offense: China unveils new military strategy to boost naval capability
The economic element of the encirclement campaign is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP.) The TPP is a US-proposed treaty - currently the subject of negotiations between Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam - intended to impose regulatory and investment conditions in Asia. More importantly, it would exclude China from the new economic zone.
The informational element of the encirclement campaign consists of accusations by US political figures, which are endlessly repeated in the US mass media, claiming there is a 'China threat.' This assertion stands reality on its head. After all, the US has approximately 650 military bases around the world and is waging continual wars; China has no military bases in foreign countries and has waged no wars in the last 30 years.
These military, economic, and informational attempts to encircle China reflect US foreign policy concepts are known as 'the Brezinski Doctrine' and "the Wolfowitz Doctrine,' which basically state that for the US government to remain the dominant power on Earth it must secure total dominance of the Eurasian continent, upon which the independent nations of Russia and China occupy central positions.
Following these doctrines, while continuing to attempt to encircle China, and ignoring China's current warnings regarding US military activity around or over its' islets, is dangerous to say the least. It seems we’ve been here before. Sixty-five years ago, during the Korean War, China similarly warned that US-led military forces must not occupy its neighbor, North Korea, nor bring its military forces near the North Korea-Chinese border. Despite some alternate views, the consensus among most US policy makers at that time was that China's' warnings were a mere bluff, and that it would not intervene in the Korean War as the US-led forces moved to occupy North Korea. In fact, China's warnings were an attempt to avoid a military confrontation with the US military.
When the warnings were ignored, and US-led forces occupied most of North Korea and approached the Chinese border, Chinese military forces massively intervened, driving the US-led forces completely out of North Korea and back into South Korea, where they remain to this day. The result of the US miscalculation was the deaths of large numbers of Chinese, US, and Korean soldiers and civilians as the American forces were driven out of North Korea.
Like its warnings during the Korean War, China's warnings that some sort of conflict may result from US military intrusions on or near its islet territory should be taken very seriously. Imagine that the US government was building small artificial islets in the ocean off the coast of California, and that China began moving military aircraft and military vessels into the areas around these islets, while insisting that the US had no right to build these islets.
In that scenario, as well as in the current one, there would be a real danger that by miscalculation, accident, or intention by one side or the other a military conflict leading to war with devastating consequences might be triggered.
Hopefully, US policy makers will take China’s warnings seriously, draw back from the encirclement campaign against the country and learn from the disastrous lesson of the Korean War. In that way, we could avoid repeating history while sparing the world yet another terrible war.
Eric Sommer for RT
The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

China’s age of anxiety | $100 million to reduce crime

Anxious China | e-democracy | Reducing crime... and all this week’s other new articles

China V-Day Parade 2015

History backs China's firm stand on islands

Dear Fellow Asian Americans:

Please accept my deepest apology. It is my sad duty to inform you that
the Boards of 80-20 voted unanimously to cease the operation of 80-20
PAC on Oct. 25, 2015, should SELF fail to reach its goal of raising $1
million per yr. and 5 yrs., as anticipated. This decision is final.

We want to THANK those of you, who have

read and forwarded many of 80-20's e-newsleters,
responded to some of 80-20's calls-to-actions,
joined as PAC members, and
donated generously and selflessly to SELF.

We are NOT giving up on saving the PAC. We still hope that once our
community knows that PAC SHALL DEFINITELY die if SELF fails, AsAms
may yet in the remaining 3.5 months open their pocketbooks and help SELF
reach its goals. We know that the chance of a last minute rescue is small,
probably less than 1 in 10. However, we'll still do our best.

DONATE to SELF, Self Empowerment Longterm Fund.

Many of you, who have worked hard to serve AsAms by saving PAC, may want to know more DETAILS of our decision. We owe you that. They are provided as FOOTNOTES, below my signature.

Sincerely yours,
Add a description
President, a volunteer for the past 16 years,
The 80-20 Initiative.


(1) What does the Demise of PAC means?

PAC shall cease all its activities, including endorsing or opposing any political
candidates, but its website shall be kept alive by 80-20 EF. We want to remind the AsAm community how much we together got done, with our puny resources.
In addition, the current Life Members list and Membership list will remain proudly
in display. The AsAm community should remember the names of these valiant
persons who have scarified greatly to keep PAC alive for 16 years.

(2) Donation to SELF Refunded in Full, If Requested

Should the anticipated eventuality happen, EF shall keep its promise to refund
all donations in FULL, if requested. After Oct. 25, 2015, EF shall send 2 emails
and one postal mail (certified to those who have donated $1,000 or more) to donors inquiring if he/she desires a refund and where 80-20 shall send a check to.

(3) Details of 80-20's Decision Process and Procedure

First, the Board of EF voted unanimously to inform the Board of PAC that SELF would likely fail. As a result, EF could not have the resources to hire highly qualified staff, to be trained by S. B. Woo, whom PAC may share for its needs during election seasons. In response. PAC deemed that without highly qualified staff, PAC cannot be effective in the rough and tumble world of election politics, after S. B. Woo has retired. Therefore, PAC's Board has voted unanimously to cease all operations on Oct. 25, 2015, if SELF fails.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As the president of both EF and PAC, I bear the largest responsibility for the anticipated demise of 80-20. My deepest apology to you all.

DONATE to SELF, Self Empowerment Long-term Fund.

To find the current status of SELF, click here.

Help us spread the word, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter !
80-20 Mission Statement
Frequently Asked Questions
80-20's Top 10 Accomplishment, published 3 years ago.


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PM Lee answers questions on Hong Kong protests


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong replies to a question during the Question-and-Answer session moderated by Professor Tommy Koh, after speaking on Singapore in Transition – The Next Phase, at the NUSS 60th Anniversary Lecture held in the University Cultural Centre, Oct 3, 2014. Photo: Ooi Boon Keong


UPDATED: 11:48 PM, OCTOBER 3, 2014

Hong Kong is in a very unique and delicate position. It’s not a sovereign country. It’s one country, two systems. It’s never had elections all the years when the British ran it as a colony. When the British term ended, the arrangement with the Chinese was one country, two systems and some limited form of democracy in Hong Kong, gradually extending to direct universal suffrage ... So the governing law is Basic Law, the sovereignty is China and the geopolitical reality is that Hong Kong is now part of China. China wants Hong Kong to succeed and do well, and is prepared to go very far to help Hong Kong to succeed and do well but they don’t want Hong Kong to become a problem for them on the other side of the Shenzhen river in China. Absolutely not.
So the Hong Kong people have to make one country two systems work. They, as well as the central government in Beijing, have to do that jointly. It’s a delicate business where exactly does one country end and two systems begin. ... There’s always grey areas for interpretation. There will be issues which will have to come up from time to time, such as exactly how are you going to elect the chief executive. And these have to be resolved by Hong Kong and China but in a way which is in the interests of Hong Kong and which doesn’t hurt the interests of China and which is in accordance with the law and the Basic Law. ...
These are peaceful demonstrations that’s good. They’re not in Tiananmen, they are not in Zhongnanhai so that lowers the temperature but even then it’s a difficult situation for the Chief Executive and his team to manage and I’m quite sure there’s a large team on the Chinese side in Beijing watching this very very carefully. As long as it’s student demonstrators, and you are talking about Hong Kong matters ... Hong Kongers looking after Hong Kong. These are things which best of all Hong Kong can sort out for itself. But if other groups get involved and use this as a way to pressure China or to change China or, I read in the newspapers, that former activists from Tiananmen in 1989 have come to help the students. I don’t think they need such help. Or the students who were doing the Sunflower movement in Taipei also coming to compare notes — so teach you how to occupy something. I don’t think such help is in anyway helpful. I think that will only make things much more complicated.
But I wish them well. I was just there two weeks ago. They were concerned about this. But if you don’t move forward with the chief executive election rules then the status quo remains. It’s workable after a fashion but you have to ask yourself whether that’s the best outcome for Hong Kong.

Li Ka-shing, the successful business man of Hong Kong, wrote this article really well. Send this to all Chinese all over the world, including the protestors in Hong Kong and also to Editors of Newspapers/Media around the world!

The following article, which is written by Li Ka-shing, describes the current situation in Hong Kong really well. Li Ka-shing says:
“No matter what the mistakes the Communist Party of China have committed, no matter how much the Communist Party appeared to be corrupted, as a Chinese Communist Party's citizen, we should not make life difficult for the people for whatever reason. We must remember the ruling of China by the Communist Party is a history and is by choice.
At least for a long time till now, there is not a single party, whether from the prestige or ability standpoint that could govern our country and could have any power to replace the current Communist party. Furthermore, not to mention, the country led by Xi Jinping, the new central team, does give us hope and also lets us felt the positive energy.
A political party like a man, he might make a mistake, it could correct the error; he might get sick, he could recover. If we leave the Communist Party, China will be in chaos! If China is in a mess, we the people will suffer.
Recently many extreme articles appeared in the Internet, the goal is not to denounce the corrupt forces within the party, but the total negation of the Communist Party. The articles, ignored China's great achievements since the reform, yet targeted various Communist Party errors with coherent, detailed data & language subtlety and even the styles are similar, highly provocative and demagogic. Unlike the ordinary people to vent their discontent spontaneously, these articles are more like an organized and premeditated campaign. One cannot help but suspect what the political motives behind and with what the international background.
As we all know, China's rise has caused some international forces fear, the United States and Japan and some other countries are a deliberate attempt to suppress and block China to excel and progress. Their actual purpose is not to implement what is more universal advanced concepts, rather they consider only the interests of other countries. They make various plans, they contribute money and effort to cultivate the anti-communist hostile forces. Their only one real purpose, is to mess with China, separate China, so China's development will be in stagnation or retrogression, then later become their vassals. These tactics could allow them to dominate the world continuously.
Look at Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Egypt, they are the masterpiece of the United States act. These countries are messed up by the United States, so what their people get at the end? For the pro-American forces, do they really get the benefit?
My fellow citizens, open your eyes, look, do not easily be brainwashed, it should not follow the excitement, followed by booing, felt pride while being exploited. We are Chinese, we could not see a disaster in this country. If we have the opportunity to contribute to the country, we should try. If we could not afford to contribute to the country, then we at least try not to cause trouble to it, isn’t it true? If you mess up the country, we are in big trouble. For now, we can do at least, is do not say and do not spread any negative or irresponsible news that are not conducive to the stability in the country!” - Li Ka-shing.
Ladies and gentlemen, after reading this article, please try to pass it on.

WE DID IT!! Largest. Climate. March. In History.

CA assembly to deny AsAm equal op. in ed.

Bersih 4.0 最新消息!大马史上最大规模大集会 吉隆坡大黄潮 - *第9意识* 互联网教育新闻网

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Is America Ready for China as an 'Equal Brother?'

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Chinatownology: Moon cake and mongols

UN declares China to be 2014 Best Country in the World

Dear all
While we congratulate China's achievement, China Government must not be too complacent as there are still a lot of work to be done for her disadvantaged citizens.
Dr Ka Sing Chua

Dear all

Japanese W11 Atrocity is still fresh in our mind. Less we forget.

The current Japanese Prime Minister Abe is not "an exemplary International Citizen" no matter how much Tony Abbott wishes to curry favour with him. He should at least take note of what Malcolm Fraser, Bob Hawke and John Howard's opinion. He should go back to learn the history of Japanese's atrocity during W11 including treatments received by Australian POW in Sandakan etc.

Tony Abbott should also join international friends of Japan including many Japanese citizens, telling Abe to follow the real " exemplary international citizen" i.e. German President HE Angela Merkel.

Japan should return the "disputed islands Senkaku or Diaoyu islands" back to China as promised after their surrender in 1945 and pay lots of compensation to China and other affected countries. Then the current conflict will be resolved immediately. The American President Obama should advice Japan to do likewise. We do not need an arm race in the Asia Pacific region. We certainly do not need a war to resolve the current conflict which is being blown out of proportion by Abe.

Dr Ka Sing Chua

In response to the following debates.

The Truth - Documentary on DiaoYu Islands by Chris Nebe .

Why Australia is choosing old enemy Japan over China

Access Asialink July 2014 - Don't take China for granted says Ambassador, insights on agribusiness and events in your city

The White House, Washington

Yesterday, after more than 50 years, we began to change America's relationship with the people of Cuba.
We are recognizing the struggle and sacrifice of the Cuban people, both in the U.S. and in Cuba, and ending an outdated approach that has failed to advance U.S. interests for decades. In doing so, we will begin to normalize relations between our two countries.
I was born in 1961, just over two years after Fidel Castro took power in Cuba, and just as the U.S. severed diplomatic relations with that country.
Our complicated relationship with this nation played out over the course of my lifetime -- against the backdrop of the Cold War, with our steadfast opposition to communism in the foreground. Year after year, an ideological and economic barrier hardened between us.
That previous approach failed to promote change, and it's failed to empower or engage the Cuban people. It's time to cut loose the shackles of the past and reach for a new and better future with this country.
I want you to know exactly what our new approach will mean.
First, I have instructed Secretary of State John Kerry to immediately begin discussions with Cuba to re-establish diplomatic relations that have been severed since 1961. Going forward, we will re-establish an embassy in Havana, and high-ranking officials will once again visit Cuba.
Second, I have also instructed Secretary Kerry to review Cuba's designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism -- a review guided by the facts and the law. At a time when we are focused on threats from ISIL and al Qaeda, a nation that meets our conditions and renounces terrorism should not face such a sanction.
Third, we'll take steps to increase travel, commerce, and the flow of information to -- and from -- Cuba. These steps will make it easier for Americans to travel to Cuba. They will make it easier for Americans to conduct authorized trade with Cuba, including exports of food, medicine, and medical products to Cuba. And they will facilitate increased telecommunications connections between our two countries: American businesses will be able to sell goods that enable Cubans to communicate with the United States and other countries.
Learn more about the steps we're taking to change our policy.
These changes don't constitute a reward or a concession to Cuba. We are making them because it will spur change among the people of Cuba, and that is our main objective.
Change is hard -- especially so when we carry the heavy weight of history on our shoulders.
Our country is cutting that burden loose to reach for a better future.
Thank you,
President Barack Obama

This email was sent to ho.isaac6@gmail.com.
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Please do not reply to this email. Contact the White House
The White House • 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW • Washington, DC 20500 • 202-456-1111

President of 80-20, U.S.A.

WANT TO HELP STRIKE A BLOW to create the “deterrent
” that will prevent future derogatory depictions of people of
Chinese descent?

UNITE! Demand that FOX TV FIRE this talking head who on a
public broadcast said:

"The Chinese are the single biggest threat to the national
security of the U.S.
,” a talking head on FOX TV said on
7/10. "They have been, they will be and they can
wait, they're very patient. Do you know what we just
did? As usual, we bring them over here and we teach a
bunch of Chinamen -- er, Chinese people -- how to do
computers and then they go back to China and hack
into us."

Click here to hear the racist xenophobic statement, expressed with
such hateful body language and hand gestures. He seems bent on
inciting a race war against Chinese. He had damaged grievously
the psychological, physical and career welfare of Chinese-Ams.

For such a serious offense, an apology is NOT enough.
He must be FIRED.

Clipper's owner Donald Sterling was banned from NBA for life and
forced to sell the team for his racial slur against black in a private
This talking head called ALL people of Chinese
descent “the single biggest threat to the national security of the US”
and used a “C word” in a public broadcast!

America came down hard on Sterling, as it should. Why is my
country so silent on this talking head, Fox TV and Mr. Murdock??

80-20 shall never quit in this demand. We want this to be
the LAST such statements in major TV channels — establishing
a “deterrent effect”. Otherwise, frequent statements against
people of Chinese descent will occur. Our nation could become
so psychologically conditioned to implicitly and explicitly act
AGAINST the rightful interests of Chinese- and Asian-Americans.

We have a huge amount of tools ready to call this to Fox’s
attention. See Footnote 1.

For now, however, we’ll try REASONING. Please send email to
Roger Ailes, Pres. of Fox News Channel
roger.ailes@foxnews.com and Comments@foxnews.com .
Use your own words or state:

“Subject: Fire Beckel or I’ll boycott Fox

Fire Bob Beckel for the sake of ethnic harmony,
world peace and your own reputation. I'll NEVER
abandon this demand. If you do fire Beckel, I'll
remember and respect you for it. If you don’t,
I’ll help create a boycott of products of Fox
advertizers by Chinese people worldwide.
Your name, city and sate”

Do it now! This may not work. So start organizing your own
community and friends and get ready for a big and long battle.
Thank you.


S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation, Inc.

A Strong Press Release

Contact person: S. B. Woo 302-366-0259
Subject: Why the U.S. Media Treats Sterling & Beckel so Differently?
80-20 PAC, by far the largest Asian Am. political action committee, announced
today that it shall unite with all organizations, elected officials and individuals to
help achieve the goal of getting Robert Beckel fired by Fox. Beckel stated on
Fox TV “The Five” on 7/10/2014:
“The Chinese are the single biggest threat to the national
security of the U.S.,” and used a “C word”.
Click here to hear his racist, xenophobic statement, expressed with such hateful
body language and hand gestures. He seems bent on inciting a race war against
the Chinese people.
Just several months ago, ABC reviewed a taped Jimmy Kimmel segment during
which a kid blurted out “kill all Chinese” and let it air? Will ABC do the same, if
the word “Chinese” was replaced by Blacks or Jews? Now Beckel, as a news
analyst, publicly stated the above.
The Chinese American community is determined to stop such statements against
us, once and for all. Otherwise, we’ll be like the Jews in Nazi Germany who
eventually faced a very hostile home community.
S. B. Woo, 80-20 President & former Lt. Governor of Delaware says, “We are fully
aware that the U.S. is not Nazi Germany. On the other hand, if such statements
can come against us again and again without severe repercussions to the
offender, then the Chinese- and perhaps East-Asian-Americans will suffer
psychologically, physically and career wise.”
Clipper's owner Donald Sterling was banned from NBA for life and forced to sell
the team for his racial slur against blacks in a private conversation.
In comparison, Beckel called all people of Chinese descent “the single biggest
threat to the national security of the US” and used a “C word” in a public
broadcast! ” Why is our media so quiet on Beckel?” Woo asks. “Where are the
Asian Am. journalists, for heaven’s sake?” [meaning those who work in the mainstream
media. Added by SB Woo]
People of Chinese descent worldwide are watching how fair the media in U.S.A. is.
Is the U. S. media using double standard for different races? (The end)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
How 80-20’s Call to Action & Press Release made a Difference!
The community has really responded. Thanks to them, the following has occurred
1) The MSN poll on whether Bob Beckel should resign was losing by a 30% to 40% 2
nights ago. This morning it is leading by 59% to 26%.
Click on http://specials.msn.com/more-polls.aspx
2) After the press release, CNN got in touch with S. B. Woo.
3) Chinese American residing in China have already gotten in touch with S.B.
They are also reaching out to Chinese-Ams in Hong Kong and Macau. All
of you can help reach people of Chinese descent internationally.
Help make this ugly anti-Chinese broadcast known INTERNATIONALLY.
What else YOU can do!
A) Continue to send email to Roger Ailes, Pres. of Fox News via roger.ailes@foxnews.com
and Comments@foxnews.com . Use your own words or state:
“Subject: Fire Beckel or I’ll boycott Fox
Fire Bob Beckel for the sake of ethnic harmony,
world peace and your own reputation. If you do,
I’ll remember and respect you for it. If you don’t,
I’ll stop watching FOX & choose CNN instead.
Your name, city, sate & TITLE.”
B) An CivilRights Wechat Group has set up petition site: http://www.weidb.com/ptbecke
Please go sign up.
C) THANK all the orgs. and individuals who have responded to 80-20 Initiative’s call
to together protect the life and liberty of Chinese Americans.

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation, Inc.
FORWARD this e-newsletter and use social media please.

Introducing S.B WOO President of 80-20 , U.S.A.
by Dr Ka Sing Chua
President of World Huaren Federation

Biographical Information
Delaware. He was born in Shanghai, China, and came to the
United States from Hong Kong at the age of 18.
He is the president of The 80-20 Educational Foundation (EF), a
501(c)3 non-profit organization focused on winning equal
opportunity in the workplace and equal justice for ALL Asian
Pacific Americans. 80-20 EF's first step in fulfilling this mission is
to create a community-wide awareness of pervasive workplace
discrimination against Asian Americans, thereby hoping to induce
an awareness and will to take action. 80-20 EF is also educating the
community on the importance of group political clout.
He was also the founding president of The 80-20 PAC, Inc. from 2002
to 2006 that works on organizing Asian Pacific Americans (APAs) into
a swing bloc vote in presidential elections, thereby inducing both
major political parties to compete serving the rightful interests of the
APA community.
His past experiences include being the Founding President of the
Faculty Bargaining Unit at the University of Delaware, its Chief
Spokesman and Chief Negotiator; a Trustee of the University of
Delaware; an Institute Fellow at the Institute of Politics, the
Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; and serving
as the National President of the Organization of Chinese
Americans (OCA).
His bio can be found in The Congressional Record of 2/5/2007. He is
also listed in Who's Who in America. A life-sized picture of him is
displayed in Smithsonian's National Museum of American History in
Washington D.C.. In 2000, aMagazine ranked him the 6th of the 25
Most Influential Asian Americans.
He received his B.S., summa cum laude, in Mathematics and
Physics from Georgetown College in Kentucky and his Ph.D. in
Physics from Washington University in St. Louis in 1964.
To send an unmistakable signal of personal devotion - that his
mission in working to champion equality for all Asian Americans
through 80-20 has no personal gain or interest whatsoever - S. B. has
pledged never to run for a political office or accept a federal government
appointment for the rest of his life.

China presents an olive leaf to USA

BEIJING (Reuters) - China and the United States need to "plant more flowers, not thorns" in their relationship and Washington needs to have a more objective view about China, state media on Thursday quoted President Xi Jinping as saying ahead of a key meeting.
Xi, speaking to former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson ahead of next week's China-U.S. Strategic and Economic Dialogue, said he hoped both countries could use such gatherings to keep "injecting positive energy" into the relationship.
"The two sides should expand common interests, deepen cooperation, plant more flowers, not thorns, clear the interference and avoid suspicion and confrontation," Xi was quoted as saying by the official China Daily.
China would stick to the path of peaceful development and shoulder its international duties, Xi added.
"We hope the U.S. will objectively view China's basic national conditions as well as its domestic and foreign policies," he said.
China and the United States, as the world's two largest economies, have close trade and business ties and work together on important international issues like North Korea.
But they also have deep differences, over everything from human rights to the value of the Chinese currency.
U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, who will attend the Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Beijing, said on Tuesday the yuan's value was a "very big issue" for the United States and that the currency needed to appreciate more.
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is also attending, and will likely have to address Chinese concerns over what Beijing views as Washington's support for Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines over their territorial disputes with China.
China's increasingly assertive tone in the disputed East and South China Seas, as well as its rising military expenditure, have rattled nerves in the region and in Washington.
(Reporting by Ben Blanchard; Editing by Nick Macfie)

Dear Sir / Madam,

The Dragon Foundation is pleased to announce the Dragon 100 (龍匯100) 2014. It will take place from 11-18 October 2014 in Hong Kong and Taiwan, focusing on the theme of “Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation”. We would like to invite you to nominate participants who are outstanding potential Chinese leaders aged 18-35 with demonstrated leadership skills, an excellent academic record, talent in non-academic areas and a commitment to serve the community. The closing date for nominations is 31 July 2014.

The annual Dragon 100 Young Chinese Leaders Forum was initiated by the Dragon Foundation in 2002. Since then it has brought together 100 youth leaders of Chinese origin from around the world every year. Intended as a platform for sharing views and generating synergy, it provides stimulus for innovation, enthusiasm and commitment.

Entrepreneurship is all about innovation and creativity, which are major characteristics of young people. It is also a way to generate and promote economic growth. Thus entrepreneurship can be considered both a way of thought and of behaviour, in that it not only requires imagination and passion, but also specific traditional functions such as marketing and finance. The Dragon 100 – 2014 Programme serves as a platform for young entrepreneurs, both established, as well as the up-and-coming, to sit down and openly discuss the challenges and opportunities that face those seeking this particular pathway.

Programme factsheet and nomination form are enclosed, should you have further queries or require any more information, please do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat of The Dragon Foundation, by telephone: (852) 2811-2779, by fax: (852) 2811-2669 or by e-mail: info@dragonfoundation.net Further information may also be obtained at our website www.dragonfoundation.net

We look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Mabel Woo
Project Manager
The Dragon Foundation
Tel : (852) 2811 2779

Dragon 100 - 2014 (Factsheet)

Dragon 100 Application Guidelines_2014

Dragon Foundation Leaflet (May 2014)

Nomination form_ Dragon 100 2014 [LOCKED]

Dear G7 Leaders,

It is Japan, causing tensions in the “East and South China Sea," when it nationalized those Diaoyu Islands in 2012 and by failing to follow those Cairo and Potsdam Declarations, no more, no less.

John Lee.


New Cross-strait Alliance.

G7 stops short of endorsing Japan's anti-China rhetoric

Updated: 2014-06-05 14:41
BRUSSELS/BEIJING - Leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) industrialized nations fell short of endorsing Japan's anti-China rhetoric at a meeting in Brussels on Wednesday.

G7 stops short of endorsing Japan's anti-China rhetoric
China-Japan relations

"We are deeply concerned by tensions in the East and South China Sea," the leaders from Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States said in a communique issued at the end of the first day of their talks in Brussels.

"We oppose any unilateral attempt by any party to assert its territorial or maritime claims through the use of intimidation, coercion or force," the G7 leaders said, without specifying any country.

Japan had reportedly pushed the G7 to single out China for the rising tensions in the East and South China Sea, hoping to apply international pressure on China in its territorial disputes with Beijing over the Diaoyu Islands.

In an earlier response to Tokyo's futile attempt, the Chinese foreign ministry reaffirmed the country's determination to protect its sovereignty and legitimate rights.

"China is firm and resolute in safeguarding the sovereignty and maritime rights and interests in the East China Sea and the South China Sea as well as national security," Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told reporters on Tuesday.

"I want to point out that on the East China Sea issue, it is not China but Japan who changes the status quo. It is Japan who snatched the Diaoyu Islands away from China by force over 100 years ago. It is also Japan who attempted to unilaterally 'nationalize' the Diaoyu Islands by violating the UN Charter, the Cairo Declaration, the Potsdam Declaration and other international laws," he said.

"Therefore it is Japan who should clean up its acts and correct its mistakes," the spokesman said.

"Meanwhile, we always hold the point that disputes should be managed and settled through dialogue and negotiation. We advise the Japanese side not to stir up troubles nor mislead the public opinion on international occasions."

The two-day summit hosted by the European Union (EU) focuses on Ukraine situation, ties with Russia, global economy and energy security, according to preliminary agenda unveiled by the EU.

Originally, a G8 summit was scheduled to take place in Sochi, Russia in early June under Russian presidency. At their meeting in The Hague, the Netherlands on March 24, the G7 leaders decided to meet in Brussels in June in the G7 format instead to protest the accession of Ukraine's Crimea region into Russia.

3 June 2014
Dear all

The Shangri La Dialogue showed that US ganged up with Japan by ignoring the historical facts. Why US and other Western countries which fought the Nazi Germany so fiercely, conveniently trying to ignore what Nazi Japan have done to China, US and Asia during the World War 2. Japan has agreed to return all the lands they conquered from China, back to China and US supposed to be the referee to see to that. The US has now conveniently buried this part of the historical fact and ganged up with Japan and condones Japan to re-militarise to the detriment of a peaceful Asia and the world. I believe China has a strong case to argue through International Court of Justice. Those territories in dispute are in fact belongs to China historically and legitimately. I hope China will hire reputable international lawyers to fight for their case just like the Jews and start a whole ranges of compensation claims of war damages conducted by Nazi Japan during the second World War.

In response to the following emails.

Dr Ka Sing Chua

Dear President Obama,

I totally agree with Alice but also like your comment, please?

I would add that Japan and other countries who ignore those Declarations below must be Uncle Sam’s slaves.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

John Lee


New Cross-strait Alliance.

The US has given away its credibility in defending human rights when it keeps depriving the rights of Chinese people in defending their rightful lands including off-shore islands. Even a kid could figure out its ill and malicious intent.

The US President and Cabinet/Congressmen/Senate must stop burying their heads in the sand like ostriches; they should act as real men answerable and accountable to their conscience and the almighty God in upholding truth, justice, honesty and righteousness. If they fail to do that, they should henceforth back off and utter no word on the world political arena to make fools of themselves.



Cairo Declaration - Text

The several military missions have agreed upon future military operations against Japan. The Three Great Allies expressed their resolve to bring unrelenting pressure against their brutal enemies by sea, land, and air. This pressure is already rising.

The Three Great Allies are fighting this war to restrain and punish the aggression of Japan. They covet no gain for themselves and have no thought of territorial expansion. It is their purpose that Japan shall be stripped of all the islands in the Pacific which she has seized or occupied since the beginning of the first World War in 1914, and that all the territories Japan has stolen from the Chinese, such as Manchuria, Formosa, and The Pescadores (are an archipelago off the western coast of Taiwan in the Taiwan Strait consisting of 64 small islands and islets),. Shall be restored to the Republic of China. Japan will also be expelled from all other territories which she has taken by violence and greed. The aforesaid three great powers, mindful of the enslavement of the people of Korea, are determined that in due course Korea shall become free and independent.

With these objects in view the three Allies, in harmony with those of the United Nations at war with Japan, will continue to persevere in the serious and prolonged operations necessary to procure the unconditional surrender of Japan.[2]

Potsam Declaration -Terms of the Declaration

On July 26, the United States, Britain, and China released the Potsdam Declaration announcing the terms for Japan's surrender, with the warning, "We will not deviate from them. There are no alternatives. We shall brook no delay." For Japan, the terms of the declaration specified:[1]

· the elimination "for all time [of] the authority and influence of those who have deceived and misled the people of Japan into embarking on world conquest"

· the occupation of "points in Japanese territory to be designated by the Allies"

· "Japanese sovereignty shall be limited to the islands of Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku, and such minor islands as we determine," as had been announced in the Cairo Declaration in 1943.[3]

Document for establishing int'l order after WWII


07-26-2014 10:57 BJT

Saturday marks the 69th anniversary of the issuing of the Potsdam Proclamation. The Potsdam Proclamation was issued on July 26, 1945 by the United States, Britain and China. It called for the surrender of all Japanese armed forces after Nazi Germany was defeated during World War II.

It stated that, if Japan did not surrender, it would face "prompt and utter destruction." The declaration is viewed as an ultimatum posed to the forces of fascism and an important document which helped establish international order after World War II. On August 15, 1945, the Japanese government accepted the proclamation and surrendered.

"As I understand it, the declaration requires that Japan would abandon all its conquests that it made in China.... Japan would become a demilitarized country," Terry Charman, Snr. historian at London Imperial War Museum said.

Dear Prime Minister Abe,

Congratulations to Mr. Stone’s speech which is very accurate therefore deserves respect.

On the contrary, it is very much regrettable that you want to continue to pay your respects to those (14) convicted Class-A war criminals today!

John Lee


New Cross-strait Alliance.

Oliver Stone’s Advice to Japan: Apologize

By Mitsuru Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

U.S. film director Oliver Stone speaks before press in Tokyo on August 12.

Film director Oliver Stone, who is no stranger to controversy, turned from his sharp attacks on the U.S. for the atomic bombings of Japan to criticize his hosts over their attitude to China and other Asian neighbors.

In a speech to foreign correspondents in Tokyo, Mr. Stone said that Japan needs to more completely apologize for its wartime acts, and said it should also resist a shift to relying on military might to deal with security challenges posed by its neighbors such as China and North Korea.

Japan’s leaders have expressed “deep remorse” over the physical damage and psychological pain the country has inflicted on other Asian countries, but repeated visits by cabinet ministers to a controversial war shrine in Tokyo and growing talk of revising the nation’s peace constitution have made other countries skeptical about the intention of these remarks.

He said that if Japan came out with a more forthright apology “that would make front-page headlines everywhere in the world.”

He added that Japan, which is locked in a territorial dispute with China over a small group of islands, should look more broadly at ties between the two countries.

“Don’t look at China as your enemy. Start seeing it differently. Start by apologizing to China for what you did in China and all the people you killed there,” Mr. Stone said. “Japan’s interest in the long-term could very much lie with China.”

Mr. Stone described Japan’s face-off with China over disputed territories in the East China Sea as like “some kid who goes out there and picks fights and then has got his big brother behind him to go clean up after him,” referring to the United States’ security obligations to Japan.

He argued that Japan should show leadership in resolving conflicts in a peaceful manner. “We want to see Japan playing a leading role in making this a more peaceful world by resolving the conflicts in the Pacific in a way that shows the vision of Japan,” he said. “Japan has a peace constitution and a commitment to nuclear non-resolution.”

Mr. Stone’s view is formed by his skepticism of power and his belief in political checks and balances. He went as far as to praise China for not handing over American national security leaker Edward Snowden to the United States. “I’m glad that China didn’t arrest him. At least China had the guts to stand up (to the United States) that way.”

The famous director is in Japan to promote his documentary series, “The Untold History of the United States,” which presents an alternative interpretation of the country’s history in the 20th century, challenging the narrative of America as an “underdog.” The series will be aired by Japan’s national broadcaster NHK.

The documentary includes discussion of the two atomic bombings. Peter Kuznick, professor of history at American University, who worked with Stone in the production of the documentary, said it was “a learning experience for both of us” to meet with the victims of the bombing, as well as historians and journalists in Japan. The documentary contends that the long-held assertions that the bombings were necessary to end the war are untrue and that other factors, such as the Soviet Union’s entry into the war against Japan was a strong factor in the country’s surrender.

“The more we see and the more we learn, the more troubling it is for us and the more we realize how important Japan’s coming to grips with its past is for Japan, but also for the United States and for the rest of the world. Japan and the United States are linked together in this web of deceit in which we both collaborate to tell lies about all of our history,” he said.

Dear Prime Minister Abe,

You will need a translator for you to understand the unconditional surrender by the Japanese government in 1945.

John Lee


New Cross-strait Alliance.

Japs surrender its entirety. Chinese people should turn right!

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Abe's Article 9 blitz alarms Asia

My China's Dream

History teaches us that the best reform for a nation, is through peaceful transformation. It avoids violent confronation and civil wars among its citizens. This has been happening in all the advanced Western countries last 100 years or more. That is why they are ahead of China and those so-called developed and under developed countries which spent more time fighting and killing one another among their own citizens insteads of developing their countries.

I believe China under the current leadership can lead China to a better future despite all the imperfection China's system still has. Over 113 years of the founding of Commonwealth of Australia, the "White Australia policy" was only abolished 35 years ago. China only opens up to new ideas 35 years ago and Communist ruling party has transformed and modernise itself and China. It still has to open up to more check and balance and democratic governance including open, transparent rule of laws. It should allow all members of parliament to have their equal say whether they belong to Communist Party or other democratic parties' representatives as they are all equal Chinese citizens and nation's representatives. Selection of these representatives should be based on talent. merit and good character.

China has hopes for all, not just for Chinese citizens but for all overseas Chinese and other global citizens. Its development and achievement last 35 years and more to achieve in the coming years, will help to secure peaceful development for China and the rest of the world. We all will benefit from the peaceful transformation of China. My advice to those who promote the overthrown of Chinese Communist Party Government in China and outside China, should direct their energy to help China's peaceful transformation instead.

That is my "China's dream" for this century.

Best regards

Dr. Ka Sing Chua
487 Mitcham Rd Mitcham 3132 Victoria, Australia
Tel: 03-98735050 Fax: 03-98743618


历史教导我们一个国家的改革最好是通过和平改革,这就避免了公民之间的武力冲突和内战。在最近的一百多年来,在所有西方 先进文明的国家都出现过这样的情况。这是他们先进于中国和那些所谓的发展中国家. 而那些所谓的发展中国家花费许多时间打仗和相互残杀,而不是致力于发展他们的国家的原因,

我相信中国在当前的领导下能赢得更好的前景,尽管中国体制上尚有不完善之处。澳大利亚联邦已成立113年之久,直到35年前才废除了白澳政策。在35年之 前中国才实行开放政策,中国共产党这个执政党已经改进了自身和中国并使之现代化。它仍然必须有更多的开放、检查、制衡和民主治理,包括开放透明的法治。它 应当允许议会成员有平等的发言权,无论他们是否为共产党或其它民主党派的代表,因为他们是平等的中国公民和国家代表。选举这些代表必须根据他们的才能和品 格,任人唯贤。

中国有希望,不仅是中国公民的希望,也是所有海外华人以及世界人民的希望。在过去35年里中国的发展和成就以及在今后岁 月里更大的成就将确保中国和世界其它地区的和平发展。我们均会受益于中国的和平发展和改革。我劝告那些在中国国内外致力于推翻中国共产党的人士应当把他们 的精力用于帮助中国的和平改革.




From the Editor

The dispute of Senkaku or Diaoyui islands' ownership between China and Japan is concerning many people in Asia and around the world. On one hand Japan claims that she has the sovereignty over them because they have been under her legal administration since the end of World war 2. While China claims that they belongs to China from the historical perspective. Japan under the Peace Treaty at the end of World War 2, supposed to return the ownership of these islands back to China. But for some unforeseen circumstances, with the eruption of China civil war, China failed to claim them back formally from Japan.

Who actually owns this island is the burning issue.

We hope that it will be resolved one way or the other through peaceful negotiation. Failing that, we suggest that the case be decided in the International Court and tribunal. It is better that way than trying to fight it out militarily. It is not worth having the war to determine the ownership of these islands. As the destruction will be far worse than the benefit for either side. Moreover if a war is declared , its implication will be unmeasurable in term of its influence with the development of China and Japan. Its disastrous effect will not only affect China and Japan but will extend to all Asia countries and the world like Europe and US etc. No one is an island anymore. The war will bring enormous economic disaster, humanity hardship and suffering for many many people, not confined to the Chinese and Japanese.

Cover design for this issue was done by our webmaster James Yin. Thank you James.

Let us hope that the leadership of China and Japan are wiser than that.

we are looking for a bilangual Editor and Assistant Editor to assist us in compiling our regular Emagazine etc. It is voluntary contribution without monetary remuneration. If you are interested, please contact Dr Ka Sing Chua at contact@www.huarenworldnet.org or kchua@www.huarenworldnet.org

I would like to take this opportunity to again thank my special assistant Dr Yit Seng Yow for patiently help to compile our Emagazine and many other voluntary contributors. Without them, we would not have our regular Emagazine for you to enjoy.





如果国与国之间有什么争端不能解决,完全可以提交给国际法庭来和平解决。“法治”胜过“武治”,这应该是每一个有远见的 领导人都知道的道理。我们已经看到,在法治不健全的国家,企图用武力来统治的政权最终都引火自焚。叙利亚就是崇尚“武治”,把一个好好的国家弄得四分五 裂。





Dear Kasing,
This edition of the Huaren magazine is by far the best of any production I have seen globally.
Obviously, the standard of the magazine, as judged by the caliber of the authors and the content, is sophisticated and intellectual, has jumped leaps and bounds.
Please accept my personal congratulations to a publication, now in the leading edge of the Chinese Diaspora. Keep the standard up and keep it coming.
Congratulations, once again and well done.

Dr Anthony Pun,
National President
Cbinese Community Council of Australia.l

Grievance Debate - Chinese Acknowledgement

Chris Hayes MP – Adjournment – Multiculturalism 25 June 2013

The World’s Wartime Debt to China



Published: October 17, 2013

OXFORD, England ­ At the same time that China has stated its desire for peace in Asia, the country has been making assertive claims over waters in the East and South China Seas. The confrontational rhetoric suggests, to many observers (and to China’s uneasy neighbors in the Pacific region), a sense of pent-up entitlement, stemming from Beijing’s growing importance in the world.


But another, little-remembered factor is also at play: China’s lingering resentment that its contributions to the Allies’ victory against Japan in World War II were never fully recognized and have yet to translate into political capital in the region.

China’s resistance to Japan is one of the great untold stories of World War II. Though China was the first Allied power to fight the Axis, it has received far less credit for its role in the Pacific theater than the United States, Britain or even the Soviet Union, which only joined the war in Asia in August 1945. The Chinese contribution was pushed aside soon after the conflict, as an inconvenient story in the neat ideological narrative of the Cold War.

In the early 20th century China’s growing desire for national sovereignty rubbed up against Japan’s rising imperialism on the Asian mainland. War broke out in earnest in July 1937, and during the eight years that it lasted, both the Nationalist forces of Chiang Kai-shek and, to a lesser extent, the Communist fighters answering to Mao Zedong engaged in extraordinary feats of resistance.

Though far weaker and poorer than the mighty United States or the British Empire, China played a major role in the war. Some 40,000 Chinese soldiers fought in Burma alongside American and British troops in 1944, helping to secure the Stilwell Road linking Lashio to Assam in India. In China itself, they held down some 800,000 Japanese soldiers.

The costs were great. At least 14 million Chinese were killed and some 80 million became refugees over the course of the war. The atrocities were many: the Rape of Nanking, in 1937, is the most notorious, but there were other, equally searing but less well-known, massacres: the bloody capture in 1938 of Xuzhou in the east, which threatened Chiang’s ability to control central China; the 1939 carpet bombing of Chongqing, the temporary capital, which killed more than 4,000 people in two days of air raids that a survivor described as “a sea of fire”; and the “three alls” campaign (“Burn all, loot all, kill all”) of 1941, which devastated the Communist-held areas in the north.

These strains placed immense pressure on what by then was a weak and isolated country. But some of the Chiang government’s policies made matters worse. A decision to seize the peasants’ grain to feed the army exacerbated the 1942 famine in Henan Province. “You could exchange a child for a few steamed rolls,” one government inspector recalled in his memoir. Such missteps made the Nationalist (Kuomintang) government seem corrupt and inefficient, and an embarrassing ally for the United States ­ even though the Nationalists did the vast majority of the fighting against Japan, far more than the Communists.

When the Allies won in 1945, China’s contribution to the victory was rewarded with a permanent seat on the Security Council of the new United Nations, but little more. After a civil war, the Chiang regime fell to the Communists in 1949, and Mao had little reason to recognize its contributions to the defeat of Japan. China’s wartime allies also did little to remind their own people of its role in their victory: The Nationalist regime ­ which fled to exile in Taiwan ­ was an embarrassing relic, and the new Communist regime was a frightening unknown. For the West, China had gone from wartime ally to threatening Communist giant in just a few years.

One major consequence that remains of great relevance today is that the old enemies of Asia never struck a multilateral settlement of the sort that took place in the North Atlantic after 1945, with the formation of NATO and what has become the European Union. The United States’ decision to put China on the sidelines of the postwar world order it dominated has meant that China and Japan never signed a proper peace treaty. And it has meant that for many years Western historians treated China’s role in World War II as a sideshow.

But recently a new political openness within China itself has allowed a different picture of the war years to emerge. Chiang and Mao are long dead, and the Chinese government has been trying to claim a greater international role by reminding the world of the benefits of its past cooperation with the West.

Eager to eventually reunify the mainland with Taiwan, Beijing has also adopted a more favorable attitude toward Chiang’s legacy. Chinese filmmakers and academics now have license to talk more freely about the Nationalists’ wartime contribution, whether in television dramas or scholarly articles. A lengthy and sympathetic biography of Chiang by Yang Tianshi, a historian at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, has been a big seller on the mainland. Chiang’s old wartime villa outside Chongqing has even been restored as a shrine of sorts, with pictures and captions describing him as a patriot who stood firm against the Japanese ­ a rehabilitation of Chiang’s reputation that would have been unimaginable under Mao.

This revision of history has significant consequences for East Asia and Southeast Asia today. If America’s leadership in defeating Japan in 1945 continues to justify a U.S. presence around the Pacific today, Chinese leaders feel, why shouldn’t China’s contribution to the same goal earn it some clout in the region? Beijing is trying to cash in today a geopolitical check Chiang Kai-shek wrote nearly seven decades ago.

Rana Mitter, professor of the history and politics of modern China at Oxford University, is the author of “Forgotten Ally: China’s World War II.”


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我们人类喜欢声称人类 文明在中国和其它地方已有五千年之久。然而,我们人类的历史向我们表明的并非如此。我们离我们作为一个世界大家庭或在当今21世纪许多国家内可以足以声称我们是文明 的还有一段路要走。当然有时我们能为我们生活在文明社会所达到的成就而引以为豪。然而,最后真正的人类文明仍然在被创造之中。什么时候生活在地球村大家庭中的我们能称我们自己是‘文明’的呢?一个文明的社会或国家应当符合以下基本准则:

  1. 一个社会/国家/世界应由一系列文明法治所支配,由为人民而建立,并由人民建立的属于人民的适当的执法机构 ,而不是为具体的统治集团或独裁者或为满足他们的思想、宗教统治、权力和贪婪而建立。
  2. 在这些文明法治下,他们不应参与任何国内战争或国与国之间的战争。所有的争端不应通过武装暴动或暴力镇压来解决。因此,任何政治集团不应使用合法的军队获取政权或夺权。该政权应当在人民手中,由人民决定,属于人民,并为人民而存在。政权的转换应当通过和平的方式。所有人类的争端必须通过对话、仲裁、公众辩论、讨论和协商的方式解决,如果仍不能解决的话,则应通过有代表性的法庭系统和文明法治规则解决。必须设立一个用于政权转换的选举代表机构和由公民参与作决定的制度。
  3. 在文明社会和国家外,任何国与国之间的争端必须如以上方式通过和平外交代表系统和联合国宪章,国际法庭解决。不得考虑诉诸任何暴力战争解决争端。对于掌权的人,无论权力大小,采用暴力解决争端以符合他们的利益是便利的作法颇具引诱力。必须有文明法治规则能推迟、制止或防止他们企图如此行事。我知道说来容易做时难,但是我们如果具有适当的计划和执法机构便能做到。

令人难过的是看到东西方的从政者企图解释他们采用暴力战争的“功效”以证明其行动是正当的。最近“反恐”战争的例子是至关重要的。从人类文明的角度来说,宾 拉登和美国总统奥巴马均属同一范畴,归入不完美的领袖。我可以提供许多其它的例子来证明我前面的说明是正确的。人类文明仍然在进化形成中,因为我们还在文明法治规则之外相互残杀。