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Dilemma of Chinese Returnee

Steven Tay was one of those who have taken up the opportunity and challenge to ‘return’ and worked in China. The rewards and experience proved to be invaluable as it helped him to ‘rediscovered’ the Chinese in him. It was a time of re-awakening as he had allowed 20 years of living in Western countries to ‘obliterate his Chinese-ness’. His experience has also suggests there are hidden ‘cultural’ challenges that may not be so apparent to the overseas Chinese.

He migrated to Australia about 20 years ago, he had traveled to work and live in more countries than he could ever imagine. The travel has increased his interest in sociology, anthropology as well as inter-cultural issues. The interest was heightened during his four years (1999-2001 & 2004-2005) posting to the Greater China Region where he started to question his heritage and what it means to be a Chinese. The identity and cultural turmoil troubled him so much that he started researching in everything Chinese and China related.

He has compiled his research into a book that is part biography, part anthropology, and part fiction. The intended target audiences are:

  1. Senior executives of Multinationals / trans-nationals looking to expand their operations in China and who are looking to hire overseas Chinese
  2. Universities/colleges offering Asian studies, where the audience are either students wishing to gain working experience in the booming Chinese economy
  3. Any one else with an interest in further exploring the extent of the Chinese influence in various part of Asia. For example, the connection with Japan via the Kanji character set; the influence on the Korean chaebols (he was fascinated by the presence of two large stone/marble Chinese characters on the front lawn of the Hyundai HQ in Seoul); as well as some Hanji-form in the Vietnamese language.

His book is available from:


Book Surge

A very special price of AUD $10 plus postage to members of the World Huaren Federation, if you contact the author.